The Eerie Similarities of Passion Week Then and Now

Jesus carrying cross

We are in a natural and prophetic calendar that holds eerie similarities to the time of Jesus.

This is Passion week–Palm Sunday to Resurrection Day/Easter. It would have been the most challenging week in Jesus’s life…

Although fully God, he was also fully man and would have battled human emotions and thoughts. He knew what lay ahead. The pain. The betrayal. But also the VICTORY.

The religious leaders of that day were insane with their determination to remove him fueled by pride, hatred and jealousy. The Roman government leaders were just as determined to see Jesus removed. He challenged their leadership. As a result, the religious leaders joined forces with governmental leaders, the religious spirit with the political spirit, to remove Jesus.

That same unholy alliance exists today propelled in the same spirit of pride, jealousy and hatred.  It is an ancient spiritual virus that always leads to murder and insanity. (I share the 7 stages of the virus in detail in my book “Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity.”)

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As it was then, so it is now. These two forces have joined again, but this time to remove Trump (and also Benjamin Netanyahu if you consider what is taking place in Israel). I find it no coincidence that the indictment against Trump came at this particular time.

It is a type and shadow of the past

Nobody shout me down here, but what is happening to Donald Trump holds many similarities to what transpired to remove Jesus, because the spirit is the same. False accusations intent to destroy and “crucify.”

The determination to silence Donald Trump because they fear him. He isn’t our savior…but he is a leader God has and is using to bring about freedom from slavery to tyranny in America as Jesus freed the world from the tyranny of sin. I find the similarities amazing considering the timeframe in which this takes place.

There are no coincidences with God.

As the turmoil in Jesus’s day increased, people were afraid. They watched, but were afraid to intervene. Even his own disciples remained silent fearful that they too would be arrested. They lacked courage. And Jesus stood alone.

What will we do when we see a former president unjustly accused and arrested? We face the same turmoil, confusion and opportunity to fear as the people in Jesus’s day. I pray we will take courage.

There has been a concentrated attempt to divide our nation. Black against white. Young against old. Educated against less educated. Rich against poor, etc.

This division has also been planted in the Republican Party to destroy Donald Trump’s influence. A new poll released by “The Hill” reveals that Trump’s lead in the GOP presidential primary continues to grow. But not everyone feels that way. Trump’s continued influence is no doubt the reason the baseless indictment was pushed ahead. It doesn’t matter that the “facts” don’t support the claim. They are determined to remove him at all cost.

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Chatting with my nephew, I asked his response to The Hill’s survey. He is an astute and experienced man who has worked to run fundraising campaigns for over 15 years. The GOP and some GOP candidates have been some of his clients.

“I hate to hear that,” my nephew replied. “I think that is the only way Republicans will lose. People are against what the liberals are doing and will vote against them…unless the candidate is Trump. There are so many offended at him and don’t want the drama. I feel as a result we will lose if he is chosen.”

Offense is the keyword and one of Satan’s greatest tools. Offense has a twin—deception. Where one is, the other is always close behind. Those who have taken offense at Trump because they don’t like his name-calling, drama, or background, or because they have believed the media assault against him.

This has opened the door to deception. As a result, it blinds them from the ability to see beyond the wall of offense.

Satan is laughing. So are the Democrats. It’s the perfect strategy to divide the GOP. But their uncertainty of its success has precipitated this push to arrest the former president.

From the natural standpoint, we are in a season of war in our nation and globally. And war requires a wartime president. We would do well to learn from history.

Back in the day of Winston Churchill, he was despised by many of the political leaders of his day. He was brash, drank too much, and at times ran roughshod over others. And yet, had he not been put into place as prime minister, Britain would be no more.

His predecessor, Neville Chamberlain, did not possess the skill set as a leader to stand against Hitler’s evil march to take over the globe. It is no different today. There is only one presidential contender who carries the skill set needed to stop this global advance of evil.

But even then, it will only be with God’s help.

To be clear, Churchill was not a perfect man, but he was used by God. Were people offended at him? All the time. But he was the man for the hour. Thank God their offense at his drama didn’t stop them from making him prime minister.

The global affront against America is almost complete. There is little that stands in their way from complete takeover and destruction of our nation. That is why they are desperate to remove Donald Trump at all cost. He stands in their way.

During Passion week, may we recognize our nation totters in this precipice. We need a miracle. We need God’s intervention.

May we be a courageous people to stand up against the false accusations and tyranny intent on destroying the last residue of justice and a leader willing to stand up against them.

May we lay down our offense—our pride—and be willing to humble ourselves before God and unite together in prayer for deliverance for our nation—and for Donald Trump.

I disagree with my nephew that Trump running is what will cause Republicans to lose the 2024 election. Pride and division is what will defeat us if we refuse to unite in prayer and dismantle the wall of offense against Trump. If we refuse to arise with courage to stand united.

What will Passion week hold? May it not be a repeat of a crucifixion from false accusations by fearful leaders. Yet the similarities are there.

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