Why We Must Attend School Board and City Council Meetings

Have you ever attended a school board meeting or a City Councilors meeting?

Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t.

Because I home-schooled my kids through most of their education, public schools weren’t really on my radar. But evidently, they weren’t on most of our radars—which is why we now recognize our education system has been hijacked.

We must begin to faithfully attend these meetings. 

If you have never attended a school board meeting, I encourage you to do so—whether you have kids involved in the public school system or not.

It is vital that we know who the people in these positions are and hold them accountable for what they are implementing.

Last month I learned that our state education board was trying to push through an agenda for Critical Race Theory even though in a recent meeting they had voted NOT to institute it in our school system.

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We learned there was a plan to secretly change that as they met to approve the minutes from the earlier meeting and shift from not supporting to promoting CRT. All it would take was introducing a change and vote it in as the minutes were approved. It would allow it to be done under the radar.

It seemed a great strategy to slide it in unseen.

But as word got out of their possible intent, many of us made the trip to attend the board meeting. I’m sure it was a shock to the liberal dominated board as they entered the room to find forty citizens in attendance in what was typically a meeting attended by board members only.

The meeting started and ended within ten minutes because the board could do nothing to make the change without it becoming public. All they could do was approve the two issues on the agenda.

Any plan to implement or change anything else had to be scrapped.

As the meeting adjourned the chairman looked at us and smirked, “Well that’s the shortest meeting we have ever had. Dismissed!” As if to say, “You completely wasted your time coming today.”

From all appearances, it looked as if we had wasted our time that day, until you realized that we had completely foiled any attempt to make changes so they could begin implementation of Critical Race Theory. Mind you, they are still working to implement the racist curriculum, even as they try to appear as though they aren’t.

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But our presence blocked their free reign.

It is crucial that we understand what is happening in these meetings and attend so that we can actually hear what is taking place, which is often different than what they say is taking place.

Another meeting I attended recently was a city councilor meeting. Again, what we discovered were shenanigans along with smoke and mirrors.

The meeting was to be a vote to restore the mask mandate in the city. But when a significant number of citizens showed up to protest, at the last minute the councilors scrapped the vote and announced they were going to simply abide by CDC recommendations.

Our presence changed the outcome.

An hour before the publicly attended meeting, the councilors met in a “pre-meeting” and discussed removing the public’s ability to speak at future council meetings. It was to go into effect the next day.

It was the perfect place to sneak in vote for this new rule.

It would have worked too, except for one woman in attendance who arrived early for the public meeting. The councilors were about to vote on the issue when one member noticed they were not alone. That’s when he made a motion to “table the discussion because there is someone in the room.”

Obviously, the councilors felt that a vote to censor citizens was something best done in secret.  

According to the attentive citizen, “Our voices were a bother to their agenda. They do not want us at the city council meetings. We stopped them from shutting down our voices this time, but my concern is they may conveniently use the COVID excuse to shut their doors to the public and silence us by keeping us out.”

Public attendance stopped the City Councilors and School Board members from their devious attempts this time. But what about next time? It is essential that we attend these meetings every time.

Consider creating a team of people so perhaps three+ can go to one meeting. Another three+ go to the next meeting and another three+ attend the third meeting.

In that way it is not too taxing on any one person or group. We need to have people who will listen, understand clearly what is happening and be able to communicate what is said, so we can put a stop to any corrupt or hidden agenda to harm our kids or the citizens.

May this be a wake-up call—as it was for me—that we can no longer let these meetings go unattended or these officials go unchallenged as they attempt to sneak things through.

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  1. Thank you for caring . I am a grandmother who helps my Son with my three Grandsons who attend Public School. I am older but so much want to do what I can since both parent have jobs that keep them from being involved. I want to do what I can to make sure the School board members with their Radical ideas can’t run and rule without the Consent of our Parents.

    1. Ivy, thank you for your response and your willingness to stand in the gap for your grandsons and children in your area by keeping our school board members and city councilors accountable to the people and public they are supposed to serve. May it return to that!

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