What and Where is the Hidden Wealth of Secret Places?

Hidden Wealth in Secret PlacesWhat and where is the hidden wealth of secret places? And why would God have “treasures of darkness?”

Ahhh, one of the many mysteries of God. It’s all about mining.

What image does the word treasure or wealth create in you?

For most of us it would probably involve money. But there’s so much more to the “treasures of darkness” and hidden wealth described in this verse in Isaiah 45:2-3.

God has always been about providing for His people. It’s His nature. If He is a Father, and we are His children, it says He gives good gifts to His children. One of the ways He does that is by making available treasures in darkness and hidden wealth in secret places.

But there’s only one way to get to it. We have to mine for it.

Have you ever watched an Easter Egg Hunt for small children ages 2-3? Often the eggs are laid on the ground in plain view. There is no hiding involved as the young ones race across the yard to scoop up colorful plastic treasures to put in their baskets.

When we are young in the Lord, the treasures we discover are often laid out in plain sight as we read the Bible or listen to a message. Those are the “easy eggs” so to speak and we squeal in delight at each knew revelation. But the treasure of darkness is not so easy to find because it’s not lying on the surface. It’s hidden.

My husband and I were in need of some “hidden wealth in secret places” this past weekend. But the answers we needed weren’t lying out in obvious places.

As we grow up spiritually, we pick up all those easy to find “eggs” of truth and have already put them in our basket of knowledge. But there are more “eggs” to be found if we are willing to search. The question is how bad do we want it?

This past weekend as my husband and I faced decisions regarding a business deal that had become a challenge, we needed “wealth” we didn’t yet have (both naturally and spiritually). We had been in negotiations for almost four months when it hit an impasse. Decisions needed to be made and yet the path was anything but clear. And yet we both sensed that God wasn’t done with the situation.

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So what do you do when you can’t go forward, but you also can’t stop either?

We thought we had heard God’s voice (ever been there?) but as the discussions ground to a halt, we had to make a decision that would either end it all or require we get out of the boat in a modern day version of walking toward Jesus on the water.

I thought of Peter and how that had worked for him. I don’t mind getting out of the boat. It’s the walking on water part–especially in a storm–that’s a little scary.

We reached out to close friends to let them know we needed prayer and wisdom. God says when we ask for it, He will give it. But that wisdom isn’t going to be sitting on top of the lawn in a colorful Easter egg just waiting to be scooped up. Nope. Instead we had to put our mining hats on and begin to dig.

The result was hidden wealth in secret places as we began to mine for treasure–insight and revelation–into how we were to proceed and if we were to proceed.

Why does God “hide” treasures? Doesn’t He want to bless us? The answer is a resounding yes!

I often hear the comment, “If it’s God there will be an open door and if it’s not the door will be closed.” Let me say that’s not necessarily true. It’s a litmus test based on a natural equation rather than supernatural expression.

I’ve seen some doors that were shut, that God said it was time to kick them open. (Think Joshua and the wall of Jericho.) What if he had looked at that “closed door” and decided to walk away? We have to get past the place of looking at the natural and look for the hidden treasure of the eternal.

There is another component as well which is that as we mature spiritually we need to recognize that God isn’t just about the end result. It’s  about the journey.

God is always in the journey—It is were we experience growth to hold and handle the hidden treasure.

It’s also where we develop relationship. It takes time and effort.

Mining for hidden treasure requires that we sit with the Lord with our Bible or in prayer or worship. It requires time in the Presence of the One who knows all and sees all who can impart to us those things we have not yet seen or understood.

It’s in this process that we grow and understand. It is how we are able to carry the new revelation and what to do with it once possessed. It’s hidden wealth because of the joy and growth in discovery. The muscles created in the process of the dig are not so unlike a baby chick as it pecks its way out of its shell. Without that muscle building process, the chick would not be strong enough to survive what he will face in the future.

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There are things God has hidden and waiting for each of us. He’s just waiting for us to begin to dig. It’s when we decide to finally begin to mine that I believe He is cheering us on, knowing the treasure that awaits in the process. As the relationship deepens, so does the hidden wealth that is available.

For my husband and I, we needed insight and finances beyond our present situation. If we could have found any of it just sitting on our lawn, I’m sure we would have scooped it up gladly. But it wasn’t to be found there. Instead, it required time and effort. How often do we say we don’t have the time to pray, study or worship and yet it is the very thing place that holds the treasure.

If God has love languages, my guess is “quality time” would be at the top of His list!

As I sat with God on Saturday, I was amazed at the hidden treasure that kept emerging. Do we have all the answers yet? No. But we received what we needed for that moment to take us through to the next decision.

Is it easy? Well, not really because we are mining, searching and seeking in places of darkness where we can’t see clearly.

But the treasure that is waiting is so worth the dig as insight into the situation unfolds and hidden wealth is given.

You have hidden wealth in secret places waiting for you. I promise. Just waiting and available.

Grab your miner’s hat, turn on the lamp and begin to dig.

You’ll be amazed at what you find.



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