What Boomers Have Which Millennials “Just Won’t Use”

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I just read an article from about skills Boomers have that Millennials “just won’t use.” But what started off as an amusing read quickly shifted into a rather alarming narrative.

Indeed the world is very different now from sixty-plus years ago. Certainly, there are some skills or activities common to Boomers and even Gen Xer’s that are no longer popular and unnecessary.  

For example:

  1. Shorthand.
  2. Fine China-the staple of almost every wedding shower for Boomers.
  3. Playing the lottery.
  4. Walking in stilettos.

It shows how the world and priorities have shifted over the last couple of generations.

But some things that made the list weren’t as funny.

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According to the article, Millennials (and assuming the generations after them) no longer need to know how to:

5. Type. (Anyone who hires office staff understands that actual typing skill beats using two thumbs to text any day of the week.)

6. Iron. (Agreed this skill is not essential, but let’s be honest sometimes things DO need ironing. Why throw the baby out with the bath water?)

7. Write in cursive. (Are we reverting to signing contracts with an “X”? or only online? Sounds safe right?)

8. Drive a stick shift. (Even if only for a matter of safety, everyone should know how in case of an emergency. It’s not hard people.)

9. Know how to read a map. (Same as #8. What if you can’t google your destination or you can’t access the internet? You’re stuck if you can’t find a map, read it or follow directions.)

While the above could certainly be debated, the true intent of the article became clear.

It worked to almost shame any who learned the following important life skills deeming them as irrelevant.

10. Know how to stay married. (This is considered a “skill set” that is no longer needed? Essentially the article tried to make the point that marriage is no longer needed. Sorry, but that’s not a “Boomer” thing. It is a God thing. There’s a reason for marriage and covenant. Removing this is more of their breakdown of the family agenda.)

11. Balance a checkbook.  (Speechless again. Absolutely no words.)

12. Have big (family) Thanksgiving meals. (Because we can’t have family getting together now can we?)

13. Own your own home.

14. Own your own car.

15. Eat red meat (or meat at all).

16. Use cash.

17. Deal with banks in person.

What started as a rather amusing article about the differences between generations, became the real-life indoctrination of dumbing down the younger generations to make them believe these skills and items are no longer important or necessary.

The implication is they are better than that.

It is in an effort to tweak their pride to abandon societal dreams for the attempted “Great Reset.”

And as long as the younger generations are willing to buy what they are selling, out of ignorance they throw away the American dream which many from less fortunate countries have fought to come to this country to possess. Sadly now Millennials refuse it and “just won’t use it.”

Pray they have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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