In a Dream the Lord said, “Pray for the Witch.”

God’s heart is not only for those who passionately serve Him. He is just as passionate about those who are lost. We know that, but sometimes forget that to be true.

You might imagine my surprise when He told me recently to, “Pray for the witch!”

In a dream this past week the Lord not only told me, He showed me I was to pray for the witch who had leveled witchcraft against me!

Mind you, I was already praying that her efforts would be bound and her words cast down, but I have to admit, I wasn’t praying for her.

As leader for the global intercessory team, city-by-city, launched by my friend Kim Potter and I, we have been praying for God to raise up at least ten people in each city who will stand and intercede to see their city and its people saved.

Since it began almost a year ago, we have been joined by thousands who are faithfully praying for their city and our nation!

As this group of committed intercessors has grown, so has the warfare. Over the last few months, Kim and I have both experienced some very bizarre attacks against us physically, financially and emotionally. And they just keep coming.

Sound familiar? What I have learned is many are under such attack!

Finally, a few weeks ago we sent out an alert so others could pray for us. At that time a prayer partner approached to say they believed the attacks were witchcraft. We agreed. It had all the signs and so we began to pray accordingly.

We prayed to bind, uproot and stop the curses. But I wasn’t praying for the individual(s) behind them…until now.

One morning as I hovered in that place between awake and asleep, I had a very vivid dream. I was in a room with two other people. One was an intercessor and the other a woman who stood in the opposite corner of the room. She was about my age and was chanting against me. I began to bind her word curses.

She looked at me in surprise. “I’m not a witch,” she insisted. “This isn’t witchcraft.”

As she continued, I started to walk across the room toward her casting down her words by the blood and name of Jesus until I stood almost directly in front of her. Next, I stretched my arms out sideways, as if to catch or block her words, and continued to bind them along with her actions and activity.

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As I did, suddenly the Lord began to show me a glimpse of the woman’s past.

I saw her as a child dressed in an overly modest, outdated and strange clothing that would have made her an outcast. In another scene I saw her at the swimming pool with her parents, again in a strange kind of home-made swimsuit tied up to her neck that would have made her an object of ridicule with other kids.

I had other peeks into her life where she had been attacked and humiliated because of the rigid rules under which she had been raised that had made her “different.”

She had endured abuse, and now fought on the side of what she believed were those being abused. Only her woundedness caused her to view things through the filter of her own past. The problem was, it wasn’t accurate.

The witch was an individual wounded in spirit. She had turned to witchcraft to gain influence and recognition. She believed she was protecting others. 

But in reality, she was simply being used. 

Standing in front of her as I continued to pray, she insisted again she was not a witch. I then understood that she honestly had no clue that she was under the control of the demonic and that her manipulation and word curses were indeed witchcraft.

As I continued to pray, she became enraged.

Prior to this insightful dream, although I had prayed regarding the attacks and the witchcraft against Kim and I, I had not thought to pray regarding those leveling it against us. From this dream, it was clear that the Holy Spirit was revealing how He saw this woman.

A wounded lamb that needed rescue and healing.

He will leave the ninety-nine to rescue the one. The dream was to remind me to pray for the witch as there are those operating in witchcraft, deceived and working against Christ and Christians, who are simply deceived. They can yet be pulled back into the light.

Prophets and intercessors have been taking a beating of late. And no wonder. We are over the target and dropping prayer bombs and information that are hitting the Enemy hard.

As a result, witchcraft and spiritual battles have increased exponentially to weary the saints.

It is intended to stop our prayers and make us focus soley on the attack against us. It tries to force us to take our hands off the wheel in other areas of prayer.   

Yes, we need to be wise and bind the spirit of witchcraft. But even more let’s not forget, we need to pray for those who have been deceived and are walking as instruments of darkness, but don’t realize it.

The woman in the dream thought she was doing good. She didn’t realize she was deceived and being used. 

There was one intercessor in the dream standing with me in prayer. They represented the many intercessors faithfully standing in prayer. There was just one witch, but she represented both men and women, who have been deceived and are using manipulation and witchcraft against the saints…even as they themselves believe they are standing for Christ. 

Please note, I do not believe all who are practicing witchcraft are as this woman. Some know very well what they are doing and are intent on evil.

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The dream was a reminder that God’s heart is for the lost. We are to pray for those who are using their words and “prayers” to manipulate and control. Those who are unwittingly caught up in deception, whose hearts can still be reached.

This calls for wisdom. Humility. Prayer. May we not find ourselves as ones who judge and do the same.

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  1. When I saw the title, I thought this was about Kamala! ( sorry but that’s what I thought). I am praying for you & Kim. There is a spirit that seems to control a family member. The person seems to be happy with it…please pray for deliverance here also.

  2. Thank you so much for tackling that taboo subject of Christians who use their prayers to manipulate and control, yet who do not realize it. Also, we need to take this a step further and examine WHERE they are BEING TAUGHT to pray this way. Oftentimes, it comes straight from the pulpit, where the pastor uses manipulation and control over the house of worship and saints. I know, I know, that’s another taboo subject; but since we’re examining effective prayer, we must also contemplate this topic and pray that clergy grow in their faith and let God lead and they follow, moment-by-moment, through his Holy Spirit. I emphasize clergy’s need to allow God to lead; too often, they get a Word from God and then try to complete it in the power of their flesh: influence, money, charisma, manipulation, similar to how Paul chided the Galatians. Maybe because they take on debt and then grow scared that they won’t be able to make ends meet through faith in God, alone, and decide to give Him a little boost to accomplish his will? God always gives an assignment that requires his power to accomplish it! That forces us to walk in faith and obedience for it to come to pass.
    Anyway, manipulation by clergy annoys me tremendously, because the congregants follow in like manner and a culture is created where people “pray” in a manner of manipulation and control. Meanwhile, they see nothing wrong with it, because that’s what is modeled for them, and they’re NOT allowed to correct clergy, so they assume that whatever clergy does, they are to follow suit, in obedience to God. What a messed lair!
    Manipulation from the pulpit is offensive to those of us who discern it and are chastised to not correct the clergy, because they’re considered superior to the rest of the congregants. However, I don’t see that in the word; rather, I’ve seen Matthew 23: 8-14, where Jesus scolds the Pharisees for acting superior to the others. Such condescension hurts ALOT of people! Plus, it chases off those who know what love is, and know that THAT’S NOT IT. Touchy topic, indeed… I believe most people have been hurt by manipulation and control from the pulpit, and that’s why alot of serious believers no longer attend church. Yes, I have prayed regarding it, for the clergy, staff, elders, etc. The problem is that behavior has become entrenched culture in the establishment of the church, that it cannot be overcome without a complete overhaul.
    Absolutely, yes! Pray for the incidental witches; but, also pray that the TRUE CHURCH be established: an ekklesia that follows God no matter what, no matter where, and does ONLY what HE says or shows to do, moment-by-moment (as Jesus said that he followed The Father in John 5:19, 12: 49-50, etc); and make Jesus truly LORD over the assembly.
    I bring this up, because it is no longer an occasional occurrence. Rather, it has become the norm in the church. As such, it MUST be corrected for the fire of God to move. The longer the established church resists this correction, the longer our liberties will erode and we’ll be enslaved by evil in the world because we refused to stand up to corruption and stop it when it was within our own walls. That’s because the devil cannot cast out the devil. Nor will he. Thank you for listening. And THANK YOU FOR PRAYING AND SHARING YOUR DREAM. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT AND IT HELPED ME ALOT!

    1. You bring up a very important point which is pastors who create this culture OR have a Jezebel in the congregation who seeks to take over and they don’t know how to correct it. It IS prevalent in the church sadly, but it is not new. That spirit has been around since the beginning of time. It’s time we as the Church learn how to deal with it! Thanks for your comment!

      1. I’m tired of “Jezebel” being blamed for lack of obedience on behalf of the clergy. It’s time the church was HONEST about where we’ve gone off course and ADMIT that the clergy has hijacked the 5-fold ministry. With one, sole person at the helm, amidst a culture that ostracizes anyone who may dare correct the lead pastor, is ripe for Pride to take over– and it’s not some Jezebel in the congregation– it’s for the lack of shared leadership of the assembly. God placed apostles and prophets and teachers alongside the pastors. (Unless, you mean that the pastor is the Jezebel in coveting Jesus’ role and the other leads within the assembly’s positions? Not willing too share oversight with the other offices of the 5-fold ministry…?) God never intended for one guy to lead the assembly– rather, for there to be a CONSENSUS among leadership (similar to the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit form a Board of Directors– they decided, together, to create man in “their” own image, Genesis 1. It wasn’t merely one big guy in charge, telling the others what to do. As such, I believe God gave us an example of how he expects US to utilize leadership positions), with each office using their gifts to keep the assembly on track and in-tune with Jesus’ voice. There. I said it. The most closely-held and denied truth about our modern-day church. We MUST restore proper leadership to our course, and stop blaming others for misdirected leadership among us. After all, we ARE “The Assembly,” where all are esteemed equal by God, and errant elders are SUPPOSED to be corrected in front of all, 1 Timothy 5: 19-21. Bottom line is this– Yes! Pray for those who use their anointing to control others. Also, pray for humility from the top-down, in the Body of Christ (Psalm 133: 2), and for restoration of the 5-fold ministry, withOUT playing favorites, but with honest rebuke. Please forgive my my rant; touchy subject. Thank you for sharing your dream.

  3. Upon reflection, Maybe the reason why the Jezebel Spirit persists in the church, is because we’ve given it a PLACE within the church. That spirit usurps authority. I wonder what would happen if the clergy shared leadership with the apostle and the prophet and the teachers, etc., as the 5-fold ministry was set up? I wonder if, by giving authority over the congregation back to Jesus, and by restoring the set-up of the assembly back to his design– I wonder if that would eliminate the legal right which the controlling spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft have in the church, and they’d have to leave? After that, it would follow, that the church would also have authority OUTSIDE of its four walls to remove ungodly control from their cities/states/counties/regions? Because the devil can’t cast out the devil. Just a thought. One thing that I’ve learned is, if a person turns around and blames someone else for their own short-coming, most likely, they’re guilty of that same sin. The clergy need to examine themselves for usurpation of leadership of the church away from Jesus as the head, and THAT may be their answer to remove the Jezebel spirit from their assembly, Romans 2:1 Just thinkin’ and applying spiritual principles… Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Shalom Karen Happy Month of June ❤ This indeed is an Amazing testimony. As an Intercessor Prayer Warrior myself I know what you mean. This however is a lifestyle, Assignment & I Thank God Daily for the Power to stand in the Gap!!! Abba is indeed doing a Great work In us & Through us daily and the rewards are Immeasurable. I believe it is most important to Be love. As one does, it Becomes a part of our God nature. No judgement just pure Agape’ Love. Praying for you and your team, know you are doing an Amazing work & God is Pleased. Love you with the Love of Yeshua ❤

  5. Grace and peace to you from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Recently, I moved from my hometown to a whole new area. (Adjusting to living with my daughter and son-in-law. ) Found a good church to be a part of, and signed up for ministry to lead a prayer group in praying for America. A few days later, I fell and broke my hip.

    There is an old song that I am reminded of: “It’s a battlefield, brother, not a recreation room; it’s a fight and not a game ! Run if you want to; run if you will….but I came here to STAY !”

    Be of good courage, saints ! He is still the “fourth Man in the fire”.
    Blessings !

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