This Isn’t Over (and How We can Know That)

In the last few days, I have been called all sorts of unprintable names and labeled an insurrectionist. Why? Because my eye-witness account of what transpired at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 goes completely against what the media fed us in their skillfully edited live newsfeed.  I have received threats to be “turned in” sadly, by some who call themselves by the name of Christ.

The Bible warned us this day was coming.

But this isn’t over!

They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God (Jn 16:2).

This is the world in which we now live when good is called evil and evil good.

To confuse the matter further, in the last few days, we have seen numerous trusted prophetic voices apologize for their statements saying Trump would win. After Vice-President Pence’s certification of the vote, many have thrown in the towel and said, “It is over.”

But I don’t think so. Just the opposite in fact. But no wonder there is so much confusion.

It’s important to remember, that this isn’t about what we see in the natural, but about what is going on in the spiritual realm. The battle in the heavenlies still rages as we continue to pray. What we see and feel is the tension which continues to play out around us.

In order to remain steadfast, we must keep our eyes on Him, pay attention, and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. We must make the Word of God our focus and remind ourselves what God has done in the past. It is Who He is.

These are the questions I believe we need to ask ourselves:

  1. When Moses and the Israelites faced the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his armies coming up behind, didn’t it appear impossible? Didn’t it appear as if evil had won? (Ex 14).
  2. During Esther’s day, after the king had sealed an irrevocable edict that would allow the slaughter of the Jews, didn’t it look impossible? Perhaps some said, as some are saying now, that God must have allowed it? That it was judgement. But it wasn’t. It was evil. And in the end didn’t God step in to change the situation? Another question regarding that scenario. What if Esther and the people had only fasted and prayed but not take their important action steps that followed? (Esther 4 & 5).
  3. When three enemy armies were headed toward Jehoshaphat and the Israelites in 2 Chron 20:20, did God intervene in that impossible situation as well? The enemy then turned on each other which is exactly what I believe we are going to see.
  4. What about when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in their attempt to take over the world? Or when Hitler attempted the same? Both impossible situations. Or what about the Six Day War? Another impossible situation. And yet, as I look back over history, that is where God shows up and shows off the best.
  5. What about the coup attempt in the Bible when Korah and his fellow leaders of the day tried to remove Moses from his rightful position? (Num 16). It was they who were removed as God clearly made His choice known. I believe that day is coming. Why?

Because that is Who God is. And He never changes.

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To say that this is over in America, removes the God factor in my opinion. This isn’t over.

Did God bring us so close to our “Promise Land” in which America was about to break off the yoke of the deep-seated corruption and the removal of legalized abortions, drug and child trafficking, pedophilia, etc to just step back and allow our government to be overtaken by thugs who now attempt to install a man as president who didn’t win the election? Do You think that is His plan? If so, then the last four years makes no sense. It goes against His nature.

Some have said, “Well, America chose and this is her judgement.”

It is that very statement that gives me hope. America DID choose, overwhelmingly for a president who would abolish abortion, stand for religious freedom, for prayer in school, to remove unrighteous judges and leaders and who publicly prays and honors God. We DID choose.

We have done everything in our power to see righteousness restored in our land. We have repented and interceded in numbers like I have never seen in my lifetime. Are you telling me, God is now going to judge us because we DID vote in the candidate who would finish this job to restore our government back to godliness? Does that argument even make sense? It does not.

Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity(For those who do not believe President Trump was on that path, none of this will make sense to you. Please read my book, “Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity.”)

Others have said it is judgement because people have worshipped Trump. No doubt some have placed him in that position, but I do not believe that is the majority. We simply see Him as a vessel God has used. BUT if God is now going to judge President Trump for pride and/or the American people for so called “worship” of Trump, then He is an unjust God for not doing the same when the multitudes bowed down in Obama worship. However, let me clarify that we know God is NOT unjust. Thus, in my opinion it cannot be an accurate assessment that what we see is a judgement against Trump.

For those who still believe we need to stay out of “politics,” this isn’t about politics.

It is about righteousness and justice. Because Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; love and faithfulness go before You (Ps 89:14). Bottom line, this was never about what man could do in our own power, but about what God will do in His mighty power.

I am reminded in biblical days when Moses sent the spies to scout out the Promise Land. All the spies came back with the report that it was a good land. But where they differed was because of fear and what they say with their natural sight. The majority saw it as an impossible situation, compared with Joshua and Caleb who saw from God’s perspective.

Over and over in the Bible we see where God’s people in the wilderness easily gave up when things got hard. They blamed God. They criticized their leaders. They begged to go back to Egypt/slavery.

Are we going to be that kind of people now? Are we willing to go back to the “Egypt” of corrupt leaders and an ungodly “Pharaoh”?

This isn’t about honoring a “new elected official” because Biden wasn’t justly elected. Evidence proves this out. Never in our history (at least that we know) have we been in this place before. So how do we respond?

In each impossible case I named, God delivered His people by His mighty hand. However, not all partook of the Promise Land afterwards. It was based on those who were willing to trust Him by faith. In order to do that we must not succumb to fear.

God is looking for a people who will continue to stand and trust Him despite what we see, knowing He is able. He didn’t bring us this far to leave us now. It is important that like Moses, we know His ways and not just His acts.

For those prophets who have already apologized for their “error.” I offer them grace.

I am saddened that they have so easily recanted from what they sensed the Lord told them based on what they see. The two are rarely compatible. I continue to believe that God is going to turn this around…but like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego from days of old, if He doesn’t deliver us, we proclaim He is still God. He is still in control and we will not bow to unrighteous rulers.

Then as now we must stand.

It is hard to not be discouraged or weary from this battle but we must stand on His Word that never changes. We must stand fast in uncertain times.

CLICK HERE: for a free scriptural prayer on How to Stand Fast in Uncertain Times

What if our social media is gone tomorrow? Or the internet? What if they turn off all conservative news sites? All this does is force us back to where we should have been all along. We must make the Holy Spirit our “news source.” He is the speaker of all truth and will show us things to come (Jn 16:13).

What are our next steps? For each of us they will be found in the Bible. Dig back in and let it be your firm foundation. Do not allow yourself to be shaken. How did Jesus sleep in the boat in the middle of the storm? Because in His world there are no storms. May we all get to that place that the supernatural realm exceeds the seen realm.

I’m just telling you, this isn’t over.

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  1. Amen!!! Thank you for your encouragement, faithfulness to our Father & His word.
    I am praying for you & your family. God IS FAITHFUL! He is not a man that He should lie!
    Praise God for your obedience & bringing the body of Christ instruction. I receive it & will continue to Trust in Our God!

  2. Yes, blessings, stand strong, we are with you. May the anointing oil flow over you both so that the arrows are not wounds. We choose joy in the midst of it all. blessings, thank you for your messages.

  3. I agree 100%!!! The Lord has been saying the same thing to me — we can choose to believe and have our miracle or choose unbelief and not receive it. He is faithful and I believe!!

  4. I say yes and Amen to every word you have said. My spirit even testifies to those being swayed away from the truth in these dark hours, of Simon Peter’s denial of knowing Christ after the crucifixion. Yet, he was restored by the Savior alone, and upon his faith, he became the rock and solid foundation of the church. May it be so with those who are being tossed by the waves today.

  5. Last Monday night while in prayer before the electoral vote was announced on Tuesday the Lord spoke very clearly to me “ stand firm “ and that is what I am doing and believing that Trump will prevail.

  6. Karen
    How do I friend you on mewe? I cannot find a “toggle.”
    Thank you for your dedication.

  7. AMEN Karen. What you have written here confirmed the Word of the Lord given to me. He has shown me this is a long strategy chess game. At first each side moves slowly and then play gets progressively faster. We will see Him show Himself mighty in our land. For truth, justice and righteousness.

  8. Thank you so much for your comforting words and insight. Standing strong beside you in prayer! Stay safe and God bless you!

  9. Awesome word. I have enjoyed the posted. I believe my pastor had a word weds. We were praying the names of God over Prez Trump. My Pastor prayed jehovah zidkineu. The Lord our Righteousness. None of us can stand against satan the accuser on the merit of our own goods deeds which are imperfect at best. It’s got to be pure Jesus righteousness. We know the hypocrisy of the left how the watched the riots for months and even encouraged it and gave them money. The man in Italy testified in court that Trump won by a landslide and he was paid to change the votes in Tech warfare. So the prophets didn’t miss it. But where we failed to see the depth of corruption. It is almost all had to come out. Trump will finish his calling. They cannot cleanse the mantle and the anointing that was poured out anymore than they could get rid of Jesus. They will end up falling on their own sword.

  10. Jonah was in JAWS belly

    Sarah was dead in the womb

    Lazarus was dead in the tomb

    Jairus daughter died and there was much ado and weeping


    Jesus showed up and said, fear not, she’s not dead, only sleeping.

    The little girl woke up

    Lazarus rose up

    Sarah’s belly swelled up

    And Jonah was thrown up

    It’s time for the church to grow up and stop listening to much ado and hold fast to faith, without turning back, knowing that all things are possible with God, no matter what man or circumstance declare; let God be True, and every man a liar.

    We, His people, in, One Nation Under God, still have work to do.

    We needed a loud and strong and irritating Trump-et revelry call to wake US slumbering soldiers and stir the liars lair

    Now we’re awake and standing ready for waves of recom-pence

    Stand and see how the LORD knocks the wheels off Pharaoh’s chariots

    He will not ignore the prayers of His people, He will not allow the reins to be placed in the hands of a baby slaughtering, Israel hating regime.

    He is under no obligation to abide by man-made time lines.

    This is not about promoting a man, it’s about My plan to stomp the head of evil.

    Trump has suffered much by obeying My calling. His suffering has not gone unnoticed.

    Now, the exposing is nearly done. When it is complete, and the restoration has begun, I will bless him and you will see his promise fulfilled:

    “The best is yet to come”

    Hold fast.

    “Now the just shall live by faith: but if any draw back, My soul shall have no pleasure in him” (Hebrews 10:38)

  11. Thank you for the updated and for your Faith and inspiration! I a
    Will never give up hope that Trump will be our President and our leader/savior from this Storm!

    God Bless you, Trump and our Vountry‼️🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. I believe you are right and God is in control and prayer is what we need to do. Don’t underestimate the power it has. Money I don’t have but pray I do every day. When I give money-I don’t use PayPal-never have.

  13. So awesome! No where in scripture did God ever advise anyone to give up! In fact quite the opposite, He emphasized doing the impossible and All things are possible with Him! And the notable thing about faith is it is exercised when the natural realm is showing the opposite. So why give up because of natural circumstances? Isn’t that what faith is all about – changing the natural to reflect what God has declared.

  14. Thank you for the “pep” talk. I think we all need it. We need to get back to the basics of our faith and find out that God is Trustworthy…no matter what?

  15. I agree with you by the Spirit. Not the mind. That this is not over. I’m standing with you in faith and in the gap for the Lord in this. I also believe this is a great test of His bride’s faith.

    God’s character is that of a good Father and all the wrath of God was satisfied on Jesus Christ. I believe we can come boldly asking Him for this miracle turnaround for those in Christ are His very righteousness. And we have prayed, repented, fasted, and rightly chosen in His eyes: against evil. We, in truth, chose Pres Trump who’s been doing as you stated. I also read President Trump’s Pro-Christian Accomplishments and was amazed. Even in tears by how the Lord has used him.

    Faith 101 is believing when we do not see. And we are not believing our own wants or desires. We are believing God who spoke and cannot lie. We are merely joining our faith with His will. To recant on the voice of God doesn’t make any sense. But the Lord reminded me that just because He gives someone a word to share doesn’t mean they’ve “done the work” to renew their minds with the Word of God to have that faith that comes by hearing it – ongoing. Hearing from the Lord is the easy part.

    I’m sorry you’ve been attacked by people in that manner. Makes me wonder of there are far more Christians by name only than we could imagine. We must seek the Lord diligently and be led by the Spirit, and dare I say because I have been attacked by believers for this: pray in the Spirit a lot for spirit to Spirit communion with the Lord. I hear from Him so much this way.

    Discernment is so key in these times, and many believers have zero. This is about righteousness, justice, and light vs. wickedness, lawlessness, and darkness. My mind has been blown by the church leaders who have accepted Biden as “president” without flinching. Blown! They are aligning themselves with theft – lawlessness, injustice, darkness – and leading the sheep under them astray.

    When the Lord says, “Will I find faith on earth?” in Luke 18, I want to be able to say “Yes, Lord.” I REFUSE to move from the position of faith as David did. Because the entire weight of my confidence is in God alone – His Word, love, character, etc. Possibly hundreds of thousands of His children in the blood-bought covenant of Jesus Christ have cried out for America and Pres Trump.

    By the Spirit, I know these wicked ones are laughing and gloating at their wicked deeds saying we did it. WE won. WE are powerful. Look at what our millions of dollars did. No one can defeat us. We are unstoppable.”

    And we know how that ends when they do so against His children and mock Him in this way. Lord, we are merely at a Red Sea, and we praise You for making a way where there SEEMS to be no way. We praise You that You are more than willing to defy the natural laws you set – gravity, etc. – to make walls of sea for Your people to pass through on dry land. For our great deliverance that the world may know that You are God. We thank You that those who’ve exalted themselves will be humbled. Goliath will fall and fall hard.

    Thank you for sharing this faith filled post of truth. It’s exactly what His people need even if many can’t yet see it. God bless.

  16. I live in U.K. and have been praying for months now for America. I am standing in Faith in our Heavenly Father that He is going to turn this around. He is exposing how deep this wickedness goes and the infection of the enemies deceptions in Men’s hearts.
    I know what the Holy Spirit has been showing me and it is in agreement with the Prophetic Words of the true prophets. In the midst of this waiting God is growing our Faith through the fiery trial in preparation for these days. I have been a Christian 44 years now and I have never seen God let us down even in the midst of the many challenges He has walked through with me. I stand with everything you are saying Karen. God bless you 🙏🙌🏻💖

  17. Thank you for standing. (Eph. 6:13) We are surrounded by so many who have lost heart. What are we to say to them for encouragement and exhortation?
    You have answered that question. Simply, thoroughly, and faithfully, Chapter and Verse.
    Reading that, the believer is driven to reply, “Yes ! Of course ! This is what God does ! Showing up at the last minute is His specialty !” At this moment, when all avenues are blocked, what else could we possibly expect, except that God would do something that would cause men to glorify His Name? I will not expect any particular thing, but my expectancy is firmly in Jesus. I remember that the purpose of all this is ‘that His name be glorified’. I know that when I see it, I will say, “Glory be to Jesus! Praise the Father!”

  18. Amen to all you say here. Our focus must be on our Lord and His word, not on social media and convoluted news sources. We must stand unto all that Christ has done, is doing and will do as we claim victory He won at the cross by his shed blood, His resurrection, His great high priestly prayer and the great Triune intercession going on in the heavenly realm even now as I type.. NOW Back to the prayer closet to claim God’s victory in this battle for the souls of men, women and children.. and a nation called America and the man He raised up for such a time as this.

  19. Praise God for this word. It is right on the target. It is what faith is about- When the going gets tough we get on our knees and change it. Our God is a mighty God and he controls EVERYTHING in the universe so why are we afraid ??? He was in this time before we were born and knows the end from the beginning so we just have to TRUST his will for us. WE did choose and our God is a Rightous God and HE WILL prevail over evil and he has given us MANY examples of this in his word. God Bless u for your statement , May God Bless YOU

  20. Amen Karen
    I am an intercessor on 24/7 prayer network. If you get a chance ho to Elijah Streams january 10 Steve had Robin Bullock called red sea moment in DC
    January 6. Powerful powerful!

  21. So so true — I need to be looking to GOD -and HOLY SPIRIT and JESUS — 24/7/365

    Tears for each one who has turned their backs and those who haves received JESUS —

  22. I am encouraged and believe.
    Lord help my unbelief!
    I see and agree with all of your biblical examples.
    I know that we serve a God of the impossible no matter how impossible it looks!
    Thank you for standing firm. I link arms with you to stand and pray.

  23. You are absolutely right on. I have been trying to tell people that it is not over. Thank you for writing this article. Keep the faith in God. He IS that BIG!!! He has NOT forgotten us. God gave me 3 words for 2020: Decree, Declare, and Dominion. 2021 He gave me 3 words: Justice, Judgement and Equity. We know God moves in Righteousness to complete all of the above. God bless you.

  24. Yes, I keep thinking of how Haman so smugly thought he would see Mordecai on the gallows that he himself died on. God is for us, who can be against us? No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

  25. Whose report do we believe ? I m tuning into Gods victory channel, His airwaves and standing with you in all you have spoken here. I live in the UK, God has said these exact words to me💫 Gods timing is perfect, He is allowing evil to be exposed. We are Standing. In peace. In victory. On His Word. The bride is awakening rising up and walking in her true identity of love power in authority 🔥

  26. I seldom remember my dreams, but two weeks ago I had a very vivid dream that I believe was prophetic. I was with a group of Christians who were camping in a barren hilly area with no trees or grass. We were on some kind of important mission. Our leader had walked a short distance away from our camp when three powerful mountain lions appeared and began walking toward him. The leader began slowly walking backward as the lions strategically positioned themselves around him and slowly advanced. The rest of the camp quickly made a rescue plan. We picked up rocks and locked elbows. If the lions attacked, we would yell at the top of our voices and throw our rocks at them. We began walking toward our leader. Suddenly there was the sound of a rifle. The bullet hit the ground and threw dust in the air. The three lions turned and ran away. We could not see the source of the lethal weapon, but we knew it was still there. I was left with the thought that screaming and throwing rocks was not very effective against an organized powerful enemy. We needed real weapons—the kind of spiritual weapons described in God’s Word and not the ineffectual plans of human reasoning.

  27. Thanks Karen for all that you do to get us good and timely news!! I haven’t read your book yet, but I will soon!!

    Patty Lunsford

  28. This is a great word. Believe this is truth. Thank you for your continued courage to stand and proclaim the Kingdom of God. It is not over.

  29. Thank you Karen for being a righteous voice we all need to hear!
    I am standing and praying!
    Praise the name of Jesus forever and ever
    It definitely is nor over!!

    By the way I took your writing class at Broken Arrow Assembly. I published a book in 2017.

  30. After reading the apologies of the “prophets” , I’m not sure, well I guess I am sure that I don’t think that I can trust in anything that they say anymore. I think they have caused confusion and fear in many in the body of Christ. I think it’s a time for them to be silent and seek the Lord.

  31. In agreement. It’s so beautiful and incredible that His people all over the world are praying for America. Imagine possibly millions of New Testament saints coming boldly to His throne of grace, all seen by God as His very righteousness IN His Son, Jesus Christ, standing on the new and better promises of the New Covenant. Praying from Christ’s victory over the works of the devil.

  32. Gods ways are not mans ways.
    God is laying axe to the root and is allowing what is in hiding to come forth into the light. Trump is the only one who has had the backbone to stand for righteousness at all cost.
    Revenge is The Lords
    Truth will prevail
    Treason had to complete its plan Pride comes before a fall. We are close to Victiry nanifesting. Our relationship with out Abba needs to be strong ir you will be tissed and turned and confused if you are not in tune with the Holy Spirit.
    Karen bless you and may The Lord keep you strong.

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