Arizona Irregularities of Katie Hobbs “Win”

Last night Arizona gubernatorial Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs gave her “victory” speech after being handed the election.

But did she win?

Multiple polling places experienced irregularities before Katie Hobbs was given the “win.”

For the last week we have watched election fraud happen right before our eyes, but none so evident as in Arizona—specifically Republican-dominated Maricopa county.

According to records, Maricopa registered voters are made up of approximately 34.5% Independents, 34% Republicans, 30% Democrats and 1% Libertarians. Last week in Maricopa only 17% of the Democrats showed up to vote. However, it is reported Lake had only around 54% of the vote

Results on election day for Maricopa according to Uplift Data were:

Historically in an election, if the president has low approval ratings, as Biden certainly did, Independents will vote for the opposite party. In this case that would have meant the majority of Independents would have voted Republican. So with just over half of Democrats even showing up to vote and election day  results showing Republicans strongly in the lead, somehow Hobbs won.

Republicans received 52.7% of the vote.

“Other” received 30.7% of the vote.

Democrats received 16.6% of the vote.

Over the last several days, reports from the Arizona election board were that it might take weeks to count the votes.

By Friday, Nov 11, we were told that Hobbs was winning over Lake by around 30K votes. However, there were approximately 400K ballots from rural areas in Arizona (rural areas predominately vote Republican) which had not been counted. However by Monday, after many of those votes were presumably counted over the weekend, Hobbs still led Lake by around 30K. There had been no noticeable change.

Did you know Hobbs is the current Secretary of State for Arizona and as such would be the overseer of all election activity.

On Monday election judge Michele Swinick reported suspicious “technical difficulties” at the Islamic Voting Center. That election center is the second largest in the county and is heavily Republican.

According to Swinick, tabulators were checked the day before and worked perfectly. But the day of the election they were suddenly not working forcing voters to run their ballots through multiple times before being rejected. Voters with rejected ballots were told to put their ballots in “Box 3” to be tabulated later.

However, it was further reported that so many ballots were rejected that Box 3 filled up so that it had to be unlocked and emptied and put into a sack which invalidated the process right there. Swinick reported that this process happened 2-3 times. A technician finally came late afternoon and fixed the malfunctioning tabulator machine, however, Swinick reported that the Box 3 sack of ballots were not run through the fixed tabulator as they should have been.

Instead they were supposedly taken with the voting machine to the election board at the end of the day.

Of the issue Swinick said, “In my opinion, the machines were programmed to do this, and it was all planned. The process and narrative, both machines and people. It was brilliantly done. They isolated the ballots to replace or not count them in 223 bags.

The hard part for them in 2020 and during the primary was getting the ballots to match their manufactured machine count. This way, they have everything isolated in the bags.”

Going into the election, Maricopa County had 223 voting centers and at least 44 of them were reporting to have problems with the tabulators. Did they not realize there was an election coming up?

For heaven’s sake they had two years to get everything ready for the mid-terms.

But according to information published by journalist Ali Bradley, electoral officials explained that technicians were working on the problem, but had no estimate of when the situation would be resolved.

Voting issues are not new to Arizona. During the contested 2020 election, Arizona was up to its eyeballs with questionable results. But even as the irregularities mounted and being submitted to the Attorney General the vote was certified. In December of 2020, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall Warner said there was neither evidence of fraud, misconduct, an erroneous vote count nor illegal votes in the 2020 election results in Maricopa County.

Warner was appointed by Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano in 2007. Then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs applauded that decision.

With Arizona once again at the center of irregularities in the voting process it is curious that with all the previous voting issues from the past two years that the Republican-controlled House and Senate did not pass a single law to reform or strengthen the election process although two attempts were made to do so.

Both attempts were killed by Republican Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers.

Additionally, Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, also a Republican, requested the FBI investigate the conservative non-profit, True the Vote, which was instrumental in uncovering the huge voting irregularities of 2020, particularly in Arizona, which were revealed publicly in the Dinesh D’Souza documentary “2000 Mules.”

In October, the week before the election, Arizona television station KSAZ Fox10 in Phoenix aired a graphic saying Hobbs won the election with 53% of the vote.

The station apologized and discounted the graphic as simply “a test.” With approximately 48,000 votes still to be counted, Hobbs leads Lake by just over 19,000 votes.

Is there any wonder that Americans now question the election results—particularly in Arizona? Election fraud continues and certainly is not confined to one party. The question is will we find a judge of integrity willing to actually investigate the current issues?

With Katie Hobbs still at the helm as Secretary of State until she takes over as governor in January, it appears she’s in a pretty safe place to keep her newly acquired position since it is her office that controls election activity.

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