Do you see a cycle of loss in your life? Are you ready to see blessing restored in its place? It is important that we recognize the times and seasons from God’s perspective and how when we align with His timetable this can happen.

Today, July 23, 2017, marks the first day of the month of AV in the Jewish calendar. Why does that matter for us? Because it is a month to break off the negative cycles of the past!

Have you had patterns in your life in which there have been cycles of loss and hardship? There are reasons. I will share the history of that later this week  to show historically how these cycles can begin and are allowed to remain. (Be sure to receive it in your email inbox when you sign up for this blog.)

But today, we choose to break them off!

If you are reading this and have seen these patterns in your life and generationally through your family, then it’s important to take a closer look. You may discover they are also often attached to a time frame. That has to be broken off as well.

We have to go back to the place of disobedience or curse, remove it and then allow the blessing and restoration that was intended to be released. How does that happen? By first recognizing what happened that derailed the blessing.

A cycle of loss and destruction happened to the Israelites as they ignored a promise God gave to them. Hundreds of years and cycles of grief occurred afterwards and often on the same day as the original issue. The historical record is chilling.

(I will post that cycle tomorrow.)

So how do we break that cycle in our own lives? It first starts as we recognize the importance of aligning ourselves with God’s time table.

While our lives revolve around the Roman calendar, this was man’s calendar, not God’s. And whether we know it or not, God is still operating on HIS calendar. And with that, His blessings and insights all operate from HIS calendar and time frame. That makes it important that we align with His time table rather than asking Him to line up with ours.

This is something I have really begun to study in earnest this past year and it has been fascinating. I discovered things the Holy Spirit was speaking in my heart for times of fasting or giving that seemed to have no specific time frame in my mind, only to discover they were actually in line with the Jewish calendar of fasting and giving to the exact day as His calendar and commanded blessing.

Today marks the first day of the month of AV. The first day of the month is a time of celebration and expectation acknowledging the Lord. The first day of a new month is called Rosh Chadesh and it is a time to celebrate.

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Be sure to celebrate and acknowledge His goodness today.

What He has done in the past to bless you and provide for you, He will continue to do as you align with Him.

The Month of AV is noted for:

  • A time of pregnancy and birthing.
  • A time when God desire to impart His Promise Land and blessing to His people.
  • However, it turned into a cyclical curse as they refused and turned away.


You are on the border of your promise. You know it and sense it, but have have battled depression, fatigue and constant battles of the past so that you feel weary to continue to try to overcome. However, this is a month to see breakthrough. You can either choose to enter the promise or turn back.

You can and should enter to take the land. Yes there are giants, but you are well able to overcome. It doesn’t mean it is easy. Easy was never the mark that we are in the will of God. But He will help you rid the land of the giants as you align with Him and His promise and timetable.

These are important steps for us to take to break the cycle and restore blessing. I encourage you to sit down with Him today:

  1. Repent of anything that has happened in your family line in the past, whether you know of it or not.
  2. Ask for it to be uprooted from the very core and removed.
  3. Command the cycle of loss to be broken.
  4. Acknowledge your desire and willingness to enter into the Promise Land He has for you and your family.
  5. Ask Him for wisdom, strength and courage on how to walk it out.

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THEN press in. Don’t let anything turn you back.

There are numerous issues surrounding this month that would try to get you off course. Stay on target. I will share later this week the historical cycle that started hundreds of years ago that must be broken and which actually through history repeat on the same day. These are not coincidences—and as I looked in my own family I could see these things as well.

But when we have knowledge of what to do, we can see breakthrough.

Let this month be that breakthrough as we break these cycles.

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  1. Thank You Karen,
    I feel at times that cycles of the same old stuff are happening in my life, I want these curses broken and walk in the full light of God’s fulfilled promises on my life.

    1. Cycles are a huge issue for everyone. Recognizing them is the first step. Breaking out of them the next–which is easier said than done. It takes concentrated effort and prayer, but most definitely can be done. Years ago I recognized cycles that were in my life and my family line. They just kept repeating and I was so frustrated by it. I determined I wasn’t going to stop until I saw it broken. My kids were younger and I was homeschooling them and working, so finding time in my schedule was tough–as it is for many people. So on Saturday mornings I determined I was spending at least 4 hours each Saturday with the Lord to pray and study the Word to find insight. I prayed each morning during the week obviously, but I didn’t have any extra time for a deep dive. My Saturdays became that and over a series of time the Holy Spirit began to reveal some important truths for me regarding areas in my family line and curses that had been made against me that I broke off in prayer. Once these were broken, the cycle did indeed stop. So I want to encourage you to press in to God and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the areas that need to be broken off and then go into the Courts of Heaven, before the righteous judge and begin to do it. Here is a post that might encourage you in this time.

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