Create a Culture of Honor Around You

As a parent, we have the ability and responsibility to call out the destiny of our children. However, as a pastor, teacher, leader, manager, (or whatever position or office you daily walk), we also have the ability and responsibility to call out the gift and destiny of those who work with us and around us. It is a powerful thing and as we do so, we unlock the gift resident within them.  We do so through honor.

We live in a culture that doesn’t understand honor. Honor is given on two levels. It is given to the person and/or to a position.  Too often we want to give honor to those we feel deserve honor. That’s not what the Bible instructs. For example we are to honor by position those in authority and are told:

“All of you must obey those who rule over you. There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen. Those who now rule have been chosen by God. So whoever opposes the authorities opposes leaders whom God has appointed. Those who do that will be judged. If you do what is right, you won’t need to be afraid of your rulers. But watch out if you do what is wrong! You don’t want to be afraid of those in authority, do you? Then do what is right, and you will be praised. The one in authority serves God for your good. But if you do wrong, watch out! Rulers don’t carry a sword for no reason at all. They serve God. And God is carrying out his anger through them. The ruler punishes anyone who does wrong. You must obey the authorities. Then you will not be punished. You must also obey them because you know it is right.”

“That’s also why you pay taxes. The authorities serve God. Ruling takes up all their time. Give to everyone what you owe them. Do you owe taxes? Then pay them. Do you owe anything else to the government? Then pay it. Do you owe respect? Then give it. Do you owe honor? Then show it” (Romans 13:1-7 NIRV).

We are instructed to give honor where honor is due and yet we live in a culture that has forgotten this important act and in so doing we have created a culture of dishonor.

Creating a Culture of HonorWhen our vets returned from VietNam—they were dishonored and booed rather than honored for their services. It created a culture of dishonor. Our president, whether we agree with his decisions or not, stands in a position to be honored. Biblically, we are told to honor the position and pray for the man. Our teachers serve in schools where too often they are not honored either financially, or verbally and so we have created cultures of dishonor. We are called to honor, and yet too often we do not.  Instead we choose to withhold the blessing.

The same can be said for those who are our bosses, pastors, parents, co-workers, etc.

To honor is a decision made rather than a feeling followed. It is done because it is the right thing to do and as we do it in obedience, we unlock the blessing of their gift not only for then but to ourselves.[Tweet this]

Jesus was a prophet. He had the ability to do miracles and heal the sick. Yet in his own hometown, he could do few miracles. Why? Because the people could not see past what they knew about Him in the natural. He was Joseph & Mary’s son—a simple carpenter.  So because they didn’t honor the gift within Him, as a result His gift remained hidden to them. What we honor, we release.

When we extend honor we applaud the gift within an individual. Here is an example. How many times have we heard the story of a poor performing student in which a teacher took notice of them and honored or recognized a gift within them? Once that happened, the student then pulled their shoulders back, walked a little straighter and from that moment on their grades turned for good. Years down the road, when asked the secret of their success they would respond, “When my teacher said they believed in me.” For you see when the gift was honored it was unlocked. Have you had such an experience yourself? Most people have had at least one person who believed in them and released something with that belief and honor. We are called to do that very thing and in so doing create a culture of honor and blessing.

Churches, schools and businesses have the ability to recognize and honor the gifts within the individuals who work, serve and learn under their roof… or they have the ability to keep the gifts locked up. They can release it or refuse it. One creates a culture of honor, one of dishonor.

When we honor and recognize the gifts of those working and serving among us, we are releasing them to operate in their God-given call. We, in essence, unlock the gift within them to go and grow. When we refuse to acknowledge the gift within an individual, the gift is still present, but it is not released. Who pays the biggest price for this loss? Ultimately, the one who refuses to release the gift.

This is especially important in the Church today that pastors understand the power of releasing the gifts God has given them through the people that are serving with them. To do otherwise creates a culture of dishonor and those who came to serve will eventually walk away in frustration seeking a release of what is within them.

Within the body of Christ each and every gift is important. It takes all gifts coming together to create a healthy community that can reach out to the hurting world around us. When the gifts resident within people are not released, the Church remains unhealthy and unhealed. We were created to operate in our gifts in a culture of honor.

What culture will you create in your home today? In your workplace? In the area where God has planted you? Choose today to create a culture of honor by blessing those around you—whether they have earned or deserve the blessing or not. For it is as we release the blessing that we unlock the gift for them and for us.

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