What’s in store for 2024?

2024 sculpted in chocolate. The "o" is the earth with a fork in it.

There have been numerous prophetic words spoken over 2024—and some seemingly contradictory.

But are they?


Chris Reed – 2024 will be a year of war. 

Jerry Savelle – Stay in faith & focus on the Word for a year of progression, advancement and where your highest expectations will be fulfilled. Distractions are how Satan robs us of God’s best. 

Kent Christmas – a year of 11th hour workers–a generation held in reserve. They are “no names” who have sat on the sidelines hidden until now–for this point in time. God is going to do things through them never done before and they will walk in all the things I have for them. 

Dr. Ken Stewart – I have never given a word like this before, but in the next 18 months we will see a flood of people coming into the Kingdom as never before. (Prodigals are returning!)

Shawn Bolz – Ground yourself in faith. There will be a lot of problems in 2024. It will be a year of “famine” in many areas with instability in the economy, politically, and natural disasters as the earth groans under the weight of sin and food shortages.

But just as Agabus in the New Testament saw ahead and gave a warning of coming famine, the people prepared so that they actually thrived during it and had food to share. We must live above the culture not be oppressed by it. 

Pastor Tony Brewer – A new ear for this new year. He stresses the importance of embracing fresh perspectives and divine communication. A season of divine testing and qualification for believers. The year of the “open door” in which God is calling us to drop what we’re doing and “get with the new program.”

 What Does It All Mean?

I hope you can see a recurring theme.

I don’t believe these words contradict each other, but complement each other as they reinforce to us the importance of staying in faith, preparing naturally and spiritually for tough times, and the importance of living above the culture of what we see, to live what God says. 

God is looking for those who will move with Him into what He is doing. These will become the new voices, “unknowns” but who have been reserved for this season.

God has been activating people, those who have prepared their hearts in silence and often obscurity, who are so focused on Him that the waves and turbulence won’t sway them.

Because there will be waves and turbulence.

Only those grounded in the Word and faith will be able to stay in the peace that passes all understanding. His Word must become the foundation for our feet, so as everything around us is shaken, we are not.


As we enter 2024, we must break off the destructive patterns of the past. The hope for something different in 2024 has one crucial unchanging caveat. Us.

Often times we become the hindrance to significant change, because we bring our baggage with us into the fresh and new. It’s easy for us to fall back into generational issues, past patterns/wounded thinking or compromise.

I hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit say:

it is imperative that we purify our lives and hearts to walk free of those incumbrances.

We must break off the patterns of the past.

This year, God desires to use YOU in the areas He has planted in your heart. The dreams He has placed there are for this season.

Not to end another year discouraged, but to thrive in this coming year free from the past wounds and discouragement as you refocus with eyes enlightened to the hope of your calling.

Break the patterns of the past!

Take a few moments to break off the destructive patterns of the past. To uproot curses you have spoken over yourself or others have spoken over you.

To declare that you will walk in the inheritance He has for you—to give you a future and a hope. To plant your feet firmly on the Word of God so that no matter what turbulence this year holds—it will not hold you.

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I believe it all means that 2024 is going to be an interesting year. For those whose feet are planted on the Rock–it will be one thing.

For those who are fearful it will be another.

For those full of pride another thing entirely. It is going to be a year of turbulence–but for those whose eyes are on Him, we are going to see with eyes of faith—to live above the storm.

Make the determination and declaration that for yourself and your household—despite circumstances around you, it will be one of peace and prosperity (health, safety, successful journey, no lack) with nothing missing, nothing broken.

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