The Attempt to Topple America – divide the Church and Americans

The Attempt to Topple AmericaSince January 20 we have seen an acceleration of events unfold around us with a disturbing agenda not to just transform America, but to topple it. Over the past few years there has been an acceleration toward confrontation which has created a civil war not physically but verbally and governmentally. It is an attempt to topple America.

Rules regarding the pandemic along with masks and social distancing change as fast as they are announced with threats of fines and jail if not followed.

Liberal dominance in the halls of our government has given voice to a disturbing lack of concern for the eighty million Americans who are not in lock step with their agenda of division. Bills such as the (In)Equality Act, are currently in legislation which would remove the freedoms of millions of Americans and make it illegal for us to protect our children or speak up about these injustices.

The number of conservative leaders who have had their voices silenced via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube continues to grow. Among them President Donald Trump, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Attorney Sidney Powell, Lt Gen Michael Flynn, Project Veritas. What do they all have in common? They had large platforms that were able to expose the lies of the Left.

Additionally, because of the Left’s censorship, as other social media sources have arisen to allow freedom of speech for all Americans, they have become outraged and have worked to discredit them and block them as well. is one such example. Parler is another.

The enraged Left, as usual, started their misinformation campaign to discredit anyone or any source that dares post truth that exposes their lies. In that campaign, MSN said about GAB:

  • Gab is a social media platform that has become a hot spot for far-right figures like InfoWars founder Alex Jones as well as white supremacist and anti-Semitic rhetoric since it launched in 2016.
  • That’s because it doesn’t moderate content as Twitter does — Gab markets itself as a vehicle for free speech and doesn’t crack down on posts that would be considered hateful or containing false information.

Let’s restate their comments correctly.

GAB doesn’t CENSOR content as Twitter does. It not only markets itself as a vehicle for free speech. IT IS a vehicle for free speech—which is what America was founded upon. True, it doesn’t “crack down” on posts that the LEFT considers “hateful” or “false.” Gab believes in freedom of speech–unlike Twitter.

The liberals always call what is true, false and target what and whom they disagree. Gab allows free speech and conversations where diverse thoughts and ideas can continue. The Left only allows the narrative they approve.

True patriots recognize the truth of what is taking place and for that reason most of us have left THEM.

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In light of the continued hiding of truth and censorship, many have struggled to understand and keep up with the massive amounts of information and disinformation bombarding us. If you are like me, it has also brought about an enormous sense of anger over the injustice of this censorship, election theft and their intentional actions to create crisis. 

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As true Americans who want to see their attempt to topple America fail, we must stand up for truth, freedom of speech and liberty.

The desire to stand up for those who have been abused, maligned and discriminated against runs deep within our moral fabric. Jesus was all about justice and fighting injustice.

But unfortunately in our zeal to correct a wrong, we can get it wrong.

That is actually the intention of those who desire to topple America and bankrupt us. Then we would no longer be able to help the less fortunate. This is why the Left continues their push for trillion dollar “relief” bills which only pad their pockets and that of foreign governments, continuing to dig the hole deeper for America making us a debtor nation.

In our anger over their actions, we must be careful, that in trying to correct the wrong, WE don’t get it wrong. How? It’s about the attitude of the heart.

We need look no further than Moses. Called to be a deliverer, he initially was a destroyer when a fellow Hebrew endured abuse by an Egyptian. When Moses saw it, he became enraged at the injustice and stepped in. He looked around (which means he knew full well what he was about to do) and killed the Egyptian.

Moses’ destiny was to be a deliverer, yet in that moment, when he acted from his intense desire to right the injustice, he became a destroyer.

Moses was triggered. He reacted to the crime and in his heart it became an offense. He then reacted in the flesh.

Right heart. WrongInfected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity response.

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Offense always brings with it deception which blinds us to the truth. The problem is once an offense has taken hold, we are unable to see clearly, no matter what we think. That is the nature of deception.

It blinds us. So that even when our heart is right, it creates a wrong response.

Our enemies could not topple America from without. So they worked to topple it from within.

Sadly, there were plenty of our governmental leaders who have worked from within to assist them in accomplishing that feat.

“An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within? That’s dead… forever.”

This quote from the movie “Civil War” is chillingly accurate. Satan utilizes an effective strategy to sow discord within the Church and also within our nation and play on our deep desire for justice. It erupts as righteous indignation. It seems right. It seems righteous. But is it?

Is it the right heart, but the wrong response?

Believer’s have lined up against each other in a stand-off battle to fight for what each side truly believes is the right course for justice. It is an age-old strategy to diminish our effective strength. When we take offense, it blinds us to the real issue.

As the Church, we need to realize this isn’t about who is more moral or ethical or right. The issue is for the destiny of this nation.

None of us walks in complete truth and understanding and that only by the Spirit, and as we choose to walk in humility, can we even begin to understand how to walk together.  But especially in these last days, walk together we must. It is only as we walk together, united, that we will possess the strength to stand against our common Foe and win this battle being waged.

It is the battle which seeks to silence our voice, His Voice.

It is a battle for Truth.

When we take up offense to an injustice and become enraged by it, like Moses we can turn from deliverer to destroyer and not even recognize that we have shifted sides in our fight for justice. That is the essence of the Pharisee. They couldn’t see it either—and they crucified the true Deliverer.

We must not take our eyes off the true battle. We must remember that this battle is NOT with the person standing next to us. It is not about a politician.

Let’s not forget who the real enemy is here.

At one time both as the Church and as Americans, we were on the same side. What has happened to divide us from this truth?

If this is truly our heart then we must all recognize that ALL of us can be deceived when we allow offense a foothold.

Can we humble ourselves and pray? “Lord, please reveal your truth to us. If there is any offense in me, or any deception that has blinded me from truth, please reveal it to me now and peel back any strategy that has taken me off your course.”

In so doing, may we reconcile and return to our call, together, so that it will negate the strategy to divide us so that we are not toppled from within, but link arms for Him.

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  1. Father, we pray that none of us will come under a spirit of offense, because we have responded wrongly. I ask God for you to forgive me/all of us for any disdain we have against people groups. I lift up this nation and ask you God for mercy. We pray that you would deliver this nation from harm. Thank you for Jesus who did not take offense.

  2. Dear Karen,
    I so appreciate your article. Thank you for your clarity in expressing what I believe is the truth about where we find ourselves in America today. We are in a battle for Truth, capital or lower case. Honestly don’t remember how I first came across you, but I am grateful that I did. Thank you for your efforts and God bless you always.

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