2020 – A Prophetic Word for Tulsa & Your Region

Time for ReleaseThis is a year of release for Tulsa.

(NOTE: Even if you do not live in Tulsa or the surrounding region, this is an important word for you.)

I sat on the first row as Apostle Jeremiah Johnson began his message, “When I come to an area, one of the ways God uses me is He allows me to pick up what God is saying over a region or city.

Johnson continued to share what the Lord revealed to him regarding Tulsa and the surrounding community. I wanted to weep. It was essentially the same word He had spoken to me in 2016 about our city…

and the need to see things that had been bound released.

It was December 30, 2019 when Johnson came to Tulsa’s – House of Prayer and their year-end Solemn Assembly. The fact that it was the end of the year was in itself important.

No matter where you live. No matter what 2019 looked like, as we walk out of one year into the next, God is giving us the opportunity to walk out of the old that has held us in bondage and walk into a fresh release from that which has been locked up or withheld.

Withheld. That’s another word, but for another day. But some have had gifts, affirmation and kindness withheld. You have been pushed to the side and felt you were in a state of perpetual waiting. Release is coming.

Johnson said he receives over 450 requests to speak each year and usually books a year in advance. So when he received the invitation just 30 days in advance—typically his schedule would have been full. But it wasn’t because although he had received numerous invitations for year-end messages, he hadn’t accepted any of them. Why? Because the Lord told him a year before he was to go to a “solemn assembly.”

Then he received the invitation to come to Tulsa…

“I want to speak to you what the Lord showed me about your city,” he began.

“He wants to shift this region from being dependent on what falls shifting us to be connected to that which flows.” But that was just the beginning.

There are probably more ministries and churches in this city per capita than almost anywhere else in America. It is a place where many ministers have been trained and ministries launched—but also where many have closed up, walked away or died. It is a place where the oil got capped.

It is a city in which many, many good things were launched as it is a birthing place. But as can happen, eventually some of the good turned into kingdoms that had to be maintained.

Johnson called out what is obvious from our past but remains in our present:

RACISM. The Tulsa Race Riot—now called Tulsa Race Massacre—is a blight on our city. While there has been a call for repentance and healing by some local area churches, the root has not yet been completely pulled out.

Their is still distrust in our community as well as distrust between our black community and our police officers. The disparity between north Tulsa (predominantly black) and south Tulsa (predominantly white) remains.

Also, restoration of prosperity for the black community that was here, but was stolen, cannot take place until the root is completely removed and forgiveness and healing take place. Yet in the spirit it is available and ready to be released and restored.

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What I find interesting is that we now have a mayor who deeply desires for this divide to be healed. It was one of the reasons he ran for office. It is why he is literally digging into the past to find out where victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre are buried. This is obviously an area God is ready to address and is using him to dig out the root that has been buried so long and bring restoration.

TURF WARS. Johnson called out the division and kingdoms that have been erected in this city. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes intentionally between ministries. Where building the Kingdom took second place to building kingdoms and creating areas which some felt was their “turf.”

There has been competition and the need to receive name-building recognition. There has at times been an unwillingness to share or work together unless control and credit was given.

One example is an individual I knew who was receiving ministry training. Suddenly the training was stopped. They learned later from the director that she was no longer willing to train them because the trainee had changed churches. “You go to the wrong church,” they were told.

These kinds of “turf wars,” walls, and circling the wagons is not Tulsa’s destiny. It has locked up the supernatural release as it has also left a wake of wounded.

AREAS LOCKED UP. Johnson didn’t expound, but I already understood the meaning. It was what the Lord showed me in 2016.

Each city has a prophetic call or destiny. For Tulsa, I believe it is the area of healing and the prophetic. At one point both were flowing extensively in Tulsa. Just as crude oil was flowing, so was the oil of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry of Oral Roberts that started here. Kathryn Kuhlman had close ties here and came several times. Numerous ministries and churches birthed and grew up here. But then as ministries increased over the area and grew, eventually so did control.

The end result was the oil was capped in both areas of healing and the prophetic–until now. We have been given an opportunity to uncap the wells.

In recent years, many living in this area have cried out for a release and an uncapping of the wells and that which was locked up. The intercessors have prayed for release. The prophets have prophesied it. And finally,

The wells are being uncapped…slowly. 

I believe the message from Johnson is our invitation to press into intercession for the three areas of: racism, turf wars and things locked up that all three will be removed from this city. So that the trickle of oil can begin to gush again.

It is an alert to call forth Tulsa & the surrounding community’s prophetic destiny so that we will once again see an outpouring and release of both healing and the prophetic. It’s time the wells are reopened and allowed to flow again.

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The “oil” has been underground all along. It has been waiting to be released. The wells were just capped.

It’s time we uncap the wells and allow the oil of the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered. From within Tulsa there will again be supernatural revivals of healing spirit, soul and body along with a fresh outpouring of the prophetic.

A confirmation will be that the crude oil of this region will again begin to flow in the natural representing what is coming in the spiritual.

Let’s press in to receive this word in our lives both personally and corporately. Aren’t you ready?


(If you live in another region, begin to do the same and call forth that your region will walk in its prophetic destiny and that anything that has held it back would be removed. It is time.)

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