How We Vote Reveals What Holds our Heart

This week Creflo Dollar pastor of Christian World Changers Church International in Georgia welcomed Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to their Sunday morning service.

What did he just show us?

Dollar introduced the candidate as “Governor” Stacey Abrams making his support and intent to vote for her clear to his congregation. Then he encouraged them to do the same. This is Abrams’s second run for the governor’s seat in Georgia.

The mid-term elections are next week and the issue of our ability to vote has never been more important. Surveys show that the majority of Americans are concerned with the ongoing economic decline, high gas prices, division, open borders, infiltration of drugs and the attacks against our children via transgenderism and identity confusion promoted in public schools.

Although the issue of voting integrity has not been resolved, it is essential that we vote and make our voice heard.

So what determines how you vote? Matt 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” How we vote reveals our heart and the question of whether our treasure is in our biblical beliefs, our ethnicity/skin color, our financial standing, etc.

How we vote is a litmus test of our heart.

It reveals whether we hold the Bible as the true foundation of our lives and actions or simply a book that we pick and choose what we embrace.

So what does Abrams stand for? According to her own statements:

  1. Abortion which she refers to as “reproductive justice.” But justice for who? Certainly not the baby. She believes there should be no limits on the procedure that mutilates babies in the womb. In defense of her beliefs she has stated, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.” (Ex 20:13). It reveals a heart steeped in deception, ignoring science, to hold onto her own “truth.”
  2. She refers to herself as a proud LGBTQ+ ally and has fought against “religious freedom” legislation. (1 Cor 6:9-10). She fights against the church and Christian values.
  3. She calls racism wrong and yet promotes Critical Race Theory to be taught in our schools. CRT teaches and trains our children in racism to treat people based on their skin color. (Mark 12:30-31).

And these are just a few of the issues she says she stands on and will promote if elected as governor—which by Creflo Dollar’s endorsement, he has agreed to support these views in his support of her.

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How do we as Christians align our political decisions with platforms which openly stand against biblical values? It is a question we need to ask ourselves and for which I believe we will be accountable when we stand before the righteous Judge.

As we each enter the voting booth, and I hope you will, it is important to first understand the Party Platform for each party. Surprisingly, many have never read the platform of the party for which they support. Neither party is perfect. Personally, I have issues with both.

The question becomes, which party most closely aligns with your beliefs? And are those beliefs biblical beliefs that are behind your decisions or are they beliefs based on your heritage or what group courts your vote?

For if we vote out of offense, we are voting from a place of deception. Offense has a twin–deception which masquerades as righteous indignation. That “righteous indignation” tells us we can never vote for a person or party who we believe has disrespected us. However, when we vote with that as our foundation, make no mistake, it is actually offense, unforgiveness and deception checking the boxes at the voting booth.

Are you “Infected”? Offense is the second stage of a spiritual virus–which ends in death. A large percentage of the world has been infected with the true pandemic of our time which is spiritual not viral.

Want to learn more? Read chapter 1 for free by clicking here.

If we call ourselves by the name of Christ, then the Bible must be our foundation.

With His Announcement, Creflo dollar has just revealed not only who he will Vote For BUT What Holds his Heart

His endorsement of Abrams clearly states skin color determines who gets his vote over his relationship with Christ. How else can we make sense of such actions to vote for a candidate so clearly in opposition to the Bible and the Christian faith?

We are each held responsible for what we do.

Who will get your vote? It’s what holds your heart.

For a voter guide based on conservative values in Oklahoma, go to

For a voter guide in other states and races go to

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