Change is Coming!

WARNING: This is a rant—but with purpose.

Change is coming!

Jesus asked a question that demands an answer today:

For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves (Luke 22:27).

Jesus led by example with a phrase that has now become popular. He was a true “servant leader.” But are our leaders really following that principle or just expecting us to?

Jesus turned leadership on its head. And it needs to happen again.

As we reflect on Passover and all that Jesus taught us through that week, I reflect on what I’ve personally experienced. You see, I’ve worked in, with, and for ministries for most of my career with what could be referred to as “big name” ministries.

If I named them, which I won’t, many would be familiar with them.

I have had the privilege through the years to work with many well-recognized ministers and business people with a national platform via television/radio programs and best-selling books. Sadly, my experience, as I worked closely with many of them was very disappointing.

What they preached from the pulpit (or their television/radio programs) isn’t how they treated people.

(NOTE: For the record, many know I’m currently working with Mario Murillo and Flashpoint for the upcoming miracle service in Tulsa. I am NOT referring to them in this blog. They have been a delight to work with.)

There have been instances where I observed these “leaders” with an entourage of “assistants” who carried their Bible or computer. I would see their faithful servants standing outside the Green Room before and after an event waiting for their “leader.”

The Green Room, for those not familiar with the term, is where the speakers or celebrities get to sit in privacy prior to an event.

I’ve watched while their assistants were left outside those rooms for hours at a time with no seats, no lunch, not even a bottle of water while their “leader” went inside and had a leisurely meal and discussion before or after the event.

They never thought to tell their assistants to either come inside and rest or go somewhere in which they could.

(Obviously this statement does not apply to all ministers or celebrities!)

On two occasions I was almost put in that position. Ministers, who had agreed to an interview with me after a meeting, asked me to wait a moment while they went inside the Green Room to say good-bye to the host. I stood outside to wait.

And then I waited, and waited, and waited.

After thirty minutes (on two different occasions mind you) I finally opened the door and peeked in.

I saw the minister sitting having one of those leisurely lunches as they left me standing outside waiting on them. The minister made eye contact with me, but even then made no attempt to get up and apologize or re-schedule our meeting.

Servant leader?

But this isn’t just about ministers. The same can be said for some political leaders voted in by the people.

Although they were put there to serve, many become self-serving and use our tax-payer dollars like their private piggy banks even as they pass laws that will break our banks.

Are these servant leaders? Not so much.

Since we are in the week of Passover, I’ve been reading through the biblical account of this event.

We are now in a prophetic timeline of deliverance from slavery–from sin and unjust leaders.

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In Matthew’s account (Matthew 21:12), we see how Jesus turned leadership on its head when He turned over the table of the moneychangers in the temple area.

He was appalled at how they were price gauging the people who were required to purchase “holy” money or “holy” birds and animals for sacrifice at outrageous prices because it was mandated.

It was how I felt this week as I had to purchase food from a mandated caterer at an event who charged me a price seven times higher than if I had been able to purchase it from someone else.

Because of the event center contract, it mandated everyone had to order from the one vendor—just like the money-changers in the temple. The prices were exorbitant because nothing could be done to contest it.

Servant leaders? Hardly. It’s one thing to make a profit. It’s another thing to price-gauge. It’s time for deliverance. 

I think of the Biden administration as they continue to erode the foundation of our nation and steal our financial stability by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline forcing up gas prices as they make us energy dependent on our enemies.

Or how they have implemented ridiculous mandates and “infrastructure” bills. Rather than build up our nation, they tear it down at a hefty price as they pad their pockets with our money.

If Jesus were here, I can only imagine what He would call them. Perhaps exactly what He called the Pharisees, “hypocrites, vipers and whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones.”

Just as the Pharisees prided themselves in their “wisdom” as they placed heavy burdens on the people so do many present-day leaders who have forgotten their position is to serve not to be served.

Perhaps as you read this an authority figure pops into your mind. A business leader? A teacher? A parent? But before we judge what about us? Have we fallen into that same practice?

Do we expect others to serve us when in actuality we are called to serve? Do we consider ourselves more important than we should?

Do we walk to the other side of the road and refuse to help much like those who saw the man who was beaten (Luke 10:30-37) and left for dead in a ditch?

The leaders and upstanding citizens of the day saw him and crossed to the other side of the road. Do we do the same?

They ignored their opportunity to serve.

It was the Samaritan, one who they looked down upon, who came to the man’s rescue, took care of his wounds and paid for his recovery out of his own pocket.

What if our politician’s had to pay for the “recovery” bills they create with their own money? I’m certain the pork-barrel spending they pad into these bills would look drastically different. 

A servant leader is one who leads by example. They don’t seek credit, or applause. They are willing to do the right thing whether anyone is watching or not.

Actions are Indicators. They tell the true story despite what words may say.

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Jesus was a servant leader. He was gentle and compassionate to the people, but resolute against corruption, sin, and pride.

He led by example. May we learn from it. 

The son of God got down on His knees and washed his disciple’s feet. He turned leadership on its head. He refused to be self-serving, even as He called out those who were.

In this prophetic timeline of deliverance, may leadership once again be turned on its head, and may it start with us.

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