University Founded by Healing Evangelist Pushes Vaccine Hard

University Founded on Healing

Over 150 universities and colIeges are now requiring students to be vaccinated in order to attend school in the fall. This mandate overrides freedom of choice. Whatever happened to the Left’s “my body, my choice” mantra? Evidently that only applies when it involves killing a baby.

Does the university no longer believe that God heals? 

Oddly, Oral Roberts University president, Dr. Billy Wilson, who is head over the school founded on the belief that God heals, is pushing hard for all students to be vaccinated.

Although falling short of mandating the act, he has made it clear if you follow his “advice” they will make life easy for you…and if you don’t…

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: If you want to let Dr. Wilson know you believe faculty and students should not be penalized for choosing not to be vaccinated, sign here.

(UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, Dr. Wilson has backed off of his insistence that unvaccinated students, staff and faculty will have to continue to wear masks and jump through hoops just to enter the campus. THANK YOU to all who spoke up and spoke out. This is an answer to prayer!)

In his end of the year message to faculty and students, Dr. Wilson described new rules which will in effect bless those who get the COVID-19 vaccine, while keeping those who don’t, restricted.

Does that seem an unusual stance from a university founded on the belief that God heals?

It’s not to say that those of us protesting Wilson’s heavy-handed actions don’t believe in medicine or vaccines. But are they greater than God’s ability to heal? It would appear that is the stance of Oral Roberts University’s president.

According to Wilson, “I’m pleased to say that in the spring semester, our cases have really been negligible. We’ve had several weeks during the spring we’ve had zero cases on campus and zero cases off campus. I think we have one or two cases this week.”

So if the virus is negligible, why the fear and on-going forced restrictions?

In 2020, Wilson created a Health and Safety Task Force for the university who helped create the ongoing rules he deems necessary to “return to normalcy.”

But “normalcy” under Wilson’s rules, look anything but normal.


In his address he states, “From May 2 and beginning Aug. 26 of the fall semester, we’re going to take some interim steps on campus regarding our health and safety protocols. We will still have temperatures taken as you come into campus.

You’ll still be required to wear a mask while you’re at work and all the events on campus except and unless you have been vaccinated. We want you to be able to opt-in in a way that would help you avoid checking in like you are normally doing when you are coming into campus and you would not have to wear a mask if you would be vaccinated.”

Wilson proudly announced a new system in which students, staff and faculty can register showing proof of vaccination. Once noted as compliant, they will receive a “get out of jail free” card and rewarded with a small “ORU safe” pin along with a card proving vaccination. They are encouraged to always wear the pin or carry the card with them to let everyone know they are “safe.”

Obviously, the message is that those who choose not to get vaccinated aren’t safe. But where is the proof and science behind that? 

This is a “vaccine” that does not have the virus in it, so by definition isn’t a vaccine. It also has too little history to know if it makes anyone safe. In fact, there are a multitude of medical professionals who have expressed deep concern over its possible unknown long-term effects. It’s also important to note, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve the vaccine.

What we do know is that many who have gotten the vaccine have had serious side effects and many have died. Wilson stated that he and his wife, who both contracted COVID-19, have received their shots. He admits he got sick both times. “But it was worth it,” he stated.

Worth it? For what? 

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Trust in an unproven vaccine? What about trust in God? Is there more trust put in an untested shot rather than Psalm 91 which tells us,

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.” (NIV)

Rock star, Eric Clapton, had a horrendous reaction to both shots stating he thought he would never play again.

According to an article in the N.Y. Post, he blamed the “propaganda [that] said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

But we know that propaganda is exactly the word for their claim.

So far what we know about the vaccine:

  • Some who have received the shot have then contracted COVID-19.
  • There have been over 4000 deaths reported after people took the vaccine (which the CDC insists have no link)
  • The vaccine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration 
  • The CDC continues to insist it is safe despite increasing reports of side effects. 

But what is most curious is the almost rabid insistence that everyone be vaccinated for a virus which has a 99.6% cure rate without the vaccine.

There is no science to that madness and it makes no logical sense. Yet according to Wilson, it is the only way to return to “normalcy.”

Under Wilson’s “ORU safe” rules, students and staff who don’t take the vaccine must continue to have their temperature taken before entering campus, must remain masked and will be stopped at the gates before entering. The reward for those with the pin is they will be waived right through.

I believe that’s called discrimination.

“We want to make this as easy for you as possible,” Wilson stated in the address. Obviously, what he means is he wants to make it easy for those who follow his “get vaccinated” rules and hard for those who don’t. Some long-term staff, in disagreement with this decision, have found their positions terminated. Others, seeing what is coming, have taken early retirement.

ORU is obviously not the only school making such requirements. Here is a list of some of the other schools linking enrollment and restrictions to the vaccine.

But they aren’t Christian based schools either. Shouldn’t we expect something different from a school whose website declares, “Spirit-empowered leaders come to ORU, not to “stay” in their faith, but to GROW in faith.”

At a university in which the founder, healing evangelist Oral Roberts often said, “Something good is going to happen to you today,” it seems that now only applies if you are willing to get the vaccine.

Let your voice be heard and protest the discrimination against students, staff and faculty who refuse to be vaccinated sign here.

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  1. This is ripe for a law suit! What about the Nuremberg Code!! Students and Faculty need to contact Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas out of Orange County Calif!

    1. Well thankfully, President Wilson got the message that people were mad about it including parent’s who pay tuition. He backed off after he starting getting push back! Thanks for your email. I agree that Leigh would have been all over it. Thankfully, at least for now, the need is on hold. We shall see what he does in the future.

  2. In the beginning of last year, our daughter was heading into her 4th and senior year at ORU. From the very beginning of enrolment, her and I both had a urgency on our spirit and of course mine was more extreme. The Lord showed me it was in regards of protection for her for what was to come! She and a friend took social media to do a petition against the mandated covid testing for re entry no matter if there were symptoms or not. My daughter sent a email to the administration office as well as the president of the campus. There were thousands of petition signers however no response from the emails were returned. I was warned that she was going to have a challenging last year, from the Lord. It was just that to say the least! Without sharing all the details involved, there was so much dissension, confusion, animosity, rule breaking and disharmony within the student body as well as staff across the board! Through her year , I could not share everything with her I was shown from the Lord because she needed to focus and she would have been so easily sidetracked in diverse ways. One of the things that I was shown, was there’s been much corruption in many ways behind the scenes for years at ORU. I was shown there’s a hidden agenda at play and some leaders are involved, sadly. Whether compromised or by choice, it’s horrific for the body of ORU! My heart is saddened for different reasons but mainly for the alumni who won’t want to believe truths that will be rolling out.
    I cannot express in words how grateful I am, that this piece was shared in my Telegram group! It’s only confirmational to much I’ve shown to come!!

    1. So very sorry for what you and your daughter experienced for her senior year—a year that should be about celebration. It is of great concern what we saw. Actions are indicators. It reveals a deeper root. As an alumni it is deeply troubling and a reminder that we need to pray over the university and how it proceeds forward. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your situation. Blessings!

  3. Stop all the CONTROL JUNK !!!!!!!! This is insane !!!!!!

    Fall at the foot of the Cross !!!!!! REPENT !!!!!!!

    1. The insanity is from those who want to control people by mandating a vaccine, by violating hipaa laws and by going berserk when people choose to not get it and then try to regulate their lives because they made the choice not to get it. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?” Oh yeah, that only works when people want to kill a baby. THAT is insanity.

  4. This article makes me remember Oral Roberts himself. As a child, my dad watching him. His miraculous healings I believed were real. He was awesome. This is disappointing on a faith-level. This school should be a beacon of simple Faith and believing the Bible is completely true.

    I wonder what he would say about a vaccine. Or about Jesus actually healing people and covering them with His mighty Arm of Protection. I don’t remember Oral Roberts himself ever prescribing the patients who came to him suffering . . and saying to them, go see a doctor and take medicine. He was a healer in Jesus’ name.

    1. Oral did believe in doctor’s and medicine which was why he built The City of Faith hospital in the 80’s. But it was a wonderful combination in the belief in prayer and healing but that God also used doctor’s and medicine to heal. Sadly, in Dr. Billy Wilson’s original address to the students, the element of healing was no where in his message. It was all about the vaccine. Thankfully, after much push back in the community, in about 30 days he backtracked on what he was requiring. I’m very grateful for all who stood up in the face of his tyranny and that he did back down. The fact that I even blogged about what he did made some mad. All some saw was that he now no longer is going to make all the requirements. What they miss is the fact he did originally say it and I believe would still be pushing it, if people had not courageously stood up against it.

  5. From the moment Dr. WILSON came on the campus, there was a huge check in my Spirit
    I tried to shrug it off. One day I was on campus and on the spur of the moment went to Chapel.
    I was saddened to here what he had to say.
    He left out some pretty important information that the students needed to hear.

    I wrote him a respectful, but cordial letter on my concerns.

    I have that letter, it was prophetic.

    I kept calling his office until I got a response from him,
    I finally got a response from him through email.

    One thing I said in the letter was that I was concerned that if he did not listen to the Lord that ORU was heading in a very not so good direction(pataphrase).

    I have the letter.

    I do not believe for one moment that he was God’s choice for the university, he was man’s choice.

    That is God’s University and would be good for them to remember that.

    1. Thank you for being willing to follow your convictions and concerns to write to Dr. Wilson and to follow up. That is where we must be determined to stand fast and hold those in leadership accountable. ORU is my alma mater, so I have a personal interest in its future. I pray that the foundation on which it was built honoring God and His ability to heal, will remain the foundation.

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