GOP NEW Attempt to Block Trump

Now that Donald Trump has been found guilty on felony charges, this opens the door to the next phase to prevent him from being president.

What may surprise you is the work behind the scenes within the Republican Party by the Republican National Committee to pass a resolution in lockstep with these court cases to block Trump.

Ivan Raiklin, a former Green Beret Commander and constitutional attorney, shared of this new behind-the-scenes attempt. In a private conversation in Tulsa last week, he met with several Oklahoma GOP leaders and shared details of this plan.

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Behind the plan is a man working to weaponize the Republican National Committee to pass a resolution which would prevent convicted felons from holding office. And worse, we would have no say on whether it is passed or not.

You can see where this is going.

If they are able to get this added to the National GOP rules, it would block Trump from being the Republican candidate when the Republican National Convention convenes in Milwaukee July 15-18. It would then open the path for a Nikki Haley/DeSantis ticket or for her to re-emerge to be the Republican presidential choice.

It would then open the path for a Nikki Haley/DeSantis ticket or for her to re-emerge as the Republican Candidate.

Ironically this week, Nikki Haley finally gave her endorsement to Donald Trump in a move that seemed to be simply “smoke and mirrors” to position herself as “for Trump” even as she and her brother work to position her for the candidate for the Republican National Convention.

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Just a few days before her endorsement of Trump, her brother, Mitti Randhawa, posted on Twitter that they were headed to Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention and “Haley for president. I’m writing in Nikki Haley—join me” and “Trump is a crook.”

If you remember, Haley only suspended her campaign. That makes her eligible to jump back in. It appears that has been the plan all along.

Please continue to pray that the National Committeemen & women across our nation as well as the delegates to the RNC will remain faithful to their obligation and to the people of our nation who have overwhelmingly said they want Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate. 


We pray for divine intervention regarding the security of our upcoming elections—especially regarding who can/will run for president and the outcome. We thank you that we have the right to vote. May it never be taken from us. We declare our elections will be honest and fair. Help us to hold this privilege and responsibility as a sacred duty.

We plead the blood of Jesus over the entire process and pray for protection over every polling place, every election board and every facility that handles the ballots. We pray that any vote tampering or illegal process planned would be exposed and stopped.

We pray that any attempt to pass resolutions, specifically targeting Donald Trump to prevent him from being able to run, would be thwarted. Lord You see those intent on skewing the outcome of our elections. We pray that the trap they have laid they will fall into themselves. We pray for our judicial system, our media and legislators that they will fear God rather than man and will speak truth. May those who have perverted our system be held accountable for their actions and may there be a return to justice and truth in our nation.

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