The Day We Watched the Demonic Bow in Washington, D.C.

The Day the Demonic Bowed in DCThe 2011 organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement understood the importance of occupying—they just didn’t know how to effectively do it. Unfortunately, most of our children and even our generation don’t either.

The Lord commanded us to “occupy until I come” (Lu 19:13). There is a reason.

The Israelites had to learn this lesson as well so the Lord led them into a season of training.

These are the nations the Lord left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan. He did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience (Judges 3:1-2).

Those of us forty and up grew up in an America very different than what our children now experience. Our parents battled to put a roof over our heads and we, in turn, have battled as well.

Although my generation has not experienced war on American soil (other than the 9/11 terrorist attack against us) many of us know the struggle of battle whether that was in school, in our communities or in the workplace. And while younger generations have faced their own challenges, how they have engaged them is not the same. That must change.

I grew up watching miracles. Did you? Where we prayed and saw blind eyes and deaf ears opened, legs grew out to the same length. Our children? Not so much. Sadly, that is on our generation. As prosperity in America grew, the need to “battle” grew more distant and so did the strength and wisdom that comes from such seasons.  We shielded our children from the very things that developed our spiritual muscles.

But America is now engaged in battle to maintain the foundation liberty on which we were established—the right to worship God and follow His ways–and it requires all of us working together.

My husband and I led a prayer team of thirty in Washington, DC this past week. One of the locations we walked and prayed was Lafayette Square. It has been a much-contested site and represents the conflict in our nation.

If you are not familiar with what has transpired in Lafayette Square here is a brief history:

The park is strategically located just across the street from the White House. The same group which attempted to disrupt New York with the Occupy Wall Street campaign, announced they would take Washington by siege using Lafayette Square as their holding ground beginning Sept. 17 through the election. Intercessors across America and beyond began to pray that their ungodly agenda would fail.

Prior to that, an intercessor had already secured a permit for the park and launched 50 days of Blessings. The result is what the devil intended as an attack, is now a place of prayer, praise and intercession 24 hours a day until the election.

The Washington Siege was never able to launch because WE occupy the land.

When our team arrived at the square to pray it was peaceful. In the center a woman led worship on an electric keyboard. Many in our team went to join and began to lift their voices in praise. Others sat on the nearby benches to pray under the boughs of the expansive trees. In the spirit all was peaceful even serene.

After several minutes I grabbed one of my team members, “Let’s go back and pray near the White House,” I told her. As we walked past the worshippers and down the sidewalk leading toward the president’s home, the atmosphere changed. It went from peaceful to unsettled, even contentious. Not because anyone was saying or doing anything that could be seen, this was all something that could be felt.

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We walked up to the fence facing the White House and began to pray. What I didn’t realize is within a few minutes, others from our team came to join us and lined the fence. Another prayer team came to the fence and began to blow their shofar. THAT rattled the demonic walking among us.

A protestor who has had a table and chair erected in the square for years sat in his small stronghold and began to curse. He hurled angry statements against us and against the president. A few BLMers that were present walked closer. We remained where we were, without engaging and continued to pray, decree and call down demonic forces.

Within a matter of minutes, peace came over that back area which had been unsettled and disruptive. Spiritually, in just those few minutes, we had taken the land and it was a tangible Presence.

Not long after, a BLMer walked over to us and asked if we wanted to purchase a Black Lives Matter ball cap. He smiled. He was pleasant. He might as well have asked if we wanted to buy a bottle of water. All combativeness was gone. The others who had inched toward us initially now all backed up and backed away. Mind you we had said nothing to them. We never engaged them in the natural or even made eye contact. We engaged in prayer in the supernatural.

The entire time we were there that spirit of peace remained. But as I told the team it’s not enough to take the land. We must learn how to occupy it—and that means not only us, but our children.

This is the importance of this time in history.Prayer at the Supreme Court

The battle in our nation is one in which our children must learn to war and occupy what is won in this season. Long ago, when the Israelites left Egypt, the Lord did not take them directly into the Promise Land because they had no means to take it and hold it. Instead He took them around so that their slavery mindset could be removed.

They had to learn to war before they could successfully encounter conflict. Eventually, once they learned to trust Him, He led them where they would face their opposition. But that was only once they were ready.

Like the Israelites of that day, as we face this opposition, I pray we are ready.

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Conflict is not fun. It is not something we seek. But in this world, it is inevitable. It is also what makes us strong. It is where we learn to do battle and use the Word as the two-edged sword to develop spiritual muscles.

Right now, we are fighting for our nation at two levels–in prayer and in government. It requires both. But our children must understand this battle. They must learn to war in the spirit in prayer. Some will also take their place to wage this war in governmental positions. Because even as we fight to take back our nation in this moment—it requires we and our children know how to occupy.

Are your children engaged on the opposite side of this important battle? Fear not. Call them back. For we have a sure word in this hour which comes from Isaiah 60:3-5 Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. “Lift up your eyes and look about you: All assemble and come to you; your sons come from afar, and your daughters are carried on the hip. Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy;”

We are on the verge of revival if we will recognize the time and season of this hour.

This all must take place. This generation who has never experienced warfare must learn to engage and see His victory.  They must see His signs, wonders and power.

Ultimately, we know this is not just about this election, but for America to return to God. That can only come as heart’s are transformed and repentance takes place. But when it comes a mighty rain of revival will be poured out. And as my generation saw signs, wonders and miracles, so now will our children. They will see. And they will learn how to trust, how to battle and how to occupy.

As we face off for the future of America, it’s not enough that we gain victory and take the land, but that we occupy and not only us but our children who will receive this land.

If they do not learn how to battle in this season, they will be unable to occupy after we are gone. This is a conflict not only of the present but of the future. Remember, God allowed the children of Israel to enter conflict only when He knew they were prepared. It was theirs to win or lose.

May we recognize that is where we stand today as we head into this battle on Nov. 3. This is ours to win or lose. It is time to unite, young and old alike to take the land and occupy and the demonic WILL bow.

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