God is Revealing plans made in secret

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God is revealing and exposing plans made in secret. Amos 3:7 tells us that, Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but that He first reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Various prophetic voices, some known and unknown across the globe, are speaking pieces of what is happening.

Cindy Jacobs and a prophetic council gave warning of some events that are coming and how to pray. There are also prophetic voices, who are speaking to military and government leaders.

Hidden plans are being exposed.

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In this chaotic time in our nation, may we remember how God revealed to the prophet Elisha what the king of Israel said in his bedroom. (2 Kings 6:12). God has never stopped revealing hidden things. The question is are we listening? Discernment and prayer are key as chaos will continue before stability returns.

Whenever the media tries to make us look over here, we can be certain it is a distraction from something more important taking place somewhere else. This is what is happening now.

A year ago, the Lord woke me up and spoke, “One of the ways they will try to steal the election this time is through the delegates.”

The night before I went to bed telling God I was done working within the Republican Party because of the enormous amount of corruption and manipulation I had experienced at the 2023 Oklahoma State Convention—supposedly the “reddest of the red” states.

We watched first-hand as people with the label of “good godly conservative” lied, manipulated and cheated right in front of our faces to achieve their goals.

I came away from that experience exhausted, discouraged and done. But God had other plans. While I wanted out of politics, He wanted to show me something. It was about the delegates.

I’ve spent the last year studying the process of how national delegates are elected, their function, the nationwide process and rules of the Republican Party which establish how the presidential candidate is chosen.

Most of us have no idea the details of how it works.

The felony conviction was a necessary component, to remove Trump within the Republican Party this summer—an attempt currently underway.

Worse, you and I have no vote or voice in it.

National delegates are elected within each state, within each Party, who will then go to their respective National Conventions this summer to cast their vote. They are supposed to vote as the people of their state dictated based on the winner of their primary election.

For Republicans, the winner was hands down Donald Trump because he received almost all the delegates in each state. But there is an attempt underway to pass a new rule which would remove Trump and pave the way for Nikki Haley to re-emerge.

While many are looking at whether or not Trump will go to prison or how to protect the Nov. 5 election, both important issues, those are not the areas where the present deception is happening.

It is at the Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democrat National Convention (DNC) where there is intent to swap out candidates in both conventions. This is not an assumption—it is known, but the “how” is hidden from public view.

Here’s the how.

The hidden rule change

The July 11 sentencing—just four days before the Republican National Convention (July 15-18 in Milwaukee) is all part of their strategy. It opened the door to introduce a new rule which says a convicted felon cannot hold elected office for the Republican Party.

The National Committee, made up of 168 people, who be the ones eligible to vote for or against that resolution. If passed it would be a binding rule within the Party and disqualify Trump. It would completely change the course of this election and our nation completely bypassing the American voter.

Don’t Be Discouraged

This is not the time to faint or grow weary. It is not the time for us to put our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening, but recognize God is revealing and exposing.

He wouldn’t have revealed this unless it could be stopped. So there is still hope if we pray and act

  1. Prayer is always our first line of defense. Pray that this proposed resolution will not be passed
    and adopted as part of the National GOP Rules for the Republican National Convention.
  2. Pray that we can get the word out, especially to the National Committee members, who are the
    only ones with the power to vote this in or out. There are many establishment RINOS on that
    committee. Pray their hearts would be turned and that any such resolution would be voted down.
  3. This is a season of exposure. It is important that Americans recognize this attempt so that it can
    no longer remain hidden, but seen for the corrupt manipulation it is and brought into the light.
  4. Pray regarding whatever plan might try to be implemented at the Democrat National
    Convention, to insert a new candidate that Democrats didn’t vote for, but will suddenly become their presidential candidate.
  5. That the will of the American people will not be subverted or this election stolen, but that we
    will see God’s hand of deliverance in this chaotic attempt to interfere in this election.
    We have been warned that chaos will continue. No matter what happens, we must keep our feet
    planted on the Rock and our eyes stayed on Him. Stay resolute in heart and mind. God is in control and it is His plans and purposes that will prevail.

    Please join with thousands across our nation as we pray each day at noon the “Noon Time prayer for America and Donald Trump.” To download that prayer go to:
Scriptural Prayers for American and Donald Trump book cover

How do we prevent the ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump and to ensure we have a fair election?

I believe the greatest thing we can do right now is pray. Not prayers of emotion, but prayers written from scripture.

The Bible tells us that God watches over His Word to perform it. So as you pray the prayers in this book, it is sending God’s Word back to Him, providing the place for divine intervention.

We need a miracle in this time of chaos and injustice which tries to prevent both Donald Trump from running and America from remaining a free nation.

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