Were You Fired Because You Said, “No!”?

If you have lost your job or at risk of it

for refusing to give up your freedom to make decisions for your own health…

You are now in a walk of faith. But you have said, “NO!” to this precursor to the Mark. Do not doubt that you made the right decision. 

Were you fired? Or at risk of losing your job? 

Here are some important things to remember as you walk out this challenging season where your income has been either completely cut off or is threatened.

Remember, God provided for His children in the desert where there was no food or water to support them. Yet He brought it to them–daily.

Your job is not your source. He is. We forget that when we have a regular paycheck. This is simply an opportunity to see Him be your provider in a supernatural way.

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Is it uncomfortable walking in this realm? For sure.

But it forces us to learn to trust God and not man. 

It is actually an opportunity to grow spiritual faith muscles you will use in the future. It’s not a time to whine, but grow deep in understanding of who He is and what He will do.

Trust Him. He’s got this.

I don’t saw that glibly. I have walked that road…trust me it does get easier…and He WILL provide. Having been in ministry my entire married life, there have rarely been times we had a regular paycheck coming in.

We have watched Him provide time and again and rarely in ways we expect. We have learned when we launch out into the deep with Him, that is when He can work best. It isn’t always comfortable, but it is exciting and it is where we grow.

Have you been fired? It forces us to learn to trust God and not man. 

Even when I started my own business, as a small business owner, I realized things can shift in a heart beat. Contracts can get cancelled and what seemed regular provision suddenly disappears.

There have been innumerable times I worked…without knowing where the pay would come from.

As I was faithful—so was God.

A recent season in which a good part of my income was suddenly cancelled, it ended up turning into a time of tremendous provision as once again we was forced into that uncomfortable place in which we had to trust completely in God.

For several months it was a complete walk of faith—and God provided. Then suddenly an opportunity opened that had the previous position not closed, I could have never considered. It was an amazing opportunity and door that I never expected.

God's Justice after Injustice

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If we will recognize it, these difficult seasons are actually opportunities.

Don’t curse them, allow them to stretch you and grow you. You will need it in the days to come. Let’s use this time to dig down in Him and His Word.

Just as He provided for His children in the desert, in your time of desert, He will provide. If you were fired for standing for truth, you simply sided with Him and put yourself into a place of supernatural provision.

Here’s a free resource for you in this season. Scriptural prayers tools, “He Will Provide” or ” How to Overcome in Adverse Situations” available when you Click here.

I encourage you to download them and pray out the Word and let it fill your heart and shift the situation. The Word will not return void, but accomplish that which it is sent forth to do. Stand fast.

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  1. I am retired and just turned 80, but the evil and injustices I see occurring is just more than ridiculous.
    I try to go to Church every Sunday that I feel up to it and Bible Study whenever I can but I still get very disgusted with all that is happening. I cannot understand why Republicans and Independents do not rise up and shut the left down. I do not say democrats because they are not pulling the levers. If the afore mentioned(in my opinion) do not rise up our country will become a cesspool like Cuba, etc.

  2. Hi Karen, I Believe I updated. Thank You for all You do ⚘Glory to GOD.” Always in time. LOVE and GOD BLESS You. ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi United States 😙💜⚘🔥🕊

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