You’re Not Crazy! You’re a Warrior

Has Satan whispered in your ear, “You’re crazy?”

Sometimes it even feels like it. And the only way to break free from his oppression is to break it off. This is something no one can do for us, but up to us to overcome in this battle. What do I mean by that?

A few years ago, as I walked through a particularly dark season, I experienced spiritual attack after spiritual attack. It was a daily onslaught.

One day, I received three phone calls before 9:00 a.m. attacking me. I felt bloodied and beaten. It made me want to climb in my car and drive far away. Been there?

That’s Satan’s goal. Attack and isolate.

Leviathan was in full operation as communication with others skewed. What I said, was not what they heard. As I reached out to defuse increasingly angry relationships, people repeated back what they said they heard which wasn’t even close to what I had said or meant. In fact, it was often the opposite.

I felt like I was going crazy.

During that same season, my phone and computer both began to glitch and had to be repaired. When I checked on their progress, nothing had been done AND there was no record of the previous call. Each time a new tech would apologize and emphatically declare they would get it repaired.

And then nothing…

About every ten days this scenario repeated for two solid months in two different companies with my phone and computer.

It was bizarre.

Satan often whispered in my ears, “You’re going crazy.” Indeed, it felt like it.

I grew leery of answering the phone, or meeting anyone, unsure of what would happen next. I found myself physically shaking during the day.

Where was God?

The few people I tried to confide in had a hard time believing what I told them.

I understood. I had a hard time believing it myself. But it was real and I didn’t know how to make it stop.

I shut myself alone with God for hours at a time looking for relief and answers. Often times that meant the middle of the night.

I hope you never encounter a situation such as I have just described, but sadly, I know there are others reading this who are nodding their heads. You’re not crazy.

When situations continue to repeat attacking our favor. When our reputation, payment for our work or our inheritance is stolen, we need to recognize there is a spiritual element involved. It will continue until we remove the root.

As the whirlwind of anger and miscommunication continued to swirl around me, I had to go into the secret place of His Presence for answers.

At first it was simply with tears. I had to get past the fear beginning to consume me. I felt helpless and paralyzed.

I had to remind myself that God’s Word was greater. I had to move the attack, to where it no longer had authority in my thoughts or my words.

It may have been fact, but God’s Word was truth!

When Satan came back to whisper that I was going crazy, I yelled back at him, “I have the mind of Christ!” (I Cor 2:16).

When I took undeserved verbal lashings, I went back to the Word, “He contends with those who contend with me and fights against those who fight against me” (Ps 35:1).  

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I lived in the Word looking for answers. It became my shield and my weapon. As I spoke it from my mouth, it became the two-edged sword He created it to be.  

The battle raged for over two years. But slowly things began to resolve as I recognized and broke off the spiritual attack of repeated scenarios and generational curses.

For too long they had been allowed to exist and control my family line. Satan had pushed me so far that I became relentless to see every last visage of the attack uprooted and banished.

Satan will always overstep. Recognize it for what it is.

I prayed and asked God about issues I had seen on my dad, my mom, my grandparents along with stories passed down which I now recognized were strongholds and generational curses. They were going to stop here and now. They would NOT be passed onto my children. I drew a blood line to erase what had been done and which was now playing out relentlessly against me.

Breakthrough wasn’t immediate. In fact, as I pushed back, initially it got worse.

I felt alone, but remembered Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He invited his disciples to pray with Him, but they didn’t. It seemed He was alone—but He was not.

And neither are you.

In the situation with my computer and my phone, my repair orders finally stopped disappearing and both of them got repaired the same week after TWO MONTHS of constant attempts.

It was a level of breakthrough.

Another breakthrough came when a stranger greeted me with kind words. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but after months of anger, accusations and criticism, it was like a refreshing drink of water to my parched soul.

It was another level of breakthrough.

When we begin to see breakthrough, that’s when we don’t stop. The entire root must be removed, not just part of it.

That’s when we press deeper into the Word and prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal every single area that needs to be uprooted.

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As I began to heal and receive insight from the Holy Spirit, I began to receive calls—multiple calls—from people in similar situations.

“You don’t know me, but God told me that if I called you, you could help me.”

They would describe their situation and it was just as bizarre as what I had walked through. So, I shared the knowledge I had learned up to that point, even as I was still very much in the learning process.

Make no mistake, Satan is trying to isolate us and remove us.

Sadly, we are often broadsided with these attacks particularly because of the people behind them.

Let’s not be those tools he uses to hurt others. Let’s instead, be part of the answer. Let’s dig down in His Word as our shield and sword and break the yoke of oppression and weariness off and walk out of this season as His warriors ready for battle.

Crazy? No you aren’t. You’re a warrior—and it’s time to get back in the battle. If you need prayer, let us know by clicking here.

God's Justice after Injustice

If you have experienced this kind of ongoing attack, know that not only does God see and know, but He will use it to transition you and promote you to a place of blessing.

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  1. Thank you Karen! I thank you for your articles and right on words. I have experienced this and am sending it my husband as well. He has felt the same. We will be breaking off these strongholds as we get direction from the Holy Spirit and pulling up roots. God bless you!! Thank you for staying in the fight!!

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