Voter Fraud is Real: State-by-State Reports

Voter Fraud is RealEven as national media outlets continue to claim there is no credible evidence of voter fraud, the evidence continues to mount almost by the hour. There are at least fifteen states now that have fraud issues and the number is climbing. Scroll down to see issues in a state-by-state pile up of evidence that needs to be investigated.

Today I heard a news broadcast that said “Those close to the president state that he admits that he has no path to victory, but refuses to Election Fraud is Real - Electoral mapconcede.” What a joke. What a complete fabrication. All the evidence proves that he not only has an effective case, but he and his legal team are pressing it in every state.

The most recent map of the electoral vote count shown on the right, shows that the states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia are all still in recount. Although prematurely called for Biden, the software “glitches” from The Hammer program are now being rolled back and those votes given to the rightful candidate—Trump. Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona are all trending back red as of right now—as they were before the middle of the night ballot dumps in WI and MI.

This isn’t going away until we resolve these “irregularities.”

Voter fraud is real. Here are state-by-state reports.


  1. “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state t “glitches” and switched votes from Trump to Biden
  2. “Glitchy” Dominion software tied to Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband and Pelosi.
  3. Dominion software that “glitched” tied to the Clintons.
  4. More than 450,000 Ballots in Key States “miraculously” all for Biden.
  5. Paying cash for ballots is illegal, right? 
  6. John Solomon gives proof Zuckerberg sent $350 million to election judges.
  1. How a 120 Year Old Dead Man Votes in 2020 Election


  1. Voters Told to Use Sharpies and Not Pens to Insure Their Votes Would Not Count
    1. Eye-witness report – voter forced to use sharpie and discovered 4 other polling places doing the same thing.
    2. Voter shows receipt that vote was cancelled after forced to use a sharpie.
  1. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) calls on AZ officials to investigate accuracy of the Dominion Ballot Software after reports of glitches.



  1. Witness catches ballots being removed.
  2. Woman discovers her service dog was listed as a human and voted



  1. Worker rips up ballots for Trump



  1. Video of woman “counting” ballots but is actually filling in multiple ballots.


  1. Georgia counties used same software as Michigan counties which encountered “glitch.”
  2. Investigators dispatched after Fulton county discovers “issue” with ballot reporting.
  3. Military mail in ballots found in Georgia dumpster.



  1. Blatant voter fraud caught on camera in Maryland as counter fills in ballots.



  1. 2,800 instances of election fraud reported. Detroit elections worker says she was instructed to change ballot dates.
  2. Lawsuit filed in Michigan alleges election fraud including backdating of ballots, unverified voters.
  3. Analysis shows more than 10,000 dead people cast ballots in Michigan.
  4. Michigan county flips from Biden to Trump after “Glitch” fixed.
  5. Detroit poll witness who challenges election workers counting ballots for ‘non-eligible’ voters get kicked out.
  6. Michigan GOP Chair: “Ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans.”
  7. Detroit city worker whistleblower says ballots were ordered backdated.
  8. Graveyard Vote: check put the MASSIVE list of Joe Biden’s dead supporters in Michigan.
  9. RNC Chairwoman alleges voting irregularities in Michigan.
  10. Detroit woman has box of 500 ballots from people not on voter rolls.
  11. Victim of Michigan voter fraud speaks out.
  12. 200k ballots for Biden turn up overnight.
  13. First-hand account of election fraud in Detroit, “They did not want us to see what was happening.”
  14. Conservative Michigan poll workers kicked out and prevented from observing the counting of the ballots.
  15. Count observers shut out in Detroit as windows covered up.
  16. Twitter removes info of ballot dumps in Wisconsin, and Michigan.
  17. 138,339 Biden votes found and not one for Trump.
    1. 4am dump–Wisconsin 65,000 votes, 100% for Biden
    2. 4am dump–Michigan 138,000 votes, 100% for Biden
  18. Detroit poll counter manager cites “COVID rules” to keep Conservative overseers out.
  19. Lawsuit in Detroit over voter rolls.
  20. USPS Michigan whistleblower tells how his boss told them to backdate ballots.
  21. Michigan Attorney General demands journalist take down his #DetroitLeaks video showing voter fraud training.
  22. Maryville – Over 500 mail-in ballots for Trump found dumped.
  23. Why does Biden have so many more votes than Democrat senators in swing states?



  1. Minneapolis – Ilhan Omar connected to “cash-for-ballots” voter fraud scheme.


New Jersey:

  1. Democratic insider, in August, leaks information about the 6 steps to voter fraud, his personal career of fraud, & the war coming in November:
  2. Voter Fraud in Millburn, New Jersey – Multiple Ballots Accepted All Day –


New York:

  1. In New York investigation is now underway of people who voted, shaved their heads, and then tried to vote again.



  1. Letter to Clark County – thousands of ineligible voters turning in ballots
  2. Nevada GOP Claims to Have Found Over 3,000 Instances of Voter Fraud.
  3. Documented USPS Fraud in Las Vegas.
  4. Whistleblower saw people in Biden van opening, filing and sealing Nevada ballots.


Oklahoma – 

  1. Oklahoma woman received mail-in ballot already opened.
  2. Men find discarded Trump ballots in the trash while cleaning up a church.


Pennsylvania – 

  1. Tens of thousands of Pennsylvania ballots were returned earlier than the day they were mailed!
  2. Analysis of votes in PA reveal statistical anomalies.
  3. I was in Philadelphia watching fraud happen.
  4. At least 21K dead people on Pennsylvania voter rolls.
  5. Bucks County, PA ballots thrown in the trash.
  6. Philadelphia voter admits to voting twice.  (language)
  7. Pro bono lawyer for Trump campaign shares what he saw in Pennsylvania.
  8. 2020 rejection rate of Pennsylvania mail-in ballots over 25 times lower than in 2016.
  9. Pennsylvania Democrats caught throwing put Trump votes.
  10. How poll observation was allowed in Philadelphia.
  11. Pennsylvania USPS whistleblower of backdating ballots has job threatened.
  12. Partisan censorship as massive overnight vote dumps in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania reported.
  13. Military ballots dumped in Pennsylvania.
  14. Election workers filling in ballots.

Rhode Island:

  1. 100K Mail-In Ballot Applications Returned as ‘Undeliverable’ in Rhode Island.



  1. Texas assisted living employee charged with 134 counts of alleged election fraud.
  2. Poll watcher submits affidavit of judge and staff using driver’s licenses for illegal votes.
  3. Woman caught on video coercing and bribing voters.
  4. Citizen journalist exposes mass voter fraud in Texas.



  1. System “glitch” discovered in Wisconsin (and Michigan) reversal of swapped votes removes lead from Joe Biden.

These facts are going to continue to emerge. If you have others, share in the comments section.

As of this post the results are still undecided in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. It’s important we


We need to continue to pray as just as voter fraud is real, so is the deep deception that many are under believing that Biden is president-elect. It is almost as if a spell as been put over them and blinded them as the evidence is so overwhelming and yet they see none of it. Pray that the deception, fraud and corruption that perpetuated it will all be brought to light and removed!

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  1. Great collection of evidence! I haven’t fully researched it to know what all you missed, but we watched the excellent Georgia senate subcommittee hearing on voter fraud, which included such things as video footage of several poll workers scanning the same ballots repeatedly after making everyone else go home for a supposed water leak later discovered to have never occurred, testimony of live hacking into the voting software which was supposed to not be internet linked, and numerous poll worker testimony of such things as all or almost all of military ballots for Biden, stacks of perfect mail in ballots with no creases and all for Biden only, testimony of the mathematical impossibilities of the names and numbers of voters, etc., etc., etc.

    There is way too much evidence for me to try and read it all, but thanks so much for a great list. I just wanted to mention that there is far more than you have listed, such as more votes than voters being counted and so on. I’m still trusting God to reveal it all! 🙂

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