Maintain Position!

Do you feel like you have been in a holding position forever?

Don’t be discouraged! It is about time to land. Breakthrough and change is near.

There are a disproportionate number of people who have been in a holding pattern just waiting for a break through or restoration for a long season. It is easy at this stage to grow discouraged and feel you are forgotten as you continue waiting.

Maintain position!

Expectation, once high, has dwindled and you have wondered if perhaps you heard wrong or need to turn back.  

In the spirit I saw a plane circling over the airport. Circling. Circling. Circling. Whether it was because of a storm or because of the number of planes in front of it that still needed to land, the bottom line is the pilot couldn’t yet land the plane. He needed to maintain position until he received permission for further clearance.  .

You need to maintain position. Don’t give up. God is about to give you the signal that it is time to land your plane.

Would a pilot turn back after continuously circling in that pattern? Only if they were about to run out of gas and needed to land somewhere else.

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If you feel that is you, then refuel with the Word of God and in His presence so that you don’t need to pull out of the holding pattern. Breakthrough is close.

There are many debating right now, about what they should do and whether they should break out of this seemingly never-ending waiting pattern.

Unless the Lord has given you a specific word to change course…you need to hold onto the last word you received from Him.

Maintain position. Don’t swerve off course.

Waiting in the moment seems never-ending. But the wait is almost over. Be encouraged and hold fast. For some this is about justice and vindication. It is coming.

Have you been a victim of injustice? You are not alone–the good news is vindication is coming. To learn more click here.

What do you do in the mean time? Keep sound wisdom and discretion, so it will be life to your soul and adornment to your neck. Then you will walk in your way securely and your foot will not stumble (Prov 3:21-23 NASB). 

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