Uproot the Destructive Deposits on Your Life

Have you noticed a pattern in your life in which you were just on the verge of breakthrough, but it always seemed just out of reach?

Or of negative responses from people for no apparent reason? Of regular attacks against your finances, health, or relationships?

There is probably more behind it than just “bad luck.” 

Years ago the Lord showed me the root and how it can be broken.

He took me back to a time in my first job in ministry. There were two specific scenes that replayed in my mind and I knew were significant.

The first was when I was just sixteen and had accepted a position to work for a church. After the minister hired me, he didn’t pay me. I was working approximately thirty hours a week and yet week after week passed and I received no pay check.

I approached the bookkeeper, on more than one occasion, for what was due me based on the hiring agreement. Finally after two and a half months I received my first paycheck which caught me up on the past due amount and a regular paycheck began thereafter.

However something was deposited in me in that encounter which I didn’t realize until years later.Your Day of Restoration is Now


Next, the Lord brought to mind another incident which occurred a couple of years later at that same ministry. The minimum wage had increased, but my salary had not. I was now making less than minimum wage. I didn’t say anything for a long time. Just a kid in my teens, I felt certain that my employer would do the right thing. But a couple of months passed and he didn’t. Finally I asked for a meeting.

As I stood before him, I asked about a raise so that my salary would at least be at minimum wage. The minister said to me, “Why do you think you deserve it?” The sting of his words remained with me long after.

The effects I now realized had followed me my entire life from these two incidents.

I hadn’t thought about them in years, but as I prayed now, I understood with great clarity their significance. The two incidents had created a cycle which I had then battled throughout my life. As I prayed the Lord spoke to my heart,

“Uproot and break off what was deposited on you.”

As I considered that admonition, I recognized they were behind the two things which had plagued my business up to that time. Clients (ironically like my first employer and who were mostly ministers) who didn’t pay in a timely manner until it is requested over and over. If you’ve worked in ministry long, some of you may say, “Well that’s normal.” But it shouldn’t be. Why do we accept it as such because its a ministry?

But the second thing was more unusual. Over the years, I had a repetition of clients who agreed to a contracted price but once the project was finished, they would randomly determine to change my fee so that it is under what was agreed. Some simply wrote their check for the amount they determined was fair!

Crazy right? Who does that? As I pondered the words the Lord spoke to my heart, I finally recognized how it was very similar to the minimum wage issue which happened when I was a teen in which I had received under what should have been.

A pattern was established in that encounter which I should have broken off at that moment. However, at that time I had no understanding of what to do. The result was a bizarre cycle that reoccurred so many times through the following years that it ceased to surprise me.

Time and again I was forced to repeatedly ask for what was contracted and due me, but was being withheld.

As I contemplated the two incidents from the past, the Lord said again, “Break off that which was deposited on you.”

This is a word for us now. It is a word for you.

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This is a season in which we need to break off the past. Whether that is corruption, withholding what is due, curses and even places where we have opened the door ourselves to destruction. The Lord wants to bring you into a new season, but in order to walk in it, you must walk out of the things of the past.

Things that were deposited on you, often times by what others did to you or spoke over you, can be removed.

Do you see a residue that has repeated in a negative cycle over and over again in your life, no matter what you have done? For some it has been in financial areas. For others in relationships. For others health or employment. But it has been a bizarre pattern that has left you perplexed.

Break off that which was deposited on you.

Have you sat and wondered at why some of these same things continue to manifest in your life even though you have prayed repeatedly? You tithe and give to others. You have fasted and prayed and still it has remained. It is because the root, the seed which some have not even recognized was deposited in you and on you, has been buried deep and hidden.

Pull it out now.

You may not even remember what was done, or it may have been from generations before you, but the Lord can show you how to pray. Speak to that seed that was deposited and command it to be uprooted and cast into the sea.

From the very root, pull it out and command it to be broken off and for the blessing to be released. Where these repeated issues have become the norm, and we have accepted them as norm, they are not.

There is an anointing to see them broken if you will pull out the root.

These were things God never intended and yet man deposited that have had long-term effects. Those effects can be broken as we stand and something new will begin and grow in its place. Speak the word of life to those dead areas and prophesy for the “dead bones” of what was to be regarding God’s blessing upon you to come back to life.

For the Lord has said, “No longer will those things have control over you or continue to manifest in your life, for I am doing a new thing and bringing you out of the things of the past.

“My blessing that has been withheld is now pouring out in waves. Waves. Like the ocean tide that pours in and crashes against the rocks, so will this change be in your life. It will be so significant that it will seem that the blessing and goodness will come in crashing waves one after another.

“It will be a new thing and so drastically different from what you have experienced. Expect it. Expect the tide to change from withholding to blessing. The past will be past, along with its destructive cycle as you speak to it and break it off. The root, now exposed and removed, will wither and the cycle will finally be broken.

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  1. Dear Karen, may God bless you even more for this timely message. My son’s father deposted verbal abuse in this child from even before he was born. The negative cycles must stop now in the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus every negative seed is now uprooted and dried up like the fig tree when Jesus spoke to it. In the Name of Jesus I speak Psalm 91 over my son especially that the Lord will save him and give him honour and bless him with a long life and prosperity and that he will see the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus Name, amen.

    1. Amen, Trudie! May you see those deposits broken off your son as you continue to speak the Word of God over him. It will not return void!

  2. This is so good, Karen! God has been showing me some of the negative deposits in my life lately. Looking forward to His blessings as I break them off!

  3. This article was so uplifting and anointed. The information given has a powerful impact for our lives. Let our prayer bring forth the richness of our blessings of the Lord upon us to set us free.

  4. Karen,
    This is such a good article. It is making me think deeply about my own business/ministry. I’ve given and given and given my discipleship away; yet, have not been able so far to motivate many women to use it in their own home bible studies. I love you web site! Thank you.

  5. Wow, just prayed with Holy Spirit, who showed me an alliance with spirit of death over my family (of origin)& wherein a trade occured. Death in many areas. But no more! Thank you!

  6. Wow!
    Powerful to me.
    I’ve been struggling with seemingly increased shame and guilt regarding 2 areas in my life. I have prayed and fasted in my crying out to God over these areas and asking for resolve. Only feeling that God is not responding. I must be bad. That it’s my fault.
    This article came in due season. I have prayed, verbally and mentally identified the seed and pulled the growth and roots out. I cast them into the sea and am awaiting the fresh wash of blessing.
    Thank you Karen.
    Thank you God for your mercy and grace.

    1. Amen! Thanks for letting me know. I continue to stand with you in prayer that these seeds are removed and will no longer produce any fruit or harvest!

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