What about 2023?

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What is God saying for 2023?

Before I listen to what others might be saying, I prefer to get alone with God to hear what He is saying. I want to have a “blank slate” as I listen for His voice and what He wants to speak.

So what about 2023?

Seeking the Lord to hear Him for ourselves should always be where we begin. However, the popularity of the prophetic has become so “vogue” the last several years that it feels almost like some use it like a “Christian horoscope.”

Prophetic words from others should not be our guide. They should be confirmations of what the Holy Spirit is speaking. And what He speaks will always align with His Word.

That being said, I sensed the Holy Spirit reminding me of what we have walked through before speaking of where we are going.

One of the first things is that we are “out of time.” Not in the sense of hours in the day. But that things that are happening were pushed forward out of spiritual timing.

Satan worked to implement his plan, timing and schedule. Certainly not the first time that has happened. Regarding 2020 and the election, Donald Trump was to serve two terms.

That was not just a prophetic word, but also a natural fulfillment of the 2020 election. He won, but someone else was installed. (If you don’t agree with that statement, that’s fine. This isn’t about arguing that fact. But it is where a spiritual timetable stopped. And it will be restarted.)

I remember watching Biden’s inauguration. Did you? It was rather eerie.

You could see big smiles, but also nervous giggles and looking around as if wondering, “Are we really gonna pull this off?” There was that weird two minute interval where no one came to the podium.

It was as if no one knew what to do next.

Strangely quiet, we could see the nervous smiles from Obama, Clinton, Kamala, Bush, Pence and the Bidens. I imagine it was a mirror of what Satan and his cohorts did as Jesus hung on the Cross. Gleefully rubbing their hands together sensing victory and feeling confident they had pulled off the ultimate coup.

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And yet in actuality, Satan had simply released the greatest rescue plan.

Something similar is at work as what happened is what is going to release revival.

In the attempt to takeover America, there were many similarities. This is simply another coup attempt by Satan to usurp power, take a throne and seat himself as ruler.

We all know from Revelation what is eventually coming. But this was out of time. It was Satan’s timetable, not God’s. And God always sets things right.

So what does that have to do with 2023? I believe we will continue to see turbulence. December 2020 my friend, Kim Potter and I posted a word. BRACE FOR IMPACT – But Do Not Fear. I encourage you to read that as it applies just as much now as it did then.

The turbulence continues.

In Matthew 24 Jesus spoke an important word:

  • “See to it that no one misleads you.”

Misleading—deception—has been rampant and will increase unless our feet are firmly planted on the Word. Gender dysphoria to create confusion and steal identity are part of that intentional misleading.

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So what else did He warn of?

  • There will be famines and earthquakes.

But that will merely be the beginning. Famines and earthquakes are directly in front of us. Be prepared. Brace for impact. To ignore it is to be like one of the five virgins in Matt 24 that ran out of oil. They weren’t prepared.

Prepare to whatever degree you sense God speaking to you for it is coming.

  • They will deliver you to tribulation.
  • They will kill you.
  • You will be hated by all nations on account of My Name.
  • As a result, many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another.

Certainly we have seen the very beginning of these birth pains. We’ve certainly seen many fall away and even Christians turning other believers over for censorship even arrest. And it will increase.

  • Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

There have always been false prophets. Those who served kings in biblical days that told the king what he wanted to hear. It is no different now. People seek words to tickle their ears.

“Prophets” who speak futuristic words that don’t come to pass and then back peddle and claim that’s not what they said.

It causes confusion in the Body of Christ. If you miss it, own it, move on. But we don’t see that happen very often with some big platform names and it is disheartening. Remember our eyes are not on them, but on God.

  • Finally, because lawlessness is increased most people’s love will grow cold.

We are living in the beginning of these days. Matthew 24 is our warning and insight. It’s now up to us to prepare our hearts, our minds and our homes on how to stand fast.

Jesus provided this insight not to cause fear, but to provide wisdom and stability. Our key is found in Matthew 24:13, “He that endures unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

It’s Time to plant our feet. Stand fast. And endure unto the end.

It’s important we don’t allow circumstances to shake us even as everything around us shakes.

Although we may have been on Satan’s stolen timetable, but God’s timetable always prevails. What will take place is revival and hearts turning back to Him. Sadly, it usually takes crisis for people to cry out to Him. And it certainly looks like we are headed for more storms created by man to cause chaos.

This is not a message without hope.

I sensed that the first part of the year would be harder than the second. There is always hope because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Remember when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples and the storm hit? They were in panic and chaos.

But he slept. He provided us the example of what we can do. We can be at peace and even sleep well during the storm because the world He lives in doesn’t have storms.

So neither should ours.

This is a word to plant your feet and keep your eyes on Him. Prepare in the natural. Prepare in the spiritual. Don’t just think the rapture is coming and you don’t need to prepare. Remember we are simply at the beginning of birth pains. There will be travail, but there will also be delivery and mighty revival.

2023—for those who put their trust fully on Him—will not be without challenges, but it will be good year for those whose eyes are on Him.

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  1. Yes, this is similar to what I am hearing from the Lord. Specifically, just after Christmas I was reading Psa. 37. As I read the last 2 verses the Holy Spirit urged me to pay close attention, that this was a word for 2023. “The salvation of the righteous comes from YHWH; he is their stronghold in time of trouble. YHWH helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.”

  2. “In vogue” and prophet popularity comments seem to belittle this gift and then you proceed to share your own prophetic insight.
    If God does nothing in the earth without telling his servants/friends the prophets first then
    lots of prophets in the earth would mean God is doing lots in the earth.
    It would be wise if we give this gift from God a little more respect. The city saw Samuel approach and asked, “Do you come in peace?” There was a fear of God that accompanied the office of the prophet. We have not passed this way before and need to tread lightly and honor God’s gifts to the body.

    1. Absolutely there is respect for the gift. It goes back to my first point that a prophetic word from a prophetic has become like a Christian horoscope for many. They click to find out the latest word rather than listening to the Holy Spirit for themselves. I am thrilled that the offices of prophet and apostle, largely ignored in the Church, are now recognized. I am equally appalled at the number of people who self-title as Prophet so-and-so or Apostle so-and-so and then are angry if anyone questions their words. We need to be wise and discerning. The Bible should always be our foundation. It is the lens from which we look and discern “words.” It should always be our guide.

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