Olympian’s Act of Dishonor a Prophetic Picture

Like many of you I have been appalled at those who choose to live in America but then burn the flag and denounce the very freedom that allows them that ability.

If they lived in almost any other country, such actions would land them in jail–or worse.

It is a grievous act of dishonor against America.

Olympic bronze medal winner Gwen Berry recently made a public display of her disdain for America during the medal ceremony after her event. As our national anthem played, Berry turned her back and covered her face refusing to honor the very country that had allowed her to participate.

Sadly, she didn’t understand the price that had been paid so that she could be there—so that she could be free.

And therein lies the prophetic truth. America is a mirror of what has and is taking place in the supernatural when people renounce the gift of freedom given to them.

Our hearts are saddened and frustrated when people dishonor our nation.

But are we just as sad and dishonored when the world dishonors God?

What we saw on display is the same spirit that rejects Christ and the freedom of salvation offered through Jesus. It is a spirit of deception that creates offense and causes people to reject a treasure.

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Those who like Berry, put their hands on their hips (pride) turn their backs (reject) and close their eyes to the truth (deception) don’t understand the price that has been paid so they can be free. Berry’s act speaks of the rejection of earthly treasure (America). But it mirrors the rejection of eternal treasure (salvation through Jesus.)

Who walks away from an inheritance or treasure that belongs to them unless they don’t understand that it is theirs for the taking or its value?

That is the place where many are today. They are walking away from great treasure both naturally and spiritually.

What we are witnessing in the natural is simply a mirror of the battle taking place in the spirit realm. Berry’s action revealed the spirit of pride, which opens the door to offense. Offense always brings its twin–deception. This is the place of entry where people are deceived. This is why we see so many renouncing and rejecting the freedom they have been given.

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Pride opens the door to offense which always brings its twin–deception. It is the start of INFECTION.

They have believed a lie. What lies have you believed?

Deception keeps them from honoring the One who paid the greatest price for us. They reject because within them is a spirit of rejection. They have embraced a lie and so cannot see the truth.

May we remember to pray diligently that this veil of deception be lifted off so that they can “come to their senses and escape out of the snare of the devil that has held them captive.”

While it’s easy to get angry at those who dishonor our nation and God, instead may it be our call to pray for them and forgive them. For most truly do not know what they do.

As we celebrate the 4th of July—our independence—may we pray for their independence from deception to know the Truth.

Lord, I pray that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened that we would know the hope of our calling. That the spirit of deception that has been poured out like a blanket upon the world, would be lifted so that people can see, know and receive the truth. May we recognize that it is a privilege and honor to live in America, but more importantly that it is a privilege and honor to be able to receive salvation and live with You and for You. Thank you Lord for this nation.

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  1. I have prayed with you that this deception be removed and that everyone will be able to see and see clearly between right and wrong, truth and lies.

  2. Karen, My heart grieves for all those who know OF Jesus and His sacrifice, but have not given their lives over to Him as Lord. When I saw the report of Berry, I wanted to explore how and why she became so hardened. She has a college degree, was apparently raised by a grandmother, professes to be a Christian in her profile and has net worth in excess of a million dollars. Her protest in unified solidarity is based upon a lie. If our nation were so systemically evil, she would not be enjoying the worldly success she has now been blessed with.

    My heart grieves because generations of believers in America have fought to bring us to a place of being blind to our ethnic differences, but now the whole focus is upon restoring division because of those differences.

    None of us have any say in who our parents were or where our ancestors came from. Everyone, regardless of skin color and ethnicity should take note that our Lord was a man of middle-eastern ethnicity and that following the flood, one family survived and exited the Ark. We are all from the same biological family tree, and our Lord called us to walk in forgiveness, love, and unity, not protest or rebellion.

    Those who raise a fist in rebellion are electing to align with the first being in the Universe to take the same action; he was called Lucifer.

    You are correct, the infection comes from pride, envy, strife, and rebellion and will result in the second death and an eternity apart from God in the Lake of Fire.

    May God grant mercy to us all.

  3. Its called Freedom of Speech as protected by our First Amendment and our U.S. Constitution. She’s entitled to exercise her right to free speech.

    Sadly, you have no idea why Gwen Berry is protesting.
    No clue at all.

    She isnt protesting the American Flag.
    She’s protesting the 3rd paragraph of the full-version of the Star Spangled Banner.
    As a Black American, she feels that chasing down slaves and beating them doesnt speak to her.

    1. Actually Mike, her little display isn’t about freedom of speech. Yes there is freedom of speech in America, but when she agreed to put on the uniform to represent America she became a part of a team to REPRESENT America not blast it. If she wants to make statements against America she is completely free to do so—on her own time. But as a member of the American team, she agreed to honor America and our flag. Instead she turned her back on it. It was completely inappropriate.

      Shall we discuss her error regarding the Star Spangle Banner? She should know from the place Francis Scott Key wrote it before making her assumptions because this issue that became a place of offense was pretty thoroughly discussed back in 2018 after people made it something it wasn’t.

      “Alan Taylor, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who specializes in the American colonial revolution and early republic, told CNN that the line “isn’t meant as pro-slavery language.” “It’s referring to the British-poisoned ground – their polluting presence on American soil,” Taylor said.

      “Last year, The Washington Post published an op-ed / analysis of the Star Spangled Banner and the “ugly reason” that it was not adopted as America’s national anthem for a century. The line that Berry claims was talking about about black people’s blood being slain all over the floor is not mentioned once in the piece because it does not support the narrative that the article is seeking to promote: that some parts of the original Star Spangled Banner were bad.

      “The Washington Post piece mentions the last four lines of the third verse as being the part of the song that was problematic.

      “Regarding those four lines, Mark Clague — associate professor of musicology and American culture at the University of Michigan and a co-founder of the Star Spangled Music Foundation — told CNN:

      “Hirelings were the professional British troops. Key’s mocking them for doing it for the money, along with their stealing and ransoming. They were like pirates. And I think “slaves” is a reference to the Colonial Marines, who were slaves held captive by the Americans that escaped and were offered the opportunity to fight on the British side to earn freedom. ‘Let me put it another way, it makes no sense’

      “In the early 20th Century, during WWI, all but the first verse was cut because of their anti-British sentiment — as Britain was an ally of the U.S. President Herbert Hoover later made the song the national anthem in 1931.

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