We all need mentors. Those who have already walked the road we are on and can give wise insight. Unfortunately those willing to fill that role are not always available for a face-to-face chat.

If you need wisdom and mentoring in an area, these resources can be a 24/7 MENTOR!

There are many who have never been mentored. But rather than lament what was not given, press in to what is available.

Mentors everywhere in the form of books, podcasts and programs. Truly there has never been a time when there was so much access to so much material and so many people. We just have to look for it and afford ourselves of it. So I encourage you to press into the process.

Here are a few of the books & resources that have shaped my life and which I highly recommend. I will update this on a regular basis, so come back often. If you want to support this ministry, this is one way you can do it.  Click on these items and purchase through my affiliate link. You will be blessed and so will the ministry.   You can click on the titles for additional information or to order from my affiliate link.


I recommend this book by Michael Hyatt more than any other book for writers. It is an easy to read, step-by-step instruction on how to build your platform in the areas of building a great product, how to launch, building an email database, Twitter, your blog, a website, and more.

Most authors who approach me to accept their book as a literary agent, haven’t yet learned how to write a book proposal. Yet this is the most basic component needed in trying to gain an agent’s or publisher’s attention. My friend, Terry Whalin, who has worked for numerous publishers and has been an acquisition editor, shares great input on what works and what doesn’t.




423856: Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship
By Jack FrostWhat would life be like with no fear? If you could feel completely at home and at rest in the intimate love of God? You face two choices in life: to live life as if you have a home or to live life as if you don’t. If you’re living like an orphan because you’ve never made it past your fears and into a place of rest and safety, lay aside your orphan mindset. Come in from the storm and find rest! Discover your true identity—and your true home—as a beloved son or daughter of the Father.


by Hal Boehm

This is absolutely a must read for everyone. Barnabas was a significant leader who is often overlooked. But his impact on a remarkable protégé, and an immature apprentice as he was willing to take them under his wing to walk them to maturity is an important for every leader and every person. Barnabas had the ability to call out destiny, and see possibility, and overlook flaws to draw people up and into their call. This is about identity, integrity, character and humility—that form the foundation of every successful individual.


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431469: Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment
By Danny SilkCulture of Honor by Danny Silk challenges the status quo of church leadership structure and presents a refreshing view of ministry. He shares how by empowering those around you to serve, church can be a place of freedom and respect that allows the Holy Spirit to flow.

921640: The Bravehearted Gospel: The Truth is Worth Fighting For The Bravehearted Gospel: The Truth is Worth Fighting For
By Eric LudyWhat in the world has happened to the contemporary church? It seems to be more interested in pleasing men than God. Meanwhile, many Christians are consumed with pursuing pleasure and political correctness, making the church seem to have more in common with the world than with Christ. The Christianity of the Bible is no longer seen as the most explosive, most vibrant, most extraordinary force on Earth – a force meant to bring glory to God and turn people’s hearts in His direction. Author Eric Ludy calls on Christians to be brave and fight for the truth. After reading this book, you will never want to go back to “Christianity as usual”!



247454: Boundaries, Softcover Boundaries, Softcover
By Dr. Henry CloudHaving clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who may touch us, mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts, emotional boundaries help us to deal with our own emotions and spiritual boundaries help us to distinguish God’s will from our own.



795627: The Making of a Prophet: Practical Advice for Developing Your Prophetic Voice The Making of a Prophet: Practical Advice for Developing Your Prophetic Voice
By Jennifer LeClaireGod is looking for people to entrust with the secrets of His heart. Embrace the journey toward your call with this comprehensive, practical guide, and experience the awesome process of being formed into a mouthpiece for the God of the universe.

403626: Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, Expanded Edition Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, Expanded Edition
By Kris VallottonHave you been called by God to be a prophet? Learn how to develop your calling and increase the strength of your gifts by knowing the difference between: prophets and prophecy, foretelling and forthtelling, true and false prophets and more. Author Kris Vallotton guides you through the rigors of basic training. Complete with inspiring true stories, thought-provoking questions and room to journal, you can begin to fulfill the calling God designed for you!

796240: School of the Prophets DVD: Advanced Training for Prophetic Ministry School of the Prophets DVD: Advanced Training for Prophetic Ministry
By Kris VallottonIs God calling you to be a prophet? Do you need instruction? Class is now in session! Exploring often-ignored issues, Vallotton provides advanced training on how to grow in your gift; define your sphere of influence; prepare for dangerous spiritual attacks; navigate relational difficulties; and recognize what true prophetic ministry looks like inside – and outside – the church. Eight 20-minute DVD sessions.



346913: The Circle Maker The Circle Maker
By Mark BattersonUpdated and revised! When his land was drought-stricken in ancient times, Honi ha-M’agel drew a circle in the sand, stepped inside it, and wouldn’t budge until God answered his petition for rain. What impossible dream are you praying about? Sharing new insights and personal stories, Batterson’s bestseller will help you achieve your desires through audacious prayer. 240 pages, softcover from Zondervan.


032550: Praying Circles Around Your Children Praying Circles Around Your Children
By Mark Batterson Become a praying parent! Based on his bestseller The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson shares five key lessons to help you become extraordinary influences in your children’s lives. With biblical insights and practical advice, he illustrates how to create prayer lists unique to your family, claim God-inspired promises for your children, and discover their individual life themes.


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