Can Your Employer Force You to Take the Vaccine?

Forced vaccines
Forced vaccines

There is an alarming dilemma which has become reality for many—take the vaccine or lose your job.

Professions hit hardest by this freedom-sucking mandate, but not limited to, include those serving in the military, students/teachers and medical personnel.

But is this legal?

Can your employer or others force you to take the vaccine?

As the media spends their time making ominous announcements of increasing numbers of COVID variant cases, they work intentionally to stoke the flames of fear to stir the public against any who refuse to comply with their totalitarian vaccine demand.

What are your rights if you choose to maintain your decision-making freedom over your body, your health, and your family?

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I talked with attorney David Hacker the Director of Litigation at First Liberty institute regarding the legal options available.

“Americans shouldn’t be faced with the decision whether to follow their religious beliefs or lose their job,” he began. “We have successfully helped hundreds of people who have requested assistance in the area of religious exemption from vaccines. For example, two months ago a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, came to us for assistance.

“Hers wasn’t an issue regarding the COVID vaccine in particular. She had never been vaccinated as a child, but had always received a religious exemption from the state to attend school. This year, however, the university tried to force her to receive all the vaccinations from childhood before she would be allowed to enroll in the fall.

“We sent a demand letter to the school and thankfully they responded with a religious accommodation.”

According to lawyer, Brent Olsson with the Cheek Law Firm in Oklahoma, some Americans can also utilize the American Disabilities Act to protect them from forced vaccination.

The ADA protects the rights of people with disabilities and prohibits covered employers from discriminating against people with disabilities in the full range of employment-related activities–which can include forcing an experimental vaccine that hasn’t even been FDA approved.

Forced vaccinations also violate the Nuremberg Code which requires legal consent from the individual. Obviously a forced vaccination violates your consent if you are unwilling to take it.

If you have been faced with a demand to take the vaccine or lose your job or other freedoms and would like information or assistance on how to request religious accommodations go to to submit a request.

They will review your situation and get back to you with a tool kit to help you prepare a request for religious accommodation/exemption.

When I asked about military personnel, Attorney Hacker explained that they should do the same thing.

“Military personnel should submit an online request for legal help and we will provide them with a template they can use to fill in information to detail religious beliefs as to why they should be exempt from vaccination which they can submit to their superiors.

“There are actually several Department of Defense policies in place that protect the religious liberty of our service members,” Hacker explained.

Another site which provides a document template for religious exemption from the vaccine can be found here.

Or click here for information on possible exemption as a vegan from mandatory vaccine demands.

Note, it is recommended to tailor the religious exemption template to your individual beliefs and personal objection which could include the use of aborted fetal tissue, or perhaps receiving blood products or unclean substances. The bottom line is that you have rights for exemption from those seeking to mandate the vaccine and help is available.  

What we are experiencing, in my opinion, is simply a test run for the Mark of the Beast to see where and how we will push back. How much freedom will we hand over under the pretext of safety and how far will we let them go?

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Obviously, we have proven over the last year and a half that most Americans are willing to give up almost all freedoms for the exchange of promised safety and a return to “normal.”

Yet they have proven that although they have restricted our freedoms, they have no intentions of allowing things to return to normal as they now threaten increased and forced restrictions against where we can go, what we can buy, and even in the future access to our own bank accounts for those who refuse to comply.

If this were actually the Mark, would you so willingly comply? Is this really that different? Perhaps this is our test.

Isn’t it time we finally stand up for our rights? No one should ever have to choose between their job and their faith and/or Constitutional freedoms—especially in America.

Do you have rights against a mandated vaccine? You do. But you must use them.

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  1. Thank you Karen that was an excellent article excellent on the information you gathered and what our rights really are. Karen we also have information from the American front legal. We are forms that we pulled up for children to hand to the school superintendent and school board executive school principal teacher administration. That was one form we have another form for employees. We have another form both the COVID-19 vaccination requirement is a violation of federal law. We were listening to Pastor Dana Coverstone. And he gave out this information. Very helpful information God bless you Karen thanks for all your help

  2. Karen, I’m a nurse being forced to get the vaccine or lose my job. I’m also a breastfeeding Mom and I sought out a medical exception from my doctor and was quickly denied. At this point, although all these forms are available they don’t seem to truly help as the risk of losing my job is still in play. And although legal help would be a huge blessing, myself and many others can’t afford to pay someone to fight this. I live in CA and have been told it’s very difficult to get a religious exemption, especially if you’ve received past vaccinations (ie. childhood, flu vaccine). I agree whole heartedly this force is against our legal rights, but I’m weeks away from having to get this vaccine regardless of how I feel – as I can’t lose my job over it. If you have any further advice or free legal help you’d like to share that would be wonderful.

    1. Did you try reaching out to First Liberty Institute via the link? They have helped people free of charge. Depends what it is…but at least email and tell them your situation and see their response.

      Here are some additional links/options to check out to see if any of these help. One thing is to get their mandate in writing and tell them you also want a guarantee, in writing, that if there are any adverse affects from their requirement of this experimental vaccine that they will pay all medical costs and damages.

      It is against the Nuremberg Code to force any medical procedure or experimental medical injection on you.

      Worse case scenario, better they fire you, if it comes to that, which is also lawsuit material along with unemployment.

      You can also check out See Title 7 regarding discrimination.
      Check out the GINA LAW. has exemptions listed on their website.

      I’m so sorry for you and all who have had their livelihoods threatened by this totalitarian demand. It. IS. ILLEGAL.
      I will be praying for you. Keep us updated.

  3. What about the rights of the vaccinated people who do not wish to be exposed to unvaccinated that may be carrying the disease?
    There are many cases in the close to 700,000 Covid deaths where people caught the the Covid from a non-vaccinated person and died.
    As a country our laws which call for freedoms from taking a shot to protect others has caused the USA to have 14% of the world’s deaths and 4% of it’s population
    Even Trump -whose early denials caused a large percentage of the deaths now says get vaccinated.

    1. Hi Erik and thanks for your comment. So you say there are many cases in the close to 700,000 COVID deaths where people caught COVID from non-vaccinated people and died. There are numerous reasons why that claim is erroneous and no data to substantiate it, but ask yourself this. I assume you are vaccinated correct? IF you are vaccinated, and IF the vaccine works, then you have no reason to even ask this question or be in fear. You have every right to receive the vaccine, just as other American citizens have every right to have the choice whether to receive or not. If the vaccine works, however, then there should be no worries for the vaccinated. However, if your claim is true, and the vaccinated are dying from being in the presence of COVID, then why the heck are you pushing the vaccine, because obviously that would mean it doesn’t work.

      The big question you should be asking yourself is WHY are they demanding we all be vaccinated from a virus that has a 99.9% cure rate? WHY are countries like India having almost no cases as the entire country uses hydroxychloroquine on a weekly basis. And why does our country insist that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work when the results from India alone say the opposite? And since when do pharmacists decide what prescriptions from doctors they will fill and what they won’t? Since when did they become judge and jury?

      These are important questions which you need to consider, because IF the vaccine works, you have nothing to fear. But obviously you are still in tremendous fear.

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