When Our Desire for Justice is Used Against Us

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Within each of us is a natural-born desire for justice.

This is made all the more frustrating as we have watched the American justice system deny justice to one group and overlook criminality in another.

Judges who have ignored facts and the Constitution and “lawmakers” and officials who break the law with no penalty.  Justice has been trampled in the streets.

Worse an evil agenda has played upon our God-given desire for justice and created new terms to appeal to that desire. Terms such as: “social justice,” “reproductive justice,” “equitable justice,” “racial justice,” “trans justice,” “economic justice.”

The list goes on and on. But those terms, no matter how good they sound, aren’t about justice but about theft using terms to distract and appeal to our sense for justice to make us believe they are good and godly.

But they aren’t.

The term “justice” carries a supposition of righteousness.

But it has been corrupted to make injustice sound like justice. The term has been hijacked to appeal to our sensibility that “all men are created equal” as stated within our Constitution. However, it has been used to create division and raise up certain groups to an elevated status that is unequal and unjust.

It isn’t about equality.

The New JUSTICE TERMS CREATED are to stir division and steal the freedom of those who don’t comply.

Their newly created definitions of “justice” are simply to stir rage and activism. And that is where offense and deception thrives.

It activates a spiritual law–a 7 stage spiritual virus. Once someone is infected, without an awakening and repentance, they will go through all seven stages which ends in insanity. This is because it is a spiritual virus not natural and must be addressed as such. It involves demonic spirits released to control the mind, heart and decisions of the infected individual who has opened the door to the activity–often unknowingly.

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How are we “infected?” The most common ways are from pride and offense. Have you ever had a disagreement with someone where you said, “You are offended by…” And the person pipes up, “I’m NOT offended!”

That is because offense has a twin—deception. And the nature of deception is we don’t realize we are in the middle of it!

Several years ago a woman who led a ministry about deliverance from demonic strongholds took offense at something she perceived I did. I recognized her anger and reached out to her to see if we could get together to talk. “I don’t need to talk to you!” she exclaimed. “I’m not offended! I lead a ministry about getting out of offense and I’m certainly not offended!

“And I certainly don’t need to talk to you!”

That was over eight years ago. She has never talked to me since. Offense wrapped in deception will make the claim they aren’t offended, but the proof is in the fruit–and it is just a few more stages to rage and betrayal!

There is an overriding offense which has reignited in our nation.

As numerous GOP presidential contenders jump into the race, I have heard numerous people say, “I’m DONE with Trump!” It is much like before where we saw the “Never Trumpers” or GOP leaders, in offense at Donald Trump, were determined to see him removed.

Perhaps you say, “Oh, I’m not one of those, I just am tired of his name calling, to his less than honorable actions from years before, or even the frustration people feel at how they feel at all the drama that continues to circulate around him. It should tell you something…

It is important that we don’t allow offense to deter us from God’s plan and purpose rather than our own.

There are two important and undeniable facts that we need to consider.

  1. There was an interruption in a timetable that was stopped and must be resumed before we can move forward. I’m talking about Donald Trump’s first term as president–his win in the 2020 election–and the unnatural hostile and tyrannical takeover that we have lived under the last three years. If you don’t believe it, you haven’t been paying attention. Read “A Fire Hydrant of Facts” below.

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2. Years ago as England faced destruction, most didn’t like Winston Churchill either. He was brash, an alcoholic, and uncouth. But Britain was at war and in war time you need a war-time leader. Winston Churchill was that–and saved their nation.

So is Donald Trump. No other candidate has those qualifications. We would do well to heed history.

This isn’t a post campaigning for Donald Trump. It is a warning about the danger of pride and offense which invites deception & witchcraft.

The 7 stage spiritual virus, which starts with pride and leads to offense, can be seen in Korah, Absalom, Saul, Hamon…to name a few. And what do they all have in common?

They all died premature deaths because of it.

Certain they were right–they were wrong. And it cost them their lives.

May we learn from history and not repeat their mistakes. At all cost we must reject pride, offense and close the door to deception. Are you willing to pray a dangerous prayer?

“God if there is pride, offense or deception operating in my life, please reveal it to me.” And then wait and listen.

May we all unite together in prayer for our nation and seek His face and His plan.

And may our hunger for justice, be true justice for all and not woke injustice disguised as “justice.”

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