Were all the Prophets Wrong?

Just before Christmas I woke and looked in the mirror to discover I had a black eye. Now if you get a black eye, you typically remember how you got it right?  Even more interesting was that no one else seemed to be able to see it until the next day, even though, in my opinion, it was quite noticeable.

When odd things like that happen, I’ve learned that often it is God pointing to something. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit what it represented. “A black-eye is coming,” was all I heard, but I had no idea what it meant.

I do now.

The question many are asking is “Were all the prophets wrong?”

In this season of uncertainty in which trusted prophetic voices seem to contradict each other, the prophetic has gotten a “black eye” over what has transpired this past year. Many who prophesied their belief Trump would win a second term have now repented. There is an army of people who now demand all others do so as well.

This is the concern with that demand that should cause us all to raise an eye-brow. When have we ever demanded someone repent because they voted or supported the candidate that didn’t win? Because that is the demand. However, there is overwhelming evidence, Trump DID win. What we can all agree is that he is obviously not the one in office. So were the prophets wrong, or is it something more?

For those prophets who have felt the need to publicly repent, some have have received a backlash from those who were angered that they back tracked. Both responses, those demanding repentance and those demanding prophets not repent, are wrong. And it is causing confusion and division in the Church and given a black-eye to the prophetic movement.

One of my friends texted me recently and said, “How could everyone have been so wrong?” My response was, “I’m not so sure they were.”

It’s vital that we consider all that has transpired using the Word of God as our foundation as well as discernment of the role of prophetic voices and their call. Because not all prophetic voices have the same call or flavor, even though they all should be guided by the same Spirit.

Let’s consider the following prophets and their roles:

The “Daniel” Prophets:

Daniel served before ungodly kings for most of his life. He served them and prayed for them faithfully. That is why Daniel could say to the wicked King Nebuchadnezzar, “If only the dream (which was of judgement) applied to those who hate you, and its interpretation to your adversaries.”

Kris Vallotton is a “Daniel” prophet. He has often prayed for and been given prophetic insights to ungodly leaders and even blessed them wondering what on earth God was doing. He once told the Bethel congregation, “I love President Obama.” He then laughed as he finished. “Many of you heard me say, “I agree with President Obama. That’s not what I said.”

We don’t have to agree with someone to pray for them. But when we pray for them, God will often give us a compassionate heart for them, even for an evil leader because we begin to see them through God’s eyes. After Kris apologized for prophesying Trump would have a second term, he then congratulated Biden. This confused many, but Kris was simply operating out of where God has placed him. Don’t let it cause confusion.

But let’s consider, what if Jeremiah had been the prophet called on to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream?  Because of both personality and call, I dare say it would have been delivered far differently.

The “Jeremiah” Prophets:

Jeremiah was a prophet who spoke words which were called false. People demanded he recant them. He was hated by almost everyone, even his own people. He was accused of telling lies and thrown into a well to die. He often had to live out the prophetic words he was given, so that everyone could see it not just hear it.

He humbled himself to become the object lesson. Had Jeremiah been a prophet in Nebuchadnezzar’s day (or today), he would most likely have written out a scroll of judgement, as he did with King Jehoiakim of what was to come. And like Jehoiakim, Nebuchadnezzar, would have probably torn it up. But it didn’t change the authenticity of the word.

These were two different prophets with two different responses. Is one right and the other wrong or just part of their call delivered through their personality?

What about prophets such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Amos or Jonah? Or Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego? Their response to Nebuchadnezzar’s ungodly mandates was firm, “We will not bow.” Some would say that wasn’t honoring the king. This is where we must remember God’s laws trump ungodly laws.

The “Judgement” Prophets:

Jonah delivered a harsh word declaring imminent destruction and God’s judgement upon a nation. He was quite comfortable declaring the judgement, but less comfortable with the fact God gave them grace when they repented. Jonah would be the prophet in today’s world declaring, “This is God’s judgement on you!” Jonah was more concerned about his appearance and being right than God’s plan being fulfilled. Yet God still used him.

Ezekiel was originally a priest, who then became a prophet. He often delivered words of judgement and used interesting theatrics to get his message across. His name means “Strengthened by God” and He would have needed to be because of the way he was treated during his lifetime. He served in the realm of government during a time of captivity in which the people wondered if God was being unjust and what they had done to deserve the captivity in which they found themselves.

All of those prophets would have been considered “weird” to some degree especially by those not serving God. But all were ridiculed even by those who did.

Is it any different now as people point their fingers in judgement and demand the scroll (words) be ripped up and repentance made?

As we look at the prophets of old, each had a specific “lane” in which they spoke. If someone diverted from this path, it didn’t turn out well. Jonah for one and Balaam another. The latter sought position, honor and money. He was willing to prostitute the prophetic to gain recognition and position. However, God thwarted Balaam and no matter how he tried, he was unable to fulfill the king’s request to curse Israel.

Balaam is a great example of a prophet who needed to keep his mouth shut.

There are some prophet’s now apologizing who have stepped out of their lane. They aren’t governmental prophets and yet are speaking of governmental issues most likely feeling pressure to speak because of their prophetic mantle. They are speaking beyond their call. It doesn’t mean it is always a miss, but it is certainly from a limited perspective.

We have some who are speaking out from ministry platforms, in which they were already requested to step down in ministry because of areas that were out-of-order. When people are in a season of correction or restoration, wisdom would dictate that it is a time to refrain from speaking. For a prophet, a mouthpiece, that can be hard, which is why some can’t seem to do it.

They are speaking, but they are not in alignment with God or their Board and as a result, their ministries may not survive. Like Balaam, they would do well to keep their mouths shut.

And finally, there are some, who feel compelled to continue to speak because they enjoy the audience and response of social media and so speak even if they don’t have the word for the hour.

It is like Ahimaaz in biblical days who said, “Please let me run and tell the king the good news that the LORD has avenged him of his enemies.” But Joab replied, “You are not the man to take good news today. You may do it another day, but you must not do so today, because the king’s son is dead.”

So Joab said to a Cushite, “Go, tell the king what you have seen.” The Cushite bowed to Joab and took off running. Ahimaaz son of Zadok, however, persisted and said to Joab, “Regardless of whatever may happen, please let me also run behind the Cushite!”

“My son,” Joab replied, “why do you want to run, since you will not receive a reward?”

“No matter what, I want to run!” he replied.

“Then run!” Joab told him. (I Sam 18:19-23). Ahimaaz had nothing to say, but was determined to run and be there first with the “word” which was really a non-word and which left the king and those who heard it confused.

All these are prophetic responses that cause confusion—which is what we see happening.

The Bible tells us to “Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful” (2 Chron 20:20). Are we to apologize that we listened to prophetic voices and trusted the prophets?

So were all the prophets wrong?

Kim ClementThe word I held to and continue to hold to was Kim Clement’s. His words were years before and accurate. Did he suddenly miss it? I personally don’t think so…but I admit his prophetic word that Trump will have two terms has yet to be fulfilled. But that doesn’t mean we let go of it. Trump was elected. He is the authentic president. The one who now sits in that seat, is the counterfeit.

We can’t just ignore it and apologize because there was a theft.

SEE ALSO: Voter Fraud is Real – See State-by-State Reports

The last issue is found in the scripture James 3:16-17, “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

Envy and strife are rampant in the church and in government. People jockeying for position and desiring to be seen, envious of those who are and who have what they think they deserve.

There are some, not all, who are apologizing out of a place of “humility” but the words I hear from their apology drip with pride as they demand others follow suit.

For those that feel the need to demand that people apologize, what are we to apologize for?

  1. That we believed prophetic voices as the Bible instructs? (2 Chr 20:20)
  2. That we trusted God’s word that said the wicked will be punished? (Pr 11:21)
  3. That we believed the scripture that all liars will be exposed? (Pr 19:9)
  4. That we trusted that God hears the prayers of the righteous when we call? (Jas 5:16)

The Remnant has been crying out to God to forgive us and to heal our land. Are we to repent that we dared believe that God would heal our land? (2 Chr 7:14)

I’ve heard some say this is God’s judgement on Trump’s pride and those who “worshipped” him. While obviously there were some that held Trump up as a “savior,” for most supporters I don’t think that was the case at all. They saw an imperfect man that God was using to reverse ungodly mandates in our nation.

However, I’ve heard some now claim, because Biden is in office,  is proof of God’s judgement on Trump and Trump supporters. That theology doesn’t hold water. Because if God judged Trump for his pride and his supporters for “worshipping” him, He would also have to judge Obama for his arrogance and for the unadulterated worship by the media and his followers who actually referred to him as a messiah. But we know that God is NOT unjust and so that claim is man’s attempt at an explanation.

We need to stop trying to find a solution in our minds to explain what right now we don’t understand.

We prayed. We repented and yet so far, God hasn’t answered. But He will because He is faithful and unchanging.

Let us not be confused or divided over these issues. Let us not be the ones pointing our fingers and demanding someone follow an action we deem for them. Let us not be the ones passing judgement, but recognize we all “see through a filter darkly” and differently. May we all continue to seek the Holy Spirit who has said, “He will speak to us what He hears from the Father and show us things to come.” (John 16:13)

And may we all grow up when it comes to the prophetic rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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  1. Thank you so much Karen. This has helped bring better clarity for me. And it certainly sounds like biblical wisdom speaking. God bless.

  2. Hi Karen,
    thank you for your faithfulness, wisdom and encouragement during this wild ride. I believe the prophets were not wrong. I believe something is still going to change the election. Yet this battle belongs to the Lord, and it is not over by a longshot. Hopefully Gods people can learn REST, while we do leave the battle to the Lord. Also Trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts and NOT leaning to our own understanding.
    Keep standing and thank you so much for writing, very good.

  3. God bless you, Karen ! You well illustrate the truth that when some draw the circle so as to exclude you, it is often possible to draw another, wider circle which includes them. Another way to get to the same place is to remember that there is always something greater than faith; and that is faith + patience. Your steadfast trust in God is matched by your willingness to wait and see that God is good. Do not waver ! Today the Bride needs to hear your voice more than ever. Alleluia !

  4. This article was refreshing to know others believe and think like I do. The United States of America is still a Christian nation. God is not done. He will finish what He started.

  5. I agree with you one hundred percent Karen. I still believe Trump is my president and will be as soon as God exposes all the corruption and deals with it. Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I know God stands behind his prophets and I really miss Kim. Looking forward to the future with the Lord. Elaine

  6. It is sad when the body of Christ judges one another because of disappointment rather than trusting God and waiting to see what God the Father is planning.
    Trusting the Father and loving one another is essential in any circumstance.
    I choose to wait and see. I still believe what came out of my 4 year old grandson’s voice one day totally at a random time. He was unusally quiet on the way home from gymnastics and said, “God is in my stomach.” About 3 minutes later he said, “God is doing something.” I replied, “Yes, He is.”
    God is doing something to bring all the injustice and theft of the election to light. Trust Him!

  7. Dear Karen,

    Thank you so much for this. I agree 100%! The Lord has given me dreams and visions since October 2020. That He is doing a new thing. I have prayed and fasted like never before in my life. I attended multiple prayer calls and webinars. He was given me a peace and confidence that He will act, even though I don’t know what or when, and I will watch what He is going to do. Either He is getting ready to fully restore our country to fulfill our mandate or He is coming for His bride. We who are aware and prepared will go with our Bridegroom to His heavenly home. The other half of the church will be left behind due to being unprepared and asleep. They will know then what we know now. Shalom!

  8. I believe the word is yet to be fulfilled. The prophets were not wrong. God is doing something much deeper and exposing a lot of Evil. Even Democrats are having eyes opened to this evil. It has also shown the ones who are betrayers. It is a rooting out and I have no doubt God is about to do a miracle that no man can take credit for. He will be exalted. All the words spoken regarding Trump being president and the Supreme Court etc were all fulfilled. God doesn’t do a half job and walk away. The best is yet to come. It’s worth the wait.

  9. Thank you for this word….we all need to trust God and His prophetic voices and not look at the current circumstances as the final outcome. Prayer and standing firm in God’s Word is critical. Rise up Church and keep our focus on God and His unthwarted plan. I so appreciate your solid voice!

  10. I had to grieve over Trump not winning that is how certain I was. Holy Spirit hAd me in Amos for quite a while and I understood there were powerful, spoiled women who were going into destruction
    That was ok with me sine I didn’t care much for powerful women in government I didn’t care for .and the fact that God showed
    Me there was a group seeing mediums for guidance, but He kept leading me back to Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word that we would see turmoil like we had never seen before beginning in Feb., 2020 and ending on Feb. 1, 2021. The Word originated for Chuck in 2018 when the economy was booming and other prophets were predicting booming economic times, etc. But God told Chuck the church should “gird up their loins”, cut back their spending, et rid of material goods and be prepared for a 7 year period of turmoil. We come to the end of this season tomorrow, February 1, 2021 and Holy Spirit is directing me into a new arena since He has indicated there is going to be a massie earthquake (literal) in my area. The likes of which have never been seen. But Holy Spirit is also guiding me into new Wisdom regarding judgement, i.e., Jesus cleaning out the temple area with His corded whip as opposed to learning Compassion.
    He has assured me of His care and Compassion for me and My family. I have seen Him close eyes so people only see what He wants seen and that Will continue even with government issues as we move into this new era.,!! Shabbat Shalom

  11. A perspective from someone in the UK: Christians have listened and watched with utter disbelief at the way the whole election process has been undertaken. Much of the pro-Trump arguments put forward by Christians in the US seems to amount to “God said it, but because it didn’t happen, the election must have been fraudulent.” If that is so, with the amount of prayer going on before, during and after the event, I would want to ask, “how big is your God?”

    The legal team have put together a host of challenges, proclaiming fraud left, right and centre – until they get into court when all of a sudden, Trump’s top lawyer says “this is not a fraud allegation.”

    If the fraud is so widespread and the evidence so strong, why in court do Mr Trump’s own lawyers fail to reveal it, and only challenge results on a small scale procedural basis that would have no bearing on the outcome, yet argue that these minor irregularities are enough to throw out or even reverse a state’s electoral college votes?

    My own view is that the prophets did get it wrong, maybe because they thought that a Trump second term was a better option for America than Biden (that’s a whole different debate), therefore felt they could prophesy it. Many are hiding behind the word Kim Clement brought who sadly is no longer here to bring clarification. I believe the prophets have to take responsibility for their words, which so far have been found lacking. Repentance and humility is a tough walk – I don’t see the outcome changing, and wonder how many will have the grace to take those steps.

    1. There were, in fact, several lawyers for Trump who used the opportunity to grab some limelight and stab him in the back. Sad but not a surprise all things considered. The amount of evidence is staggering. It is no surprise the media say there is none. It doesn’t fit their narrative. But the fact that not a single judge was willing to actually review the evidence is the mind-boggling concern. But that is the fact. They all turned it down on “standing” any small legality so that they wouldn’t have to deal with it. You can read a fraction of that evidence here: Prophets do need to take responsibility for their words. Agreed, but unlike you, I don’t believe this is over, because the Word tells us the unjust will not go unpunished. So far they have. He said all liars will be exposed. So far they haven’t. By God’s own Word, something more must happen. This is about timing in my estimation. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts.

    2. It will all play out in God’s timing, not man’s. God is never late, so keep trusting in words He has spoken through His prophets. I believe that He is allowing the plans and purposes of the Biden administration to be fully displayed for all to see.
      This runs deeper than most of us have considered so give it over to God; pray fervently; then “when you have done all, stand.” Wait on the Lord; do not be discouraged nor allow “hope deferred to make your heart sick.”

  12. I agree with you. I still believe the prophets and I believe we will see that Trump will serve two terms just as they said. I don’t know how and I don’t knw when but I agree God is faithful and true to what he said through the prophets. I am standing as God as told us to “just stand” Thanks for your prayers, I am still praying them each day.

  13. Great article, Karen. I’m with you. I truly don’t believe it’s over. I believe God has a plan that will surprise the world. May our faith be counted unto us as righteousness, as it was to Abraham.

  14. I agree
    May God forgive our sins and cleanse US, His children of all unrighteous.
    May His children take on God”s personality and and humble themselves, May the church increase spiritually Thur worship and prayer.May the Holy Spirit come and convict people of their sins. May the US have a great Revival
    In Jesus’s name Amen

  15. Wow such a good word! I have never heard it explained quite like this. Yes, Do not judge or you will be judged. God will take care of the judging and will have the final say.
    Standing firm in the faith with you!

  16. Thank you so much…I needed to hear this and read this…..My hope is in the Lord…He is faithful….He is our Shepherd!!

  17. Thank you for your words of encouragement and clarification. I have continued to stand, pray & wait. When I am asked about what has transpired, I simply say God is not done and he is never late. Prophecy is on God’s timetable not man’s. I don’t know how, what or when God will move, but I am confident he will. Your article affirms this for me. Thank you for writing it.

  18. I awoke early again and with questions circling. That had been the ongoing norm for a month+. I told God (again) that I’m struggling to understand everything. He keeps saying “you won’t but you can still trust me and my promises”. Then I said to Him ” I sure would like to understand You Lord”. He seems to be saying “isn’t it better to know me than to understand me”.
    So there it is. Our inquiring minds want to know why, what, etc. God wants us to know and simply trust Him. To let go and say “I need You and you alone God”.
    Thank you for this article of truth. I truly needed it this morning to point me back to God…to have childlike faith in Him regardless of how I feel or what I see or hear. No doubt I have struggled greatly along with perhaps many millions of others.
    I don’t know if it’s just me because I’m not confident at this time whether I’m actually hearing him correctly or clearly but I sense and continue to believe that He is about to do something powerful or surprising. Only time will tell.

  19. Thank you Karen! I agree with your assessment of the situation. God used imperfect people as deliverers/judges/kings for the nation of Israel. Think of Samson, David, Moses, Jephthah, etc.
    Those Christians who refused to give grace to President Trump even after 4 years of seeing him keep his campaign promises and boldly protecting the lives of the unborn and freedom of religion, are the ones who need to repent, in my opinion.

    The prophets prophesied the truth: Trump did win a second term. If they heard from the LORD, I think they would be afraid to repent for what He spoke. If they just made it up themselves or it seemed probable, they should never have said it was a prophecy.
    I have thought many times about Kim Clement being in Heaven and talking to the Father and Jesus: that they would not let his words fall to the ground. For that reason, I believe TRUTH and JUSTICE will prevail. But it will be done in such a way that God gets ALL the glory and the fear of the LORD will come over everyone in this nation and even around the world.
    Blessings to keep up the good writing,

  20. Thank you, Karen! My heart has been disappointed and confused these last few weeks, so I’ve been sharing it with our Father, whose heart is overflowing with compassion for us in our struggle to understand. We want righteousness to prevail and reign in our government and ultimately so does He. He will not fail us and will never forsake us as we seek to know His heart and to pray His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. I’ve prayed for wisdom and understanding and your article is an answer to my prayers.

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart,
    Sandy Baldwin

    1. Thank you for letting me know that it was helpful! I believe it has been a season in which we have all been looking for answers…but thankfully He has them!

  21. I believe many will be exposed. Both the ones bowing to Baal and those in the church.
    Trump won. Now IMO we need to pray for God to do His will.
    Anyone supposed Prophet who apologises I want to run from them.
    Anyone who accepts a Biden Presidency and wants to be like Franklin Graham is accepting the evil Biden brings. God hates evil. He says we should also. Can’t wait for the apologizes to sing a different tune trying to save face and donations.

    1. I refuse to address Joe Biden and “President.” I call him “Mr Biden.” Because he is NOT President. It is NOT right to steal a position and then demand that we call him by that title. That is NOT American.

  22. Karen, this was absolutely excellent. Thank you for this
    I was unaware that Chris Vallotton had also prophesied about President Trump winning a second term. There was something on Facebook about some kind of talk Bethel in Redding was going to have regarding prophets and their voices and so forth. I looked at it briefly but I didn’t see any acknowledgment about the possibility of the prophets having been correct so I just kept scrolling on down. I don’t know what that event or video or whatever it was said in it’s entirety, because I couldn’t find it.
    I would like to think they and others are at least voicing the possibility that the profits were correct and that the voting that took place actually did vote in President Trump but the true results were hidden and stolen.

  23. I appreciate your encouragement. The Lord has had me in Amos too and I am seeking what He is saying. I am seeking the Lord for a refined discernment of the voices within the body. I just listened to some Messianic believers in leadership from Israel and America who have a very different opinion compared to what you have said. This particular group seem to think prophetic voices were wrong and need to apologize. Said the body of Messiah is hurt and confused. Some of them have duel citizenship and voted for Trump. But ever since the election many in Israel seem to be quick to accept Biden won even though they heard about fraud,
    They do make a good point though we need to be focused on G-d’s Kingdom. We need to be making disciples and sharing the Gospel. Yeshua said G-d’s kingdom is near at hand. G-d’s plans will be accomplished! We need to seek Him and His will. Even if we do not see His action now, on the Lord’s Day He will exact His punishment on the wicked. Trust Him. Be still and wait upon the Lord! Be the bride with her lamp ready and EXTRA OIL! Blessings to you Karen. Shalom

  24. I was very disappointed when so many prophecies seemingly turned out to be wrong. But I quickly changed my attitude and realized God is in control. I am not about to judge the prophets because I know, as I judge, I will be judged by the Lord. I still pray that the good things that were prophesied for our country will come to pass as a third great awakening. But in the meantime, I will pray for President Biden and his cabinet and for all of our politicians so they may turn to the Lord and repent or be voted out. I still see our country as a beacon on the hill for the world to see Jesus. I am over my disappointment, and now just see the Lord performing His will on earth as it is in heaven.

  25. It’s not over. God will have His way, His man and His America. Believe and have faith in the promises that the Lord has spoken through His prophets.

  26. Thank you, Karen! Very well researched and referenced. I especially appreciate the link to the article. I’m so glad you’re teaching the body of Christ how to follow prophecy. God is not a gum-ball machine: you don’t just drop in your quarter and have it roll right towards you. Sometimes, we must work with God to bring a prophecy to pass, like the prophet Elisha (?) who prophesied rain after the drought. He had to run up the hill 7 times before the cloud formed to bring the rain that he prophesied. If he hadn’t run up and stood in faith with prayer until it came to pass, would the cloud have formed? It is time the body of Christ moved in prophetic anointing; and in order to accomplish anointing, we MUST hear God and follow everything that he tells us to do. Of course, that requires discipline on behalf of the body of Christ; it also requires leadership to allow people the space and encouragement to PRACTICE prophecy and encourage them to do it WITHOUT shame. Because IT IS TIME we grew up prophets.

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