What is Missing in the Present Call for Unity?

Right now we are hearing people insist on “unity, unity!” But what does that really mean? Because it can’t happen without true compassion which brings authority. This is something missing in the present call for unity.

The prophet Bob Jones once said, “Unity + compassion = authority.” We cannot walk in our authority if we don’t operate in both unity and compassion. However, we live in a day where compassion has been misunderstood.

What is missing in the present call for unity?

True compassion is love that brings transformation. Compassion that is is just acceptance leaves people enslaved.

It is unsanctified grace.

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Here’s the difference. Love for people vs. what they are involved in. True compassion loves people but doesn’t want to see them continue in their pain.

We accept people but not the sin, otherwise we have actually aligned ourselves with it, entered into unity with it and empowered it.

Good people have misunderstood this principle and in their deep compassion they have embraced and accepted not only the people, organizations and movements that sound righteous but in which the actions say otherwise. Many have even adjusted their theology, so that it is now “inclusive” and politically correct. They call it love and grace.

It is dangerous and unsanctified grace.

That kind of compassion doesn’t empower change, instead it empowers enslavement.

Each time Jesus was moved with compassion, people were healed, changed, and transformed. Why? Because they came out of their past and they were changed.

He didn’t just accept them. He had compassion on them. He spoke truth to them, which transformed them.

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When we walk in that kind of compassion and unity, as we lay down our differences to unite for this common goal, we will see authority for it will be transformation. That is the true unity we need now. The God kind of unity and compassion that brings transformation and revival.

Truth brings transformation. Deception brings rage. Look around you at the rage! Let us take our compassion and combine that with unity for transformation. That is where we will walk in new authority.Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity

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SUMMARY: As the world reels from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a more devastating virus has infected the global population. It is a spiritual virus, and it has triggered the rage, offense, and murderous attacks that have exploded in our nation and around the world. If left unchecked, this virus leads to insanity, affecting the mind and body. We see the results all around us—and people have no idea it is ruling their lives.

Is there a vaccine? There is. But first we must recognize that the virus exists and that it is being passed from person to person at unprecedented rates.

Are you infected? This can be determined by taking a simple test. There is also a simple cure. The question is: are we willing to take it and stop this spiritual pandemic before it takes over?

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  1. “Then Daniel praised the God of heaven and said:
    “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
    wisdom and power are his.
    He changes times and seasons;
    he deposes kings and raises up others.
    He gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to the discerning.
    He reveals deep and hidden things;
    he knows what lies in darkness,
    and light dwells with him.
    I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors:
    You have given me wisdom and power,
    you have made known to me what we asked of you,
    you have made known to us the dream of the king.”

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