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A scribe. The carrier of a message. Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Eric Liddell once said, “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” That is how I feel when I write. It isn’t just something I do. It is my call.


How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage Deception & Insanity Retail: $14.99
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Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, another mandate, ruling or law is introduced to remind us that insanity is the order of the day.
And there’s a reason for it. It’s the final stage of a 7-stage spiritual progression that has reached epidemic levels. For those who can’t see it, most likely it is a sign that you are already in some stage of the progression. If you just gloated, certain that you aren’t, it is a definite sign you are definitely caught in this progression. The good news is, once recognized it can be reversed.

This 7-stage spiritual progression, how to recognize it and reverse it is shared in my book, “Infected.” It has been around from ancient times and the way to stop this insane progression is to remove the strongman.

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book cover - Scriptural Prayers for America & Donald Trump featuring MAGA hat

Scriptural Prayers for America & Donald Trump Retail: $7.99
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Summary: Would you agree this is a critical time in our nation’s history? The injustice and attack against Donald Trump is an attack against America–and us. 

“Scriptural Prayers for America & Donald Trump” includes 25 powerful prayers– based on scriptures written in prayer form–for restoration of our justice system, our Constitution, fair elections, protection over Donald Trump & his family, protection against assassination attempts, restoration of law & order, restoration of trust in our government and more.  Additionally, In 2016 thousands joined me to set an alarm at noon each day to pray for America & Donald Trump. 

We are doing so again. Will you join us? Email me here, to request the free prayer. Subject Line – Noon time prayer for America & Donald Trump. 

God’s Justice After Injustice Retail: $14.99
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Summary: Betrayal, backstabbing, silencing and censoring have become common practices in today’s world where we are encouraged to report on our neighbor. It feels personal because it is personal. Betrayal speaks of relationship and why it hits hard. When it happens, the rejection feels like a toss into the trash and many have been isolated in a cave as the betrayers seem to flourish. That’s how it may appear, but it will only be for a season.
Why? Because there is a scriptural promise is that God sees and it is His nature to vindicate. In fact, it is a spiritual law. Vindication is coming, but there are requirements we must walk through correctly in order to experience it and see restoration. Betrayal is actually an open door for God to step in. This is your “Joseph” moment–if you will do it His way.
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What others are saying…

Karen has great insight into the spiritual climate of our nation and shares it in an engaging and convincing way. Her ability to see the bigger picture with a spiritual lens is a gift. Karen’s massive library of writings have blessed millions around the globe for years, this book will greatly add to this library, it is chock full of that valuable wisdom.
Dave Kubal
President and CEO, Intercessors for America
Karen Hardin is not afraid to confront controversial issues or challenge the mainstream narrative. In her book, “Infected,” Karen uncovers the deceptive tactics of the enemy playing out on the national scene to reveal the deeper spiritual conditions of the heart. In reading this book, you will not only be given effective spiritual tools for warfare, you will be given practical application of these principles to stop the spread of toxic lies and deadly deception that is eating our nation alive. The eye-opening treatment Karen provides may be shocking to some, but will bring life and health to those with ears to hear and hearts ready to respond.
Wanda Alger – Fivefold prophet, pastor’s wife, speaker
Author of five books including “Moving from Sword to Scepter.”
This book needs to be in the hands of every pastor and every person. It is THAT important.
Ed Shirley
Pastor, Mountain High Chapel –CO
“Infected” by Karen Hardin is a page-turner. A book that reads with the intensity of a Clancy novel. It is eye-opening, compelling, and at times frightening. Yet its essence is hopeful in the darkest days of our modern history. This is a Christian‘s guide to survival, rich with insight and tools for manifesting God’s will through our prayers and actions. This is a book you will want to share with those you love.
Spencer Houghton
Speaker and Author of “The 60 Second Salesman”
Karen Hardin has written a marvelous book, or more correctly, a roadmap to help us navigate through these infectious times. I have often mused over why this culture had such an obsession with zombies until recent days. Karen describes with pinpoint clarity, the real infection running rampant in our world; an infection that results in zombie-like symptoms – anger, rage, insanity, and a murderous spirit. Now more than ever we must heed Proverbs 4:23, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life” (NKJV). Karen shows us how.
Craig Walker – Lead pastor, Upward Church
Author of “Catch” and “Born for the Extraordinary”
I have known Karen for many years and appreciate her heart for God, her commitment to solid doctrinal teaching, her compassion towards people and her courage and character to speak and demonstrate truth when it may not be convenient or politically correct. The truths brought forward and issues confronted in this book are a wake-up call to the days and times in which we live and the need for boldness and clarity to see and respond with spiritual insight and boldness in order for our voices and actions to break the darkness that is trying to overwhelm this present generation and bring a dullness to our senses and apathy in our attitudes. We have watched churches grow in size, but shrink in their influence in our cities and states. No longer can we be content with our services and not realize we need to fight for our nation.
Paul Chase – Founder, president and senior pastor
Keys to Freedom Ministries and Alabang New Life Christian Center (Philippines)
Where do you turn for practical and spiritual help to understand when your world turns upside down? As Christians, whether personal or in our country, we can easily spot injustice. God’s Justice After Injustice is engaging and filled with biblical insights and wisdom. It is packed with spiritual insights As Hardin points out in her book, “It is important when we experience what we feel is an injustice that we allow God to speak into these hard situations. He wants to and we need to let Him. In a moment of time, I had suddenly been thrust into the wilderness and was wondering how I got there. But remember, in that setting, we have the opportunity for intimacy with Him. It is where we can actually hear Him the most—even if He seems silent.” (Page 105) I highly recommend God’s Justice After Injustice.
W. Terry Whalin --editor and the author of more than 60 books including his most recent
10 Publishing Myths: Insights Every Author Needs to Succeed.
While I have read many things Karen Hardin has written, this book portrays a deeper level. It is insightful, revelatory, and anointed, and I could not put it down. Infected is a must-read for every Christian.
Kim Potter
President. A New Thing Ministries
Infected engages the reader from the start! Karen Hardin makes the complicated uncomplicated, tracing the link from the national chaos to the brokenness and depravity of every human heart. But be encouraged, she shares the remedy, the “vaccine” for us all.
Judy McDonough
Director of Communications, Intercessors for America
I am reading “Infected” for the second time! Like many Christians, I have been praying 2 Chron. 7:14 for some time. Now, in this dark hour of America, I come back to this verse again. Asking if there is more repentance necessary in me personally. I do this now, not so much for my own good, but for the sake of our country. That is where “Infected” comes in. I am guilty of all three of the sins in the progression: pride, jealousy, and greed. Really attractive, right? Asking God to remove my pride (which I agree is the root) is like volunteering for a public humiliation. I hope it doesn’t come to that. It is not the “theys” that need to change; it is us (me!). Just thought you would like to know how God is using you.
Dr. Fran C.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I read both books today. I related so much to God’s Justice After Injustice. It parallels my life in so many situations. Both books are speaking volumes and showing me areas of my own life where I need to come into balance. I’m giving copies to my kids.
Janet S – R.N.
R.N. – Oklahoma

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