2022: The Next Season – Restoring and Removing

2022: The Next Season - restoring and removing

One of the most significant elements of the new year…

will be to walk in the fear of the Lord. We will watch to see those who do and those who don’t.

2022 will be a year of restoring and removing.

We are watching a shift take place right before our eyes. What is happening spiritually can be seen with transformations in the natural realm. Look around you and take note of what God is doing and what you see taking place.

I’ve watched two areas, in particular, shifting in the last several months. But within the last 30 days transformations are taking place at lightning speed. These are the areas of relationships and businesses.

Three times in the last week people who broke relationship with me came back. It was completely out of the blue. For any of those relationships to restore was a shock, but THREE in one week speaks of a spiritual shift taking place.

I felt the Lord saying this wasn’t just something He was doing in my life, but revealing of something He is doing right now.

I have also watched and noted as companies, who were significant and leading in their realm of influence in this last season, on the verge of being replaced. They are being moved from a place of significance to insignificance. (This will happen in ministries and churches as well.) At the same time, God is raising up those who will fear Him into a place of significance—as He removes those who don’t.

In this next year, we will see those who boldly stood in defiance against Him simply disappear.

Already CEO’s of some of these businesses are quietly stepping down—or being removed. But it will happen on a grander scale. We will look and they will be no more.


As we head into 2022, it is not only a new year, but a new era. 2021 was a time of groaning as one spiritual epoch was ending and the new beginning. It will continue into 2022. 2021 was a transition of the two—a ripping away as one fell aside and the new continued to emerge.

Transition is messy and that part isn’t over, but we are emerging.

As with any transition, some will not want to let go of the old to embrace the new. This would be unwise.

To stay in an old season is a place of death. There is no longer life, simply ritual.

To stay in that place, you will have to continue in the ritual, looking for life. It will be tiresome and exhausting. This is His invitation to walk into the new thing He is accomplishing.

In regards to relationships, God is positioning you and repositioning with the people and relationships for your next season. Some have desperately worked at seeing relationships restored, that you need to simply lay them down. Trust Him with the future, whatever that may be.

What you work to restore, you will have to work to maintain. This is about trust.

There are relationships that were broken, being restored quite out of the blue. That doesn’t necessarily mean the relationships will go back to what they were. Some may, others may not. But the awkwardness and misunderstandings are being healed. God is restoring and removing the wound. It is a work of the spirit.

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He is speaking to you regarding some relationships that were significant in your last season, that will not continue in the new season.

Be okay with that. Some relationships are simply for a season and are a blessing for the time and space of that moment. But they will not have life in the new place and season for which you are headed. They will simply take up time if you continue to hold on to what is past.

As you let them go, there will be divine connections and relationships that are important for this new season. He never does one without the other. Do not be afraid, but watch and be discerning of what He is doing.

(Note: I am NOT giving people permission to divorce. A marital relationship falls under different guidelines biblically.)


God is calling into account. I am watching businesses raise up almost as if overnight. We drive by to what was an empty lot and there is now a new building. Or a business that was one thing, has now transformed and is something new.

As Satan has worked to steal, kill and destroy, God is breathing in new life to those who have taken hold of Him and held onto the hem of His garment. Those who have shaken their fist at God, are being replaced and others given their place of significance.

In many cases, these companies enraged against God don’t even see that their demise is evident. But we will look around by this time next year and they will be no more. Those that they tried to push out of business—and many times with success,

God has said, “I will restore seven-fold that which was stolen.” Take hold of that promise for He WILL restore.

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This is a time of distinguishing that which is His and that which is not.

The separating of sheep and goats has been evident. What seemed like delayed justice, was simply God’s mercy. He is long-suffering and gives everyone a chance to repent, to accept Him. But justice, long-delayed, is being poured out and the bowls of heaven beginning to tip.

The prayers of the remnant have reached the courts of heaven as He has heard the cries of His people of repentance, for deliverance, for justice.

Do not despair. Do not give up. Hold on to truth and walk with Him into this new year, but also this new era. He IS doing a new thing. May we all be willing to step into the unknown elements with trust and faith even in the messiness of this transition.

In 2022 put your complete reliance on Him, trust and stay in the fear of the Lord as he restores and removes.

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  1. Thank you for resending this Word. I actually deleted the last one because I was overwhelmed with emails and did not suspect how much I needed to hear this. So happy you resent it!

    Thank you Karen, Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours.

    Michelle Neely

  2. Karen,

    There is such wisdom in this whole message. Thank you for the encouragement and message for 2022.

    God bless you and your insight and teaching as we move into the new year.

    Vickie Ford

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