Be Brave or America Won’t be Free

Be brave or America won't be freeFreedom. We hear a lot about that from the Left who say they supposedly fight for freedom. But for who? All I see is a group working hard to take our Constitutional freedoms and give them to people who are not citizens or to those who want to change our Constitution and steal the freedoms of the majority…especially Christians.

And they will continue unless we decide to say, “Enough!”

We must be brave or America won’t be free.

This past week I went into a grocery story I commonly frequent. It is the only store where I still shop that requires a mask. However, more often than not, I go in without one.

Before anyone gets enraged over that statement, let me say I am in a state in which the mask mandate has been lifted. Also, all but two of the branches of the store where I have shopped, are in cities which also have no mask mandate. So, the obvious conclusion is that they are no longer required, right?


I walked in last week to buy one item. A quick in and out. I walked in sans a mask and headed over to the item. Almost immediately a clerk walked up to me with a box of masks in her hand.

CLERK: “Do you have a mask?”

ME: “Yes, I do! Thank you,” I said as I made my way over to the register.

As I waited at the register, still without a mask, I discovered that the clerk with the box was the person in charge of that register. She acted as if she was going to check me out, but rather than ringing up the item, she just stood there and looked at me.

(Weird silence ensued. I smiled at her. She didn’t smile back—at least I don’t think so as she was masked.)

ME: “I’m ready to check out please.”

CLERK: “You don’t have a mask on. We insist our customers wear masks,” she continued.

ME: “My aunt went into a store earlier this year dutifully wearing her mask. She passed out due to the lack of oxygen and fractured her pelvis,” I shared. “I don’t think you want customers passing out,” I finished.

She continued to just stare at me…

CLERK: “I need to call a manager.”

(Manager appears and looks as if she has been eating a bowl of lemons.)

MANAGER: “You have to have a mask on for us to check you out.”

ME: “You do know that our state is no longer under a mask mandate, right?” I asked politely.

MANAGER: (not so politely and raising her voice) “THIS is a private business! We can do what we want and we insist that all of our customers wear masks or leave.”

My mind immediately went to the Oregon baker and others who own private businesses around are nation who have NOT been allowed the freedom to follow their own principles, faith or business practices. They have been sued or put out of business for stating they are a private business and should be allowed to following their own business policies.

But that freedom, evidently only applies if you are a liberal business owner we are finding out.

But I didn’t say any of that as I stood before the angered manager.

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ME: “Can you repeat what you just said so I can get it on video and others will be completely clear about your policy?” I asked as I pulled my phone out.

MANAGER: “NO YOU CAN’T!” she hissed. “Put that away!”

So, she had the freedom to insist I wear a mask, but I didn’t have the freedom to record her saying it.

Hmmmm. So, I simply I pulled out my mask as requested. I held it over my nose and mouth.

ME: “Will you check me out, please?” I asked.

MANAGER: (her anger increasing by the second) “It’s not completely over your nose and you DON’T have it behind your ears!!!

I wanted to laugh, but I knew that wasn’t going to help the situation. Evidently in this woman’s mind, the all-important mandatory masks can’t stop COVID unless they are latched behind the ears.

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ME: (I re-positioned the mask completely over my nose and mouth before responding) “I’m ready to be checked out please,” I said for the second or third time. Sheesh, what was it going to take to give this company my money so I could leave?

The manager was seething by this point but, seriously what was her issue now? My mouth and nose were covered. I had followed their rules and was masked. Weren’t we all now “protected?”

MANAGER: “You are causing a scene! You need to leave NOW!”

Okay, well I wasn’t the one causing the scene, but I didn’t say that to her either. I mean her rage was getting to stroke level.

ME: “As soon as you check me out, I will be happy to go,” I told her.

Obviously, she didn’t know what to do as I held my ground with the mask still held over my mouth and nose. I had complied…but her rage was too much for her.

MANAGER: “Just take the product and go! It’s free. JUST LEAVE!” she insisted like I had the plague and was contaminating the store.

ME: “Thank you so much,” I said as I picked up the item and walked out.

As I reached my car, I looked back toward the store. I would not have been surprised if she had sent the police or security to come after me.

Why? Because that is the new Amerika that many have come to embrace. THEY have freedom, but WE don’t. The media and the Left reconfirm that daily.

My question to you is, “Is this really the America in which you want to live?” How about our kids or grandkids? Not me. But it’s going to take more than just a few people standing up to the insanity to see this change. It’s going to take courage and a willingness to say, “We’re not doing this anymore.” Is there really freedom in America or not? If we don’t do something, there absolutely won’t be.

Action Steps:

  1. Stay polite.
  2. Stand resolute.
  3. Know the law and your rights.
  4. Be willing to stand firm for YOUR rights which are just as important as theirs. Don’t let their anger, cause you to be angered. Stay calm.
  5. Be willing to walk out without your items. Private businesses DO have a right to ask that. BUT if a liberal-owned store has that right, so does a store owned by a conservative.Read Chapter 1 - Infected by Karen Hardin

Isn’t it time we stand up for our freedom and once again become the land of the free and home of the brave?

Are you or someone you know infected not from COVID but the true spiritual pandemic ravaging our nation and the word. It ends in insanity…and many are there. The test in the back of the book will help you know and show you how to be free. Read chapter 1 by clicking here.

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