Shout! For He Has Given us the City!

Shout! For I have given you the city!As I was in prayer this week, the Lord spoke to my heart Joshua 6:16, “Shout for I have given you the city.”

Powerful words then and now. For the Israelites, it meant God had given them the city of Jericho. But what does it mean for us now?

The White House, the Capitol Building and Washington, D.C. in general have been under siege and become a walled city. The curiosity for most of us is why the walls? From the Party that insists walls don’t work at our border, they were awfully quick to erect them and insulate themselves.

The walls speak. They are to keep US out.

But what we often forget is that it is our city and our house. Even according to the liberal news, CBS stated in 1998, “the Capitol is the ‘people’s building.'” They were right and nothing has changed except the current administration now works to keep us out and create “attacks” to provide excuses for the walls they erect around our capitol.

But this is their norm. Obama has an enormous wall around his home as does Nancy Pelosi and probably many government officials who are against having a wall at our border to protect us. They stopped the construction of the border walls, although the money was already provided to complete the project. Their actions reveal the obvious. They care about their protection and not ours.

Why did they erect walls around the White House and Capitol Building? Because of fear.

Washington, D.C. is occupied illegally in both the physical and spiritual realm. Thieves always fear that what they have done, will be done to them. Because operate from fear, they have worked to instill that same fear in us–and many have bought it. Americans so afraid for their lives, that they willingly lock themselves away in their homes and behind masks.

However, the fear the Left has poured over our nation, consumes them as well. They are in terror that they will lose control. When in fact, they aren’t in control now.

Remember, the word of the Lord is, “I have given you the city.”

It will be by His mighty hand, so that He will get the glory. As darkness and destruction against our Republic continues at the hand of the occupiers, it simply continues to expose the demonic plan that controls them and tries to control us.

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But it won’t succeed–unless we let it.

In the day’s of Joshua these were the instructions he was given in order to take the city of Jericho. If you are familiar with the story, you know the battle plan, doesn’t make sense in the natural…and yet God’s ways rarely do in our minds! It’s because if we did it our way, we would take the credit. What will happen will be such a miraculous deliverance, that only HE will get the credit for what is about to happen.

The demonic senses what is about to happen spiritually which will then overflow into the natural. That is why they fear.

And the armed men went before the priests who blew the trumpets and the rear guard came after the ark, while they continued to blow the trumpets (Joshua 6:9 NASB).

There were three important groups:

  1. The armed men
  2. The priests who blew their trumpets
  3. The rear guard

The armed men went ahead to be a wall of protection to the priests who blew the trumpets as a prophetic declaration. This was a team ready to do battle. They were ready to contend for what was promised to them–the city of Jericho. Let’s not forget that the Word tells us that He will contend with those who contend with us and fight against those who fight against us. This was not just a natural battle they were prepared to fight. It was a spiritual battle.

So it is now.

The priests blew the trumpets to declare and prophesy in advance the victory. To blow is the word “taqa” which meant “to strike, to smite, to thrust.” It was an action to take and fasten hold of. It was an action of praise into a realm of the spirit to contend.

What it means for us is that as we praise, we “take hold of” in the spirit realm that which He has given us. We have an action step that we must perform.

The final group was the rear guard. It didn’t mean what I thought and may surprise you as well.

It is the word “asaph” which meant “to assemble, to gather, to fetch.” So the task of the rearguard was to pull everyone else together, keep them moving forward and make sure no one got lost or went the wrong way.

Many are going the wrong way right now or not moving forward at all. It is the job of the rearguard to gather them and help them.

As intercessors and watchmen, these are OUR assignments. Some of you are the armed warriors, some are priests/praisers, and many fill the role of the rearguard, pulling in others, keeping them together and encouraged so that together we can continue to move forward.

What was the goal of taking Jericho? To bring the ark of the Lord into it and establish His Presence. It was about taking their inheritance.

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This is about God’s glory, our inheritance and destiny.

The pilgrims dedicated America as a land that would raise up godly generations and from which the Gospel would be shared. These were their words:

“We do hereby dedicate this land, America, and ourselves to reach the people within these shores with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And to raise up godly generations after us and with these generations take the Kingdom of God into all the earth. From these very shores the Gospel will go forth. Not only to this new world, but to the entire world.”

THAT is America’s prophetic destiny–and we contend for that now.

In the days of Joshua, the people were told to take the city, but keep themselves from the “accursed things.” That is a key element for us now. America is full of depravity and unrighteousness. Sin has been legalized and applauded. Good is called evil, and evil good.

We cannot take it with us into this new land…the new American Republic. Revival must come and we must start afresh.

Be encouraged. It will come. Let us proclaim what He has said, “Shout for I have given you the city.”

It will be His doing. His mighty plan and His mighty deliverance. Our assignment is to contend for it, let go of the fear and trust that what He has promised, He is able to perform.



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  1. Thank you Holy Spirit for your wisdom and holy guidance for Karen to us at this dark, confusing time! We shout our praises that the Victory belongs to our Lord!

  2. Praise the Lord for this encouraging message , we need to remember god’s word and praise him in all things , as the evil days arise God’s people need to arise and call it like it is “Sin ” ! Love the sinner hate the sun , but reaching out to them is going to take as Pastor Hardin said Rearquards, God’s people , PTL lovingjesus, Ms kayra

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