2020 & 2021 – It’s Time to Come Out of the Cave

The years 2020 and 2021 were marked with confusion and fear

intent on keeping us isolated in our homes. Not so unlike biblical days where in times of fear and confusion, many hid in a cave. Historically, that was a place where prophets hid. It is a place where depression tries to rule.

In biblical days, as David fled for his life from Saul, he ran to the Cave of Adullam. I can imagine he wanted to hide and be alone in his misery as he pondered his faithful service to the king who now sought to kill him.

But David wasn’t alone long. Even though Saul couldn’t seem to locate him, everyone else could. (This should be a reminder to us that God is well able to protect us and hide us from those that seek to destroy us. This is not a time to fear.)

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While in the cave, David was joined by his parents and 400 men who were described as “in debt, in distress and discontented” (I Sam 22:2). It would have been easy for this motley crew to continue in their downward spiral—or not.

David made a choice to do what he had learned from his youth.

He encouraged himself in the Lord. And then, he encouraged the men who had joined him.

It was probably the last thing he felt like doing. Yet in helping them, he was helping himself as he built an army that would be instrumental in his own vindication and restoration.

I’ve heard many say that 2020 and 2021 were years in which they fought depression and frustration. Years in looking back, they felt they didn’t accomplish much. Perhaps not so different than the place David found himself—in a cave.

If we look deeper into that season of David’s life when he ran to the Cave of Adullum, we find it prophesied of what was actually taking place.

Adullum means “justice for the people.”

Isn’t that so like God to declare the end from the beginning? David sought God’s justice for the injustice of Saul’s attack. Just as we are also seeking God’s justice from this attack against Christians and our nation.

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In that dark season, just as David had to encourage himself in the Lord, so must we.

As he fought depression, God didn’t allow him to languish in his misery long. Instead, He brought David an assignment of an army of men who needed ministry.

God saw in those men, who the world had rejected, for who He had called them to be, not for who they were in that moment. I’m sure David was frustrated thinking HE needed ministry and yet God was calling on him to provide the ministry.

He had an assignment to not only encourage himself but to also encourage and train up 400 men.

He had a choice to make. As do we.

What can we learn from their time hidden away in the cave where David sought the justice of the Lord? How does it apply to us?  

The cave which could have increased their depression, had been used as a place of training and refining. In that cave, they had been transformed.

And when they emerged they were no longer known as men “in debt, distress and discontent.” They were now mighty men.

Their time in the cave was essential preparation for what lay ahead. As has been ours.

Eventually, the prophet Gad (who could also find David when Saul couldn’t) came to the cave and told David it was time to leave. That is our takeaway. Because even the cave can become comfortable where we don’t want to leave because it can become familiar.

It’s time to come out of the cave.

We may go there for a season to heal, to restore, to train, but there comes a time when we can no longer remain hidden. While the refining process will continue, there is a time we must come out!

Several years ago I had a vision in which I saw a map of the world. On the map were small dots of fire that were scattered in every region. Then I saw as these small flames came together and grew until the entire map was ablaze.

“What am I seeing Lord?” I asked.

“These are my prophets who have been hidden in the caves. Some banished there, removed from their seat of authority. Others hid voluntarily to escape the attack against them.

I am now calling them out of the cave. Men and women who the world may not know their names, but I do.

They carry my fire. And when they come out and proclaim my Word they will set the world on fire.”

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David and his men emerged from the cave changed forever. They walked in a new authority to bring deliverance. David’s ordeal with Saul was far from over, but his ability to walk through the ongoing betrayal and attacks was different. He was different.

It’s time to come out of the cave.

It’s time to take the hand of someone else who has been caught in the depression and fear and bring them out with us. It’s time to let our flame shine and come together as the fire of His glory for transformation.

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